The last article, I mainly said the style of the briefcase, I haven’t seen it, I haven’t seen it:

Wearing a custom suit into the business agency, don’t let the official document that don’t enter the stream to pull your image!

This article is a material and brand choice.

Whether the material is durable or not, the choice of top leather has its own culture and history standard.

It is important to be durable, and the leather is definitely a nylon fiber, not to mention special materials such as “bulletproof fiber”. But for the taste, I am afraid you have only the original choice.

But in the leather materials, there is also a grade.

1. The difference in the leather is embossed.

The embossed cowhide is generally not very good to choose a good top leather skin, or the skin injury is injured to cover the embedded; either use two-layer leather / three-layer skin, simulate the native cortical skin in the form of a suppression or to make a sense of contemporary Floral pattern, common cross pattern, tree bark pattern, etc. Because the surface has more hard coatings, this cortex is resistant to scratch. However, quality and cost is obvious …


Litchi is like the top, but the surface does not use hard coatings, and it is used to cover some epidermal problems. These two types of embossed skin are

Volkswagen luxury goods


Light luxury brand


Common types of fuses.

Water ripple leather

2. The most worthy of the original head layer skin.

It basically retains the epidermis, natural texture, comfortable feel and beautiful texture, and does not need to do any embossing. Note that it is from leather shoes to leather, all


Universally commonly used skin.


3. If you are very expensive, with leather examples, you can choose the horse reese and Ma Jean leather with higher durability, which is also a traditional high-end handmade leather goods that is very like to use.


The horse ree is the most striking kind of leather, used to make reins, naturally need very good tensile property. The thickness is relatively thick (3.5-4.0mm), you can do high-strength polishing, and the bag is very beautiful with the bumbler.

Compared with the horse ree, the flexibility and softness are better (sitting on the horse for a long time, how to flexibility). The saddle leather is slightly thin (2.5-4.0mm). Whether it is a horse ree or a saddle, you can do not girigh, single skin fine. As shown below, Shi Po real shot, exquisite saddle leather goods finished products.

About the brand, you have two options: Volkswagen luxury brands and small high-end brands.

First, luxury goods have a good luxury.


The luxury brand is well-known, the brand is ringing, and the recognition is high. In general, luxury packages are a good choice. And it is easy to buy, the popularity of luxury counters is high.

But the choice of luxury brands also has limitations:


1. The selection surface of the style and the type of fur is relatively narrow

Luxury goods are facing the public (except private customs), the market is, the best bought, will always be “explosive”. For example, whether it is LV, or gucci, the old flower skin has been done for a long time, but it is not suitable for the formal briefcase of mature men.

What is the package of traditional culture? A few years ago, I have seen a vegetable tanning package in the LV store very good. I have never seen it since then. According to the teller, it is a spot in stock, and it will only be reservable for several years. I guess it should be a test, I found that this package is not allowed to give up.

2. Under the same quality, the luxury brand price is more expensive than the other.

I have written some views on luxury brands, I personally divide good goods into advanced products, luxury and top. In terms of quality, some high-quality products and most luxury goods are similar, the top is the highest quality; the price, most


Lower than luxury, very small price is higher than luxury. If the price is cost effective, most

It is much higher than luxury.

In addition to paying a list of goods, consumer luxury goods must pay more for brand premium.


In fact, many of the quality of young people are really not bad better than luxury.

If you want to recommend big brands,

In a well-known brand, I think lv and Hermes are worth choosing. After all, it is professional to do a leather.

If the LV is not recommended, I don’t recommend the most common old flower skin. I think it is not suitable for men, it is too glared. There is no working style, and it is suitable for work. For example, the following picture, the most conservative in the left side, the middle is very modern, the right side is in the middle, just the choice of three different age groups.

Let’s put a few official website’s price reference, and the double handle withdrawal is about $ 2910 (approximately RMB 20100);

The flushing is expensive, 4850 US dollars (approximately RMB 33,500). It may be to adapt to the needs of most people, this flip-cover briefcase LV is also a strap, or that point of view, don’t use the strap.

Hermes, you can choose these two: Hermès Sac A Depeche (left), Kelly Depeche (right).

The new Hermès Sac A Depeche is priced at $ 8,400 (about RMB 58000), and it will be cheaper for buying two hands. Here is the official website.


The double handle withdrawal price is relatively expensive, from 10,000 US dollars (about RMB 69,000), here is also putting a official website map.

There is also a little bit of Delvaux, Belgian royal royal brand, founded in 1829, the bottom is very good. Although the visibility is not as good as two brands above, the quality does not lose. Especially the most representative NewSpaper Bag of his family, don’t want it, you can buy it and take care of the dress and leisure.


There are still a few brands, such as MOYNAT, which was founded in 1849 (French old style custom leather brand, after being acquired by LVMH Group), 1937 Valextra founded in Italy, also had a good style.


Valextra flippers

Second, another choice is some of the top-level hand-made leather brands.

The small brand is lower, which is in line with the concept of going to the LOGO in the high-level traditional consumer.

In the European and American upper class, the top class of the top-quality, it is recognized for the small brand;


Compared with Volkswagen luxury, the small brand price is higher.


For example, such as a saddle, a special leather in the mass luxury pack is used, which is relatively rare. I have made an incorrect online survey, determine that the usual Ma Shigu’s brand is only Hermes, but the horse’s saddle leather bag may need to distribute (sell), and the price is very high. The second-hand Hermes Malaysian Males, which is sold online, has to sell nearly 30,000.

If you choose the same material, the price of the new product is about 18,000. The price difference between the same material / quality is quite big. Don’t worry about the brand, these brands are often either a British royal family certification, or it is in the UK royal family certification (test).

If the brand is recommended, the most famous old name of SAB, I personally do not recommend that the brand quality has declined in recent years, and their use of too old-fashioned practice, is not enough. If you don’t understand the brand, it is not high if you look at its value from the appearance.


Just say a few:


Very young British high-end manual custom leather brand, founded in 1997. Always provide customers with a septal private customization service in the form of a studio. Later, I was acquired by the UK set WRA group, and cooperated with the Group’s William & Son (the brand owned by Queen’s Authorized Royal Certification) to provide custom handmade leather goods for this integrated clothing brand.

Because their home is customized, so speed can imitate, buy it is more troublesome, everyone weigh.

2. Another ETTINGER is also good


For the UK, a small manual leather brand is founded in 1934, and there is a prince of Charles authorization certification. The style takes traditional British fan, big to the briefcase, and sells small to the wallet.

Ettinger although the nature, the quality, crafts, materials and prices are matched to British manufacturing. Ma Safies are a packet of rare leather, and the second handbags close to the pay must be nearly 30,000. Ettinger is only 18,000, which is much cheaper.

The small brand is not recommended. Anyway, you don’t have Care (my writing is good).


In addition to the daily briefcase, the short-distance travel bag with a business trip is also very particular.


My suggestion is a short trip, you can use it without a trolley case, the leather hand bag is more grade,

Let’s talk about it later next time.

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