Harlan washing jeans and fashion fashion! Korean version of the original single custom version, customized high-grade water water, multi-channel water-watering craft, dressing more slim,

Fashion items in each season. Clean neat version, fashion stovepipe, couple wear a different style Korean version of the thin loose waist loose wedget harem pants, discovery when the tide coat and matching experience.


Jeans has a unique fashion temperament, plus the design of breaking and printing, but also the brush of the dragon, so that the simple body is full of different levels. The color is very good.


This fashion handsome street leisure hundred must-have jeans oh, loose version classic blue elastic waist design makes you unsatisfied from the bondage of the belt, the fabric is very suitable.

It is the original single, the real thing is more natural than the picture, and the foreign air version is very nice, it is a very good cowboy fabric, and the pants are more casual.


This is the owner of the store, how to make a row of jeans, made with a very comfortable fabric, very shameless, love beauty MM must prepare, special craft water washing classic cowboy,


Classic minimalist, color is also the most love classic blue in Cowboy! For this back two large pockets, there is no other decorated jeans without any resistance ~ Pants is very good,

Super-crossing jeans, all manual irregular wear trend! Handsome up, super air field, the legs are at willing to put some alphabetical fashion trends! Just a jacket is very handsome.



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