There are a lot of people who have wore warm shoes to go out, but everyone chooses more people who wear boots. It is not that ordinary leather shoes are not suitable for winter, but everyone is not as good as the boots when they are with shoes. Shanghai people’s matching style is very suitable for wearing

leather shoes

There is also a fan, the more you have a retro charm.

Women who wear shoes learn Shanghai people, match the way vintage still, the temperament is very characteristic, can try when wearing shoes


A little and


A point of matching, such as Shanghai people’s matching method is very characteristic.

Retro brown coat

Simple leather shoes When you match, choose more retro designs, you will make your clothing to look at it. For example, the brown coat is selected, and the elegant feeling of the Yinglan is very

Quality and texture.


However, remember to choose the same texture as the shoes, shoes


Strong reflective effect,

The matching package is preferably the style of reflective leather, such design is particularly obvious for reflecting the effect of fashion. No match with shoes

Black coat


It is also convenient to wear it when you choose a pants.


Or gray this slightly a bit older


Vintage style.

Lady white coat

Most of the leather shoes belong

Elegant is still gentle,

However, some style similar to Mary Tzo shoes is more suitable for choosing a sense of ladies. It is like a coat with a white, or a clothing that is biased toward the small wind. Mary’s style of shoes is better than most


The effect that can be displayed is more feasible, and the vintage charm is also strong.

It is recommended to wear Mary Tong shoes.

Long skirt


, The charm of the skirt is more fertile, and the effect of Mary Tzu fuse will be more elegant retro. Although temperament will be more



However, Mary Tzo shoes also have some slight old style, so remember when they match.


The costume is not dark brown.

Handsome way

There are also some dark brows, white style, but it’s too common. Many people will prefer to choose light-colored costumes when they are mixed with black shoes. Whether it is



Still brown, zoom in high-grade retro prevention from being worn out of the elderly.

However, for those who like neutrical wind clothing, black leather shoes are more suitable for matching black costumes, such as black coats.

Black sweater and wide leg pants

Wait, show off and handsome. Remember that this pure black looks to choose a hierarchy, can’t wear a shackle.

Swelling clothing,

Otherwise it is too easy to be fat.

Elegant match

Dark brown will be more than black shoes


If it is a stilettened style, look at retro, even retro, a little older. So the matching clothing should choose light, light gray and white are good, and it is a bit on brown look.

The feeling of fush.

Too retro design makes the temperament of the leather shoes, it is a bit ripe, so when you match your pants, try a more elegant color matching, for example

Army green, gray green

Color, improve the brightness, can also reflect a more retro effect.

Sprinkle generic windbreaker

Introduced so many classic leather shoes, you can see most


It is more attractive retro coat to highlight the retro temperament. Retro clothing not only is atmospheric, and it is suitable for clothing with slippers.


There are still many different options.

It is a good choice to match the colored windbreaker.


Feeling, both temperament makes it easier, and there is a high level of increasing effect. Despite the freshness of the color of the costume, the temperament is free to the charm of some neutral wind, highlights the elegant atmospheric effect of the leather shoes.

Fashion and lovely match

Skin shoes style


There are many people who like to wear Lolita, they like to wear shoes and do their best, which can prove that in the leather shoes, it is indeed a lot of designs.


The style.

Match black when wearing shoes

Medium stockings or


Stock socks

It will make the temperament become a lot of young. You can also match the cowboy skirt or a short coat, enlarge the girl temperament in the clothing. People with temperament also like to add elements of advanced retro, such as sweaters, striped design costumes or thickened and knees, cute and mature charms are also beautiful.

Wonderful and exquisite.

More sharp advanced

After a strong person with such a leather shoes

Very domineering,

The gas field is too warm after wearing it. Each different person is equipped with a different way. That is

Pierce shoes

, Special domineering, powerful women’s taste

Can’t stop.

When you look at it, you chose a suit or black, and the entire person’s high-level Van also highlights. Suitable for high-grade coats and fur and other high-end


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