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Just after 7 o’clock, the store owner of the Mo International Trade City began a busy day, the company has already went to the door, and the fabric bargain is burn. Women’s shopkeepers rack their equipment and prepare live. The shopkeeper of the children’s clothing area is burying, recently, a raw cotton childcare blanket suddenly sells fire on the network platform, and they pack the blanket into one-meter wider package, the store is “push” is waiting, use The cart sent the parcel to the delivery point, one five yuan. Everything seems to be normal, but the dark flow is surging, the market is always the big waves, and now Qingdao has no real meaning into the summer, and the local 3,000 children’s clothing companies have been developing winter, and the three-child policy comes to people still talking. They have seen business opportunities, and they are smell here, soon they will be killed on the beach.

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Live tape lifting blanket is popular, selling two or three thousand

“Exhausted, overtime every day, I can sleep after 12 o’clock every night.” On June 3, Liu Shifang, who was shipping, opened the spit mode, she worked in the garment industry for more than 20 years, operation as cool Beiber Company sells artificial cotton children’s wear in Jika clothing wholesale market, has its own factory, self-produced.


Liu Shifang shows children’s blankets

“This year, the store is the most hot is a children’s blanket.” Liu Shifang opened a blanket of a pink cartoon pattern, “artificial cotton fabric, AB two-sided printing, bright color, cute, touch soft and cool, moisture and sweating Summer covers are particularly comfortable. This blanket sold 10 days, and the repurchased customers have risen the team, and I just booked a batch yesterday. “

This cover blanket is two-layer artificial cotton cloth, the white cloth, simple production, size is 145 × 185cm, wholesale price is 37 yuan, the market retail price is about 68 yuan. Don’t underestimate this blanket, now you are the star products in the store, “two or three thousand in the day, the customers are eager to wait, overtime, or not the goods, I am dying,” except this, Liu Shifang’s store also has summer cool, two layers of artificial cotton fabrics have a layer of silk cotton. Xia cool is slightly higher, because Xiao Gui, Liu Shifang did not have a lot of production.

Liu Shifang video connection introduces the children’s blankets.

A man-made cotton blanket, why sell so fire? Mo Children’s Wear Alliance, Song Haiyan, president of Qingdao Children’s Pune Chamber, told reporters that in facts in Ji, in the summer, many olders have covered them to cover their children, “only did not batch production before.” In the past four or five years, the ink is only a mass production of artificial cotton blankets and summer cool.

“Although this product has already existed for many years, these two years are slowly being well known by consumers, I think one is because the product’s own price is relatively high, and the second is the promotion effect of online broadcasting.” Liu Shifang is engaged in the garment industry More than 20 years of “old clothing people”, she told reporters that in the past, artificial cotton blankets were small products. “In the early years, when we produce clothing, there will be surplus fabric, in order to avoid waste, we use these fabrics to make a blanket In his home, the results did not expect it to use it very well, but did not make it aware of the product, in recent years, the clothing practitioners in Jiangsu Province have become a product suitable for children. I gradually be well known by consumers. “

Jimo clothing wholesale market

Last year, the epidemic shock also gave birth to new business opportunities. The live band is very popular, and most of the live broadcasts are highly cost-effective products, “” This blanket suddenly sells fire, the peers said that the live broadcast belt fire. “Liu Shifang told reporters that since March this year, the foreign delivery company came to ask her to produce this product, with keen” clothing awareness “, Liu Shifang decided to expand its business on the basis of the original artificial cotton children’s clothing . “Friends say that I do it, you have to do bed products, it is not to do business, but I don’t think so, I realize that this is a big market, decisive investment production, and it has proved to do children’s bedding It is better to do the children’s wear effect, two legs walk, and more stable.

Liu Shifang’s children’s clothing


Liu Shifang introduced that this children’s cover can be sold from March to August, “workers have dotted production every day, but because the current production capacity of my factory is limited, the supply often does not keep customer demand, often a few Name supplier to grab orders in the store. “


Mr. Liu, who came to Hebei, told reporters that the artificial cotton blanket gradually opened the market in the local area, as a seller, it was very recognized to the ink knit garment, and the quality was also very relieved. “The artificial cotton blanket is also produced in other regions, but it is also the most cost-effective, floral, style, and texture of the ink. Parents usually bought two, and the child covered in a lunch break. A cover in the house. “

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Continue to do “two batchs” can only wait for death, “What is me?”


That is, in the 1980s. During the “land energy” period, the couple saw something popular, buying it into the imitation, the market is disorderly competition, the price is getting lower and lower, the profits are getting thinner, and the operation will be difficult.

Although the current business is booming, Liu Shifang is like Song Haiyan. It has experienced a low tide stage, and it is almost can’t go.


Liu Shifang started selling children’s trousers in the Jimo clothing wholesale market. She is a secondary wholesaler. “I have purchased from the south. The first time the manufacturer also gives the goods, that is, I will send it to you, I will no longer give it. Others, this goods are only here “. Slowly, the manufacturer’s business is not good, starting a lot of wholesale, “Who wants to give anything, you have some people, the business is gradually doing it.”

“At the beginning, communication is not developed, it is inconvenient, I will get the goods from the manufacturer to me to get wholesale. Later, with the development of mobile network, everyone can contact the manufacturer, you can go directly to the factory to get the goods, There is no Chinese business to make a difference, it is cheap! The big customers are gone! “Liu Shifang said that he didn’t do a second-level wholesaler with her, and many don’t do it.” Now the market is doing it. Batch, basically no one “.

“I have to transform! If you don’t transformation, you will die!” In 2015, Liu Shifang’s decisive transformation, starting to do artificial cotton children’s clothing, “The artificial cotton of the ink is real estate, not to do real estate goods,” I will do a series, and the trousers have a dress. In your house, I hired a few workers, I started. The most beginning is imitating, what kind of style is doing, “I have a store, I have been selling, not selling.”

Liu Shifang’s two years agreed, from the third year, it has increased significantly. “.

“I am busy now, too busy, shipping from morning to late, workers are working hard every day, or not, the goods are not available.” During the interview, Liu Shifang’s WeChat has been ringing, “all the country Customers from all over the world, a customer of Xi’an has to book 20,000 yuan, and Jinan’s customers have just booked 8,000 yuan. ” Even if you are busy like a gyro, Liu Shifang does not dare to stop, this line of business opportunities will be lost, and it will be eliminated by peers.

Speaking of the income of the children’s clothing industry, Liu Shifang is very satisfied, “If you don’t make money, I can’t persist for so long, I have been doing children’s clothing. The children’s clothing is low, mainly the amount of clothes, the child change clothes, now the clothes may pass I can’t wear it in two months. Now there are three children’s policies, this line will get better and better. ” Liu Shifang went to Beijing in Shanghai in Shanghai, “Take a look at what this year’s epidemic is, what style is popular, what fire I will do”. Liu Shifang said that Mo Wei is selling very popular this year, so she is ready to do child sweater.


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Going to the line online to catch up with the wind, walk the brand route

Liu Yunfeng, the founder of the Fang Xiao brand, Wang Xiaohong, the entrepreneurial road of Wang Xiaohong, almost the children’s clothing industry from e-commerce to the external single processing to the domestic sales to each beat of the brand development process.

Before and after 2008, Alibaba Wholesale Network (1688 Platform) is still a yellow page, Wang Xiaohong uses the advantages of Qingdao foreign trade factories, trying to contact some foreign trade manufacturers, acquire foreign trade tail orders, and contact buyers on the 1688 platform. Wang Xiaohong told reporters: “It is easy to pass the information asymmetry.” After earning the first bucket of gold, Wang Xiaohong and her husband Liu Yunfeng registered the company’s Ji Xuen, started to produce himself, and then sold on the 1688 platform.

With independent design, the construction of its own brand, online orders are rolling. At the end of 2013, Jixiang clothing won the honorary title of Alibaba’s “Year Children’s Wear Sales T0P8”. However, since 2014, online profit space gradually compressed, and the online barefare period gradually disappeared, and Ji Xuen began to adjust the company’s operational direction and turned into the store.


Not only that, the couple also adjusted the product line, transferred to the woven medium and high-end cotton linen products, the price is also expensive. Liu Yunfeng told reporters: “When I started to do high-end cotton and linen children’s clothing, my heart didn’t have the bottom. The big customers in the week were full of race. We have a store to show, so you will come to another customer.” So far, Liu Yunfeng thought that the transformation was a bit risky. “I didn’t think so much at the time.”

The factory has started 400 square meters, and later extended to 800 square meters, now more than 1,000 square meters, the business is getting better and better, with approximately 2 million pieces per year. Now, the company is walking the brand route. “It is a model of a whole store to do, before selling, you will give me money, the transaction between us is over. Now I am more than selling, I have to pay attention My brand image, you have to do it according to my requirements. “

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“Service Second Generation” has taken off work, some transformation is brand agency


Song Haiyan is both the president of TCT and Qingdao Children’s Pune Chamber. It is also the general manager of Qingdao Plant Clothing Co., Ltd. “” We are older children’s clothing people, our generations of children, most after 90, just arrived at work age”. Not long ago, Song Haiyan will call home in Beijing, let her learn from their own enterprises. “I said that you will give yourself, it is better to give yourself.”

According to Song Haiyan, that is, the ink has more than 3,000 children’s wear companies, with an annual output value of more than 20 billion yuan, and Guangdong Foshan Humen, Zhejiang Huzhou, Zhejiang, and the three manufacturing bases of China’s children’s clothing, which has a strong influence in the field of children’s clothing. There are several large children’s clothing companies in the local area, and they are doing very well. “We can’t keep up with the era. Young people rushed in front, I think this path is definitely getting wider. “


Jiang Jindang, General Manager of Muyi Brand Operation Company, Shandong, is also a “second generation”. “My parents have done a lifetime costume industry, now retired, and grandson at home.” With the experience of parents, Jiang Ji has just walked many detours after entering the apparel industry. On the basis of parental accumulation, they absorb more advanced philosophy, convert business models, started brand agency, “such as flower field color, sugar Maika and other brands, we are in the form of franchise store, now there is already open in Shandong Province. More than 60 stores. Jiang Ji Gang introduced that they did not franchise, from the location, shop to props, shop display, they helped customers start the franchise store, “customers will take the goods from the brand order, not you take the goods back, we still How do you want to help them sell goods, how to make money? “

Jiang Ji just told reporters: “Our annual increment is very stable, more than 20% of the store growth rate, last year our performance is also improved, this year is definitely better than last year.”

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Knitted, national sales, but difficult to rang

From the 1980s, it is now necessary to build a national first world-class children’s clothing industry cluster, from the beginning of imitation, disorderly competition, enter the independent design independent brand stage, ie, children’s clothing has been touched to climb around 40 years. As one of the three manufacturing bases of China’s children’s clothing, that is, the ink children’s clothing is more than nine-centered, reputation is a good quality and leading the stylish design style, Song Haiyan told reporters, “Jik’s children’s clothing is working well, is comfortable. From the country, The knitted class should be sold first. “


Song Haiyan said that when the ink apparel started, most of them were husband and wife to do at home, “a typion, a cut, and then got outside to find someone to sew, after doing well, take out stall.” Slowly, business is well, with the accumulation of funds, start buying equipment, automatic cutting bed, automatic pull machine, etc.

The market is cruel. Some people make money, some people lose money, and many people enter this industry will die soon. Song Haiyan told reporters: “One of the people I know, he did a clothing industry in the first year, and did a child culture shirt. The first year was well sold very well. He immediately expanded production. The second year, the cultural shirt is not popular. And the popularity of other styles, his goods can not be sold, and finally can only be dealt with low-cost, which is very miserable. Because the children’s clothing style is too much, the selectivity is too much. He didn’t grasp the direction. “


Song Haiyan believes that it is necessary to use the children’s wear industry. It is necessary to grasp the direction. “We have been accumulated at a little more than such a year.


“Children’s clothing is a good industry, because parents buy things to buy things. I have to buy it for so many years. I started the work, fabrics, and style couldn’t be better now. Now work, fabrics, style Very exceeded. Pre-design exceeded the fabric development, the workmanship is also excellence. ” Song Haiyan believes that the children’s wear industry has huge development space, because “National Barrabra can do tens of billion output value, other manufacturers”, in fact, this is also a chance, “Just look at which brand in these two years Can stand out “.


“In the past few years, everyone realized the importance of independent brands, started their own designers, be their own brand.” However, the local name is not rang in the country, “the national name brand” There is only one Barabara, and our local brand does not pay attention to publicity, there is too little publicity, and the visibility needs to be improved. ” Song Haiyan believes that in order to do the brand, we must first strengthen the product logo of the manufacturer. Your product can go further “.


Qingdao Boyang Clothing Co., Ltd. Tmall warehouse.

Branding development, causing the guarantee of quality. In the exhibition hall of Shandong Boyang Clothing Co., Ltd., a group of designers are holding a few samples of clothes. General Manager Wang Jingang told reporters: “This is our product review, after the sample is made, the designers have to extract this clothes in product design, can not enter the order meeting.” Internal review After the end, customers will also invite customers to conduct an extra product.

Wang Jingang has been engaged in the clothing industry for more than 20 years. Now there is not only factory, but also operates the Tmall flagship store to expand online business. “The development of children’s wear is very stable, and has grown steadily, and approximately 10% per year.” For the development prospects of children’s wear, Wang Jingang is very optimistic: “Now I just let go of the three children, this is a good assistance to the development of children’s clothing.”


Tmall goods workers are packaged.


“People’s consumption demand is getting higher and higher. Now young mothers pay special attention to quality, not only to look good, but also comfortable, the requirements for children’s wear are also higher and higher.” So Wang Jingang believes that the development of children’s clothing is the most important It is the quality, “The price is spelled for a while, but it is not long. Only quality can always let you go steadily, it is more difficult to have a certain stage, and the consumer will feel that your home is too expensive, but In the second year, he will use his practical actions to tell you the result, because he will repurchase, he is willing to buy your products in the second year. I went to Harbin business trip, there is a mother to tell me ‘my child for ten years. I have been wearing your home’s clothes’, that is my most proud. “

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