Portugal and Ghana battle, both sides are struggling for the hopes, and it is inevitable that there is a trick in the competition. In a fight, the Portuguese player William-Caville is pulled the opponent, making Ghana Jordan – Atrium “reveal”.

In the 77th minute, the two were fighting in the midfield, and Kavali stretched out the pants of Au, and did not let go.As a result, Au’s pants were opened, and the underwear exposed, and the privacy was also presented in front of the audience who watched TV live in the world.

However, the decision of the referee on this ball is unfavorable. He sentenced the ghana people to have an elbow action, whispering the ghana team foul, but also presents a yellow card.I don’t know if the referee can go back to see the video, see whether Ayu is pulled out to reveal private parts, whether it will make another penalty.

世界杯直播尴尬一幕 全球目睹加纳球星露私处

(Li Puri)

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