What is “Golden” in the apparel industry? Cashmere shirt is worthy!


The good cashmere shirt should be, gold warmell, cashmere, selection of Allain League goat, every time you start, the years have lost for many years, it is always the same as a result, and the cashmere fiber is about 15 microns, so the pattern Thirty thin, and natural curl, touch, quite comfortable!

With the gradual improvement of life, the cashmere “soft gold” and “fiber diamond” have gradually entered the life of ordinary people, which is most common in cashmere sweaters, because the cashmere sweater has strong extension, good elasticity, energy It is close to the human body, which has better warmth, is comfortable, so it is more and more people love, then how is this cashmere sweater that is known as “soft gold” is produced?


A cashmere sweater is simple to say, first after a professional apparel designer, then the raw material is selected, the woven wire, and finally it is woven into a finished product.


What is the raw material of a cashmere sweater?


Cashmere is “Golden” in the apparel industry, a mature goat, only 10 to 40 grams of cashmere, weaving a cashmere sweater to be 3 ~ 5 sheep “dedication”. Silvese collected from these goats, cleansing → dyeing → drying → combined → combing → fine yarn → joint shares → door, woven cashmere, the basic raw raw raw raw sheep yarn is produced .


The raw material has the next step in production steps.

Cashmere sweater production process is roughly divided into the following steps:

Cashmere water into the factory → raw material inspection → Horizontal machine → → set → hand sewing → sew inspection → light inspection → shrink → choice hair → light inspection → repair → full hot → branch → finished inspection → Self test → packaging → Out of the library.


All cashmere sweaters are only qualified after the above 16 steps, and it can be used to become a commodity.


After reading the above production process, you can see such a cumbersome step before being worn by people, and we are not difficult to analyze why cashmere is called “Golden”, “Soft Gold”. The reason.


A cashmere sweater, we are so warm, stem from his production process and complex, please cherish it; we solemnly promise that these cashmere sweaters are all 100% goal / cashmere products in line with national quality test requirements, quality Guarantee; a good cashmere sweater can wear 5 years, 10 years, but if the protection is improper, there will be a hook, go offline, worm, is hot, how to throw it away? Don’t promise you can help you free! Let’s enjoy the style of these gold!


These golden letts are really too beautiful, gentleman style, warm and accompanied, where you are all the most shining! If you also like cashmere sweaters, please continue to pay attention to my headline!

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