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In the first two days, we shared an article about the creation of the copyright, I don’t know if you have learned something. Today, I will share a complete copy of the case to see how these great literacy is how to attract users.

Is it very confused when I see the title? Don’t understand, then continue to read.

The following is the full content of this copy:

We are shocked! When we open the new company door, it is considered that most customers will be a woman. After all, the beautiful underwear designed by the designer is a woman who is unable to resist.

We are wrong

The first Valentine’s Day, the man is coming into a queue! Hundreds of people who have been privately eager to visit our boutique. Finally, they have perfect excuses – prepare Valentine’s gifts for their beloved women.


They love this kind of goods.


Can you imagine how many shocks? All of these men are in our Victorian boutique, praise from the stockings and lace garters from France, completely by the mortar clothes from London, and satin. Surrounded around the bra and bikini from Italy,

They can’t wait to have some truly special things to surprise their wife or girlfriend.


Do they not feel embarrassed?


Indeed, they feel embarrassed. But this is not enough to let them leave! They have seen our exciting, colorful types. A chartered album, all beautiful, wearing a very tempting product. In addition, some men have become our first to satisfied customers. In a short period of time, they managed to successfully publicize this good news.

In “Victoria’s Secret”, shopping is not like buying underwear in a department store, and does not let a man feel uncomfortable.

When the size is inquiry, there is no eyebrows and lips. There is no stupid plastic box full of bored white coats.

Men in our lives

Since the first Valentine’s Day, we have known male customers. In most cases, they will not be very old. Some people are conservative, some people are not the case; some people are quite large, some are very young. Whether it is a doctor, accountant, sales person or bank manager …

They all have a common point, they are all real beautiful appreciationers. They know that a lace corset or elegant dress can make women look so cute, how fascinating; in addition, they also know that a woman receives a beautiful and private thing from a special man. What a wonderful feeling will they feel.

Moreover, it is a special man purchased from “Victoria’s Secret”.

If you are the same as our male customer – a right to own your own sense of sensibility and fashion – you have been going to find a place like “Victoria’s secret”. However, if you live outside of Northern California, then you can’t find it. However, as long as you spend 2 dollars, you can get the best thing below – one we are full of tempting designer underwear type, very beautiful, colorful.

What if you don’t like our style?

We guarantee that you will be the first man who doesn’t like it. But … After you have received our type, I found that our style is too exciting to your other half, too luxurious, you don’t have any losses. Our rich full-color model is a elegant collection – your friends will like the topic! (Our customers are already receiving the previous version of “Victoria’s Secret” model.)


In order to get your private text, please send 2 US dollars to: Victoria’s secret Mixed W500 (this is address). We will send you a colorful, stylish romantic catalog through the way of first-level mail.

This is a writer advertisement from 1979, but time is not a focus. I hope everyone can learn some of these classic cases, some basic principles about copying case: propose questions, how to solve these questions through text Weaving beautiful language to tell stories, create a perfect atmosphere for writing cases.

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