On March 23, Guangdong Shenzhen, a video of a schoolgirl resting in the afternoon bed. In the video, the students move the tables and chairs to the middle, pull the folding bed on both sides, unify the queue to go to bed. Many netizens praise the design, children don’t have to sleep on the table at noon.



Netizen envy: no longer have to worry about the water flow class

Further reading: British scientist recommending a lunch break 20 points, do you know?

According to Japan’s NewSphere website, British scientists have shown that the workplace is 20 minutes to help improve creativity, problem solving capacity and immunity. When you have a trap in the afternoon, most people will choose to drink coffee to sleep. However, if the staff will take a break in the chair in the morning, it can improve the efficiency, and advocate that lunch break can be called a reasonable method. In fact, it is indeed a big increase in the short-term lunch break.

Set 20 minutes to 4 o’clock in the afternoon

According to the British “Sun Daily”, Nerina Ramlakhan, a doctoral student of Leeds, said that the rest during the work is good. He believes that a short-time rest during work will not only help improve creativity and problem resolution, but also help to maintain a good balance in the immune system. The recommended break is 20 minutes. In order not to affect the night’s sleep, the best time period is 2 pm to 4 pm.


In most workplace, employees with the same revenue are required to pay the same working hours, but the rest time after home is different. After returning home, some staff need to take the child to take care of the elderly, will reduce sleep time, some staff are easy to insomnia, and some people work overtime work. It is easy to feel tired and sleepy time to give employees 20 to 30 minutes free nap. Don’t I arouse the work of employees?

Only ten minutes can also help concentrate attention

In Japan, there is also a psychiatric physician who studies sleep in Japan. Inner Mountain is really mentioned in the book “Tonight is no longer insomnia” books to the relationship between daycloth sleep and work efficiency. It is mentioned that for the case of the afternoon, it is a short time to take a positive effect.

Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan is a 20-minute sleep time, but it is relative to the study of Neshan Professor in Australia, the daytime sleep is 10 minutes. In 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, in the comparison of these fake time, the best time to reduce the effect is 10 minutes.


More than 20 minutes of fake is insufficient to reduce the sleep due to entering depth sleep. Regardless of the sleep time, when you can’t satisfy sleep time, even if you just close your eyes, you will be awake. Therefore, even if the best time of lunch break varies from person to person, it is said that the office is absolutely awareness of management necessary.

(Original title: Shenzhen, a primary school class, set a lunch bed netizen: no longer have to worry about the water flow class)

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