Beautiful beauty, in addition to going out to be beautiful, your boyfriend can’t fall, a high-quality and practical belt can make him more temperament, share a few big men’s belt today.

Big Belt Sharing:



The belt is a daily necessities of boys, a high-quality and practical belt can make him more temperament. LV’s fashion items can best express a temperament, quality is not used, the identity of the brand is also the highest, I feel that every man has a.




Gucci double G belt, too classic, be sure to give your boyfriend. Whether it is classic double G or a new gold buckle, what age can be easily controlled, with clothes is also over 100, but the individual feels that the cortex is different.



Hermes, the famous luxury brand of the world, TA is the manufacture of high-grade horses, has always been a beautiful manual and aristocratic design style, based on the classic, the big orange box, really super-faced ~ ~ Valentine’s Day to the husband Gift, it is also very suitable, the leather and design of the belt are very high-level!



Belt is definitely the first choice for gift, Coach Coach Men’s belt, super practical, the most classic style is double-sided. With a simple jeans, it is very retro fashion.


The other side is pure black, can be used in a suit, the belt head is rotatable, so switching the old flowers and black only need to rotate the leather tape, equal to a belt can be used, and the price is also a lever.


The buckle of the Burberry belt is very designed, TB, gives a very low-key implicit feeling, compared to Gucci, choose TB is also good, mainly this is the new standard of TA home, Valentine’s Day gives boyfriend is definitely preferred ~ ~



The leather of the LOEWE belt is also very good, the skin is delicate, the skin is soft, and the leather head is not exaggerated, gives a low-key luxury, it is recommended to buy a good size, under normal circumstances, after wearing, you can’t see slack, After the ordinary belt is fixed, you need to put excess part to the pants, and the belt of LoEwe, there is a special design, the last end is inside, only those who get the hand can understand his good ~~



Speaking of the dress belt, Firagu can be said to be the first choice, buy a belt or more like to buy double-sided, occasionally change the color with clothes, one top two, very affordable ~~


CK belt is relatively affordable, more suitable for students, send dads and boyfriend, this price is best, basically there are about hundreds of pieces, can be accepted. The quality of all aspects is also good, the style, the brand is also very popular, if you send a gift, it belongs to the wrong type!

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