The history of Beijing Zoo can be traced back on April 15, 1906 (32 years in the Qing Dynasty), the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, please an angel of the Agricultural Test Site, the test site is in the original Lale, the garden (also known as “Sanpezi Garden” And Guangshan Temple, Hui’an Temple is built, the original intention is to learn the advanced experience in Western, “open the wind, revitalize the agriculture”.

On June 16th, Guangxu, 1908, the agricultural test site was completed, the official ticket sales were open, the ticket price was eight, children, and the child. “The field is attached to the public to see” At the time, people said that the zoo is “Mountain Park”, and later the Map will gradually refer to the entire agricultural test site, which is for the Beijing Zoo.

Test site gate


Recently, “Ocean Lens: 1909, Beijing Zoo” was published via Guangdong Tourism Publishing House, the book gathered the “Jingshi Bo Park” and “Farm Test Site Panorama” album. Among them, the earliest year of “Jingshi Expo Park” photo album is 1910, a total of 64 photos of the University of Qingnong Industry and Commerce, the predecessor of Beijing Zoo, vividly presented a hundred years ago. Beijing Zoo ‘s historical style. The first version of the “Panorama of the Farm Test Site” photo album was printed by the Boshidang, Japan, including 108 years of agricultural test site, and comprehensively presented the grand event of the opening of the farm test site.


In the appendix section of the book, the article “Jingshi Expo” is included in the article and more than 30 photos. “Jingshi Expo” is originally contained in 1908, “Shuntian Times” is a detailed tour guide. This article specially intercepts this part so that you can see the scene at the time.

The following sections are selected from the “Ocean Lens: 1909, Beijing Zoo”, and have been licensed by the publishing house.

“Ocean Lens: 1909, Beijing Zoo”, Zhao Wei, editor, Wu Zhiyuan Edited, Guangdong Tourism Publishing House, October 2020.

Original editor 丨 Wu Zhiyuan

(The authors are not detailed, in the Shuntian Times, 1908)



The Jingshi Expo Park is in the west, the farm test site, Bo Dafu, including all in Beijing for three hundred years, China’s 21st province has not seen it. If you can’t finish a day, you need to travel for a few days; one person is unclear, it takes a few people. My friend said: “Is it good to use the book notice, or use the route notes?” In the next list: “If you use the minutes of the minutes, although the 99th characteristics, it is not complete. Moreover, people I saw a kind of feature, it is easy to move, but I can’t act as a guide for tourists. This garden, north-south eight miles, things in five miles, twenty-six miles around, the place is too big.

Farm test site map.

In the first time, people in the park, they are sighing, not distinguishing the direction, unknown route, no swimming. Tour here, leaking there, watching left, lost right. Sometimes you have swayed, and you will go back; sometimes you have never swivel, you can’t walk. Moreover, even if you go to swim, don’t understand what the name is, then you will have no swimming, it is not happy. So to describe the travel of this exhibition, the decision must not use the road notepad to practice, as the guide of tourists. There is no picture in this park, this record must be detailed in detail, to record the route, explain the contents, must make shallow words like the draw graphics. “

Friends asked again: “So remember from the garden?” In the next question: “Where the notice, always divide the outside world. In the garden, the garden is outside the outside world. Tourists must be in the outside world. In the world, you must not be taken from the outside world. If you want to read the newspaper, you haven’t seen the content of the garden, you have seen the outside scene of the garden, first, first, you will feel extravagant. It is necessary to make electrical, stunning people’s brains, so people are greedy. So people read newspapers, one side of the gods, fascinating, such as shaped pictures. “

Let’s talk about the scenery outside the garden. The garden is to sit the north of the south, go to the east, the city building of Xizhimen, and highly high. In the city wall, it is constantly connected, it is the boundary of the inner field. But see the large car, the horse is even, and it is coming to this Expo.

Go to the west, Xishan scenery, thousands of things. The peaks are high and short, like a long serpentine. A cloud shadow, but also constantly, it is extremely tilky, and I hope. But see all the peaks in the past, also doing the potential of the peep garden.


Go to the south, it is the train hall of Beijing-Zhangzhou Railway. Train is being passed on the south. The whistle is 呜,, the car is rumble, and it is enough to add color. It is important to know this Beijing-Zhangzhou railway, which is my own self-funded self-management, no foreigners, the most state-owned railway characteristics. He passed through the front of this garden, and the tourists saw it, and they were all happy.

So I looked at the three sides of the southeast, I saw the tree Messen, three-sided hugged into a semi-circular, as if it was another natural large fence outside the garden. The semi-circular part of these three-sided trees is a half-circle, which is one hundred and eighty. The person stands outside the garden, seeing to the south, it is a semi-circulated diameter. This is the distance between the outside of the garden. As for the departure of the garden, there are several small tea sheds in the south of the road, and the stencils in the shed, and the tables on the table. A pot of tea is also clean. For those who arrived in the garden, they can drink tea, wipe their faces, take a break, if there is a pre-appointment, you can wait.

In addition, there are many bins that sell eating, the bores and tickets for the ticket for money, one one, all the cloth wrestling.

In the tea shed, it is sold, there is an old Siger, called Shanxi Cake, very special (not).

By the east, there is a western house. Although it is not big, the structure is also strong, I heard that it is ready to open a restaurant, there is no open.

The garden of the Expo Park is a new high-rise flower wall, and the four surrounding walls are made with a stone. There are two sides of the garden.

The east is an admission ticket, and the Southern Window is a south window. The South Window is a ticket sales of official guests, and the West Wind is a ticket for sale. The ticket is white, the ticket is red. Eight of each person, the child has been halved, and there is half a ticket.

The west is the registered object. If there is a large piece, it is inconvenient to bring the park, you can register here, give a voyage. If you lose your ticket, you can receive the original.

The rules of the admission, from the East Gate, the left female right, respectively. After entering the door, someone tipped tickets. The five buildings in the north of the door are the office, and there are three large rooms in the east. There are a lot of landscapes in the hospital, and they are full of cross-routing, and there are thirty plants.

It is zoo to the eastbox. Injoining the zoo, the fare is also eight pieces of bronze.


There is a panel of bridges, and there is a live water under the bridge. The bridge is the animal field. Dismissal as left:

First, big python. Pulling in the wooden bar, hangs a sign from outside, writing eight characters: Yieldland India, the nature is fierce.

Second, crocodile. Full of menics, there are four legs, polar, volts in the wooden rain. The origin is the United States.

Third, the horses (zebra). Two size. The pupil on the horses is a white, a black, like a strap. The origin is Africa.


Four, red deer. The origin is the Americas.

Five, black bear. In the wooden bar, always put around the head. The origin is Russia.

Sixth, panther. In the wood bar, it is like a cat. Two, one is producing Africa, one is producing India.


Seven, silver lion. It is white hair. The origin is the Americas.

Eight, big bear. This is another bear, and the size of the black bear is nothing wrong, but this big bear’s nose has a copper ring.

Nine, Xianhe. It is Yuan Jiao Bao (Yuan Shikai), and the text is very good.

Ten, Manzhou Crane. There are eight, called in the wooden bar, the sound is very crisp.

XI, African lion. It seems to be honest, lying on the ground.

Twelve, Indian Tiger. A total of two, one male and one female. The loud voice of the male, the femary is still not moving.

Thirteen, 兕. Fantasy bison. Produced in North America.


Fourteen, 狍. A total of three, produced in Mongolia, the hair is yellow. As a saying, “Huang Yuyuo”, it can be seen that it is yellow. Another ate.

Fifteen, chicken. Shanghai 鸳鸯 鸡, Guangdong pheasant, Mongolian wild chicken, Sichuan spit chicken, Guangdong pearl chicken. This chicken (Guangdong Pearl Chicken) is so large, the plum pattern is a little bit, like the pearl shape, so the pearl chicken. Tianjin too and chicken, San Francisco chicken. Chrysanthemum refers to a cock, the hair on the cock is very thick, it is sloppy, like a chrysanthemum shape; hair color or yellow or white, look similar to chrysanthemum, so a syrup chicken. Japanese long tail chicken, Tianjin turkey. Another East Ocean Chicken is the bonus (Na Tong). In addition, there are Guangdong Jinji, the shaped hair on the body has a five-color light color, as weaving.

Sixteen, there are many birds. There are white furvatic, Blueo bird, white jade bird, Hong Kong four birds, Zhili Yan Bao, Lu Son, Hua Bao, Bai Yong, Taiping Bird, Woodpecker, Headbrow, Toyo, Dai Sheng, Qin Yucui, (Red Long Mouth, white eyelid, sand chicken, yellow eyebrow, purple back, cinnit, green head, Xiaoyan, Tiger peel, horse lotus, Hu Jingde, Baili, Mountain eyebrow, Yue Xiaucui, Everest red, egg yolk (hair color like egg yolk) ), Jinshan Youth Pearl Bird, Huang Yingzi, pointed eagle, red head, small sunflower bird, in addition to a variety of parrids.

Seventeen, Australian phoenix parrobe, Indian lilac parrot, unicorn parrot, Guangdong white head agarwood, flower sink, purple, gray hibiscus, Acacia bird. There are several white jade birds, eat cooked eggs in the cage, is characteristic.

Eighteen, tiger skin parrot. This tiger leather parrot, the text is extremely good. The whole body is green, the mouth is inward, the tail is very long, the eyes are small, and the nature is good. There is a most violent in the inside, always use your mouth to bless your bisque, to avoid it, fly to fly, if it is, it seems to be exclusive, seeing uncomfortable. In addition, a row of rows of rows are very uniform, the head is outward, screaming, the sound is very good; the word is full of green, it is really good, I can’t look at it. There is also a flower tiger, white hibiscus, and more.

19, wild cat. Two, much more than the usual cat.

Twenty, Tung Du. With the wild cat, the cat is coordinated, and it is not disabled.

Very big, much smaller than the wild cat. The ear is extremely long, but I saw two ear tips to occupy a half length.

Twenty-one, five squirrels. Produced in Zhidi Province. The tail is extremely long, the Mao is supported, and the darkness is five. There is a jumping on the branches in the column, and there is a capping in the box.

Twenty-two, Zhili Duty Mouse.

Twenty-three, Zhili Black Rice.

Twenty-four, Dongyang spray cloud tiger.

Twenty-five, long lizards. That is, four snakes.

Twenty-six, Australian small jumping rats.

Twenty-seven, little fox.

Twenty eight, Indian plush. Gordon on the wooden board.

Twenty-nine, South American white nose.

Thirty, monkeys. In addition to the usual monkey, there is a star monkey, big horse monkey, etc. Malaysian monkey produces Africa, always 高 鸣.

Thirty-one, wolf pair.

Thirty-two, one.

Thirty-three, long nose bears. This long nose and monkeys are only separated by a wall. Have a monkey holding a straw, plugged from the plate, the bear fell to bite the grass, the monkey recovered the grass and didn’t give it. The monkey is the most embarrassing, that is, this end, it can be seen.

Thirty-four, Anhui Antelope.


Thirty-five, South American camels.

Thirty-six, plum deer.

Thirty-seven, fox.

Thirty-eight, Australian dogs.

Thirty-nine, Australian ostrich.

Forty, 貘.

Forty-one, elephant. This elephant always shakes the long nose, is also habitual, and it is probably uncomfortable. I heard that there are two icons in the park, die one, so there is only one left.


Forty-two, eight hoof horses. It is important to know that the eight hoof horses and 骈 are all rationale. There is another hoof in each other on each other, and it can be four hoofs on the ground, and the remaining four hoof is useless. Some people mistakenly say that the horse is eight legs, but it is wrong.

Forty-three, pigeons.

Forty-four, blue monster.

Forty-five, gold jumping.


Forty-six, arrows and other classes.

In addition, the water bridge is located in the north gate of the garden. There is a large iron silk in the river, with ducks, heron, and so on. He passed the bridge to the north, and the zoo door was out. Check the animals in this garden, fine, no hundreds of hundreds, today, 46 species, or know about animals. The original name of the animal park is now added to the plantation, so renamed the zoo.

Pay out of the zoo door, it is the parking car park. Looking at the official note, the foregoing explanation, the entry is divided into two roads: one is from the zoo to the car car; there is another road, after the entrance to the East Gate, the road to the road is going north, and can also Go to the Zoo North Gate Outer Car Sale. This is only selling a car chape, as for the cruise ship, still in front.

The charter of the car sear is divided into three segments. The first paragraph of the admission: Jia, Pineyo Yue Yue, B, Hui Fang Xuan, C, Laguan West. The second paragraph is also divided into three places: Jia, Dongyang Building, B, Kaijiaxuan, C, come away. The third paragraph: Spring Bridge. From this.


Various paragraphs are different. That is, if the first paragraph, the entrance to the loose wind, the price of the car is six, the car price is sixteen. If three segments are high, they must be around the front door.

Car division three types:

First, the human car. The same is the same as ordinary style, but the word “tour” is written. The most quoating thing is that most of the cars of the company is mostly sold in the “Shuntian Times”.

Outer trolley

Second, tricycle. The form is similar to the usual human car, but the body is much lower. There is also a round in front of the car, and there is a live web on the car. This car is not in front, it is pushed behind.

Third, two people shoulder. It is on a circle chair, holding two long waves, and holding the big awning, two people carry. The car cannot pass the bridge, but this shoulder can pass through the bridge.

Vehicle price: The same price of two cars, the price is more than double half of the car price. Three compared, or the human car is smooth, followed by three-wheel cart. As for the two shoulders, women are appropriate.


Because the tricycle is to be experienced, I bought a ticket, ride to Huixuan. Due to three wheels, the body is very stable, and the content (inside) is also very comfortable. After the pine wind, the parking, the parking, got off the bus, with the bus, and get off the car. It turned out that this pine-like sun is a Changyuan Dating, surrounding double railings, big rest and cool. The north is a lotus pool, a lotus leaf, Cuiki sticks on the water, very good, lotus has been open.

There is a vine rack in the east of the pavilion. The charter of the cruise ship is divided into four sections, and the car is different from the three sections of the car.

The first paragraph starts from the pine wind and the moon tour, until the stalk. The second paragraph starts from the storm, to the Turkian Building. The third paragraph is from the East Ocean, to the Lian Jiaxuan. The fourth paragraph is from Khajun Xuan, and it is far from the distance. Each ship price is forty, as for the price of the package, two types.

One is an ordinary cruise ship, every morning to 12 o’clock, three yuan; to six o’clock in the afternoon, four yuan. One is the superstar, every morning six yuan, eight yuan in the afternoon. This boat is imitation of Suzhou’s outer light vessel, and the boat is a large glass window. The content is all furnished. It is a Western table and chairs, and there is no big sitting in Gusu. When the light boat is on, you have to be. In the middle of the lotus pool, it is also very fun, but the water is very hard.

From the peak of the Songshuo to the North, cross the bridge, the bridge is the lotus pool. The lotus fragrant, blows with the wind. On the front of the bridge, the east is the stormy hall, and the west is the Dongyang-style building.

Song Feng Yuexuan

The next bridge, both on both sides are rising mountain stone, overlap. There are two rest of the bench under the rock stone, just sit a break, tourist landscape, cool breeze, and is also a pleasure.

To the top of the east, cross the bridge, a promenade, and the left and right scenery is excellent. Further, it also divided into a large corridor in the north and south gallery, Nange semicircle, semicircle, and synthesis. There is a glass hall in the center of the Nantar, you can take a tea break. There is a sea-style glass hall in the center of the North Array, and the whole hall is a tea. Then the East is a promenade, and the east should be a hustleman.

The Hall Hall is a five-step ice plum window glass large room, with a wide and large promenade. There is a great yard under the gallery, and the yard is full of lead plates. On all gallery, there is a tea seat in the yard, and the gallery is a girlfriend. The yard is along the lotus pool, and it is also equipped with tea seats, and the beautiful view is excellent. Tea is six copper copper, and each table is 40 pieces, can sit on eight people. Attention, this is the first place in the park.

A high slope in northern sides of the Hall, is a fake mountain stone, and there is a small waterfall with a machine. Water rushed down from the rockery stone cave, flowing into the Pool, and is also a scene in the park.

The west of the Hall Hall is the east room, and there is also a high-like pavilion, and there is a low like bungalow. The four sides are a glass-screen fan, which can be driven back and forth. The two floors are separated, and there are many tangible sandals in a low layer, and the high level is paved on the plate.

Wanlou is in the center of the park, the building causes the word, so the famous building. Build tea upstairs, upstairs, upstairs, landlord, six weapons each. Attention, this is the second place in the park.

This 10,000-character rim: every Sunday does not sell seats, exclusively to visit the school students, and ordinary people should not be incorporated.

Going to the north to Jiexuan. The east is a grass pavilion, a railing with a promenade, is a tree root branch. Xuan Zhong’an tea seat, the place is very large. The East is a girlfriend, the central and exemptions are the men, and each person is four. There are three elegant seats in the north, and there are three baffles in the next door, which is the machine room of the sprinkler. Attention, this view is the third place in the park.

In the west, see there is a short glass room, which is the botanical garden, and the airfare is four. There are plants in the glass house, ten in the east, by the West. It is a pot of pots in the two sides of the central government.

Mao Ting in the vegetable garden

Today, the plant species of the central aisle is said. I. Red Song, Second, Drunk Eye Red, Three, Larch, Four, Hongzu, Fifth, Phoenix, Sixth, Windmill, Seven, Larch, Eight, Asparagus, Nine, Grape Small Ten, Forsythia, Ten First, Five-Lesson, Twelve, Federal, Thirteen, Small Sakura, 14, Truth, Fifteen, American Wenzhu, Sixteen, Hazang, Seventeen, Aklai, 18, Orangutan Dance (similarity ” Flower), 19, thrown, twenty, red vine, twenty-one, Ruixiang, twenty-two, wairted bird grass, twenty-three, Lanhe grass, twenty-four, Peiling high farmers, two Fifteen, vita, twenty-six, cordyceps, twenty-seven, hydrangea, twenty-eight, rich, twenty-nine, United States fig, 30, Platinoline. There are also many kinds, and a batland is hanging on the door. It is also a special plant.

It is said that the plant in the glass house. The first house in the east is golden fish. The second house is Huang Hehua, etc .; the third house is a feather root; the fourth house is Fushouhai, etc .; fifth, the sixth house north-south two stone slots are American melon; The seventh house is eight weeks, etc .; the eighth house is also the Yellow Crane, and the second house; the ninth house is eight thousand generations; the tenth house broccoli is left, and there is also a fig in the United States. One or two hundred pots are displayed in each house, up to hundreds of pots, less species, more than dozens.

The first house in the west is eggplant. The second house is Shi Pu, etc., the third house is Huafa, the fourth house is golden, the fifth, the sixth house is American melon, etc., the seventh house is cold Lanshine, etc., the eighth house is the Knit Chicken head, etc. One of the hot weather is hung in each house, for the test temperature. There are tapovers around the house outside the house.

In addition, there are musk, snow, Lange, Jiuben, wine, earth jade, white sky, thousand miles, 江 锦, 明石, new king, god, 雪, Japanese grass, one day, four seas, Eight-generation arrays, Kim Siuxiang, 12th, full moon, Bai Le Tian, ​​San Jiye, Jinfeng, Jin Gongcheng, white big bird, 红 香香 峰, with a white, incense world, celebration, seven changes, Yokohama Huang, Junguang, Baoyu, Qilin head, laurel, moon, rising sun, 16 clothes, golden peacock, white fans, etc.

There are hundreds of pots in the glass flower house, and there are also planted on the ground. The western house has hundreds of pots, such as cactus, jasmine, sandwicked peach, pomegranate flowers, etc., even more, can’t finish.


In addition to this twenty glass in the park, there is a glass flower hole in the east. Plants in the statistical garden, thousands of kinds, and the east and Western plants have all, it is a big view, it is worthy of “Expo”.

From the botanical garden, we will share the two routes from North and South. South Road is a cafe, which is the Western Teahouse. North Road is Yan Chunyuan Fanwood, which is to come to the far floor. The garden is swimming here, but the most obstacles in the whole park. The words are divided into two heads.

The cafe is a new glass hall in the nine. Single all the glass on the windows of the windows, each two hundred and seventy parties in front of the front, one hundred and thirty-fourth parties in the left and right, and the statistics of eight hundred and eight eight.

The content of all furnishings are foreign tables and chairs, but they are divided into men and women. Southern half is a sign, the northern half is a girlfriend, and there is a glass screen fan.

Western and southern southern faces are also equipped with tea seats, and more than 300 people can be accommodated. A pot of copper, eight pieces of copper, plus milk, two, a total of ten. Desserts such as eggs, such as middle, such as the western dessert, is twelve. Attention, this is the fourth place in the park. The sixi is a big lotus pool. There are stones in the center of the pool, like small islands. Stone on the fake fake crane, left and right. The center point has a spray tube, spurting water, more than five or six times, high as one or two feet. This is a garden in the garden.

There are high bridges outside the gorge, see you have a shoulder bridge. The pool is a lot of calamus in the south, and there is a lamp vessel to come east. This pool is very shallow, and the boat must be carried out by double-shaking support.

Gao Wiqiao in the grain

It is best to drink tea at the southwestern corner of the gapse. Heads in the lotus, you can listen to the sound; look at the sprinkler, far away from the grass pavilion; Nanwang Boxi such as Changhong, north to come to the far floor, we look from Xiyanglou; the scenery is thousands, the same is true, it is the whole hall Range Rover Place. There is a promenade in the far floor, and the downstairs is Yan Chunyuan Fan. Vegetable price division, etc .: Two yuan per person, second-class each person, one yuan, three or more yuan per person, four or less.

The center is a long table, and the four is a round table. There are two rooms in the east, for the preparatory girlfriend, and the upstairs is also divided into the outside. There is still a building upstairs, which is three-storey building. The stairs and ordinary forms of the third floor are different. On the central cylindrical, the rotation string rises, the trapezoid is like a dragon pillar, is very special. Around the top to three floors. When this is turning on the ladder, it must be slow, and it is dizziness, just because the rotation is wrapped around.

The tables and chairs on the three-storey upstairs are also Western style. On the window, the garden is also different in the garden.

These three floors and rotating ladders, people in the garden can’t swim. Because tourists are just watching downstairs; it is eating all food, and they are all under the building, and there are very few landing. Whent knows that there is still a building on the floor, there is a special turn! Today, this newspaper gave it, and the upper visitors in the upper floor will be much better tomorrow.

From the way to the South House, go to the south, see a red brick house, high magnificent, gorgeous, is a Western building. Only because all the furnishings are not ready, there is no tour. But seeing a small yellow strip next to the main entrance, writing:

Then from the Western Building, the route has returned to the hug. Along the roads are cherry blossoms, flowers are full of trees, and green leaves are welcoming, and the surroundings are constantly connected. There is also a big franchise in the south, and it is three volumes.

Three volumes are the palace, all organizations are the palace. The three volumes are the soared to expensive system. Draw a stream shape with a gold paint on the eaves, and it is called three volumes.

There is a bridge in the southern south, and there is a bridge in the east. The bridge in the south is a stone bridge. The bridge is a wall, there is no way to go, and visitors often go away. The bridge in the east is made of four-door soil, which can be wrapped around the bridge.


Northeast Palace and broken bridge

At the point of view, the road to the three volumes is required to go to the south of the east, and in the east, there are many bends in the east, and it can be an outer field.

The East Hengqiao said above is probably a Spring Bridge. From this bridge to the West Gate, this route is the longest. In addition to the scenery in the middle, there is no such tea seat to rest. Tourists will be able to travel here, so there are many vehicles in the bridge. Tourists can send the bronze sessicular to the West Gate. Because there is no bridge barrier in the middle of the route, it can be directly sent to the field.

In the garden, the vehicles must be in the bridge, because the bridge is too high, and the class is inconvenient. The bridge is high, for the bridge to be shipped. Only two shoulders can pass the bridge. Each bridge has a slate, there is a wooden board, there are four-door soil, there is a flat bridge, a high bridge, a long bridge. There is also a bridge, all two bridge rains are composed of trees, and organize, or like ice plum, or similar, seemingly thick, actually strong. These memories have not been said in the articles, and today, a few sentences can be called the pens.


The photo hall is in the southeast of three volumes, behind the Guangshan Temple, is a three-sinter building. There is a big courtyard outside the floor, high-job, many potted flowers and tables and chairs, etc., the terrain is high, and you can take the cold.

In the hospital, the dragon flag is hanging on both sides, and the twenty-four-party multicolored flags, the cross, into a cross-shaped, floating dance, quite spectacular.

This photo studio named the mirror, asking a patent (franchise) in the field, and raised one tenth as a mall. Technician art is very high, the price is very cheap. Three of total:

Bright gold paper. Two photos per photo. Slices of four inches, price five-angle; slice six inches, price one yuan; piece eight inches, price two yuan; film ten inch, price three yuan; film 12 inches, price quad. Printed price, four inch each one is one corner, six-inch every two angles, antexagon each four angles, ten inch each 6-angle, twelve each 8 each other.

High Platinum Paper. Two photos per photo. Slices of four inch, price one yuan; piece six inch, price two yuan; piece eight inches, price four yuan; piece ten inch, price six yuan; film 12 inches, price eight yuan. Printed price, 4 inch each two angles, six-inch every four angles, an 8-inch every eight angle, more than one yuan per piece, twelve each one-piece two angle.

Electric light is large. Each foot is one foot, the price is three yuan; one foot six inches, price five yuan; two feet, 15 yuan; two feet four inch, price 25 yuan; three feet, price 30 yuan.

In the photo studio, everything downstairs is very gorgeous, the set and light are also very good, and the scenery in the garden is available everywhere. The disadvantages of each photo studio in Beijing are in the holiday, even if there is a quick view, but it is limited, and it cannot be selected. Only in this Expo Garden, the building can be chosen everywhere, and it is really a victory in Beijing.


On the downstairs table, there is a full picture of the exhibition in the exhibition, all of which are photographed. A total of twenty-four scenes:


Venue main entrance, second, office building, three, zoo, four, pine wind, Yue Yue, five, 豳 豳 堂, six, lotus pool, seven, Dongyang Building, eight, 10,000, nine, grass pavilion, ten, chapter Xuan, 11, Flower Cave, 12, Botanical Garden, Thirteen, Bridge, Fourteen, Racquoricultus, Fifteen, Western Tea House, 16, come far floor, sevente, Xianyanglou, 18, cherry, 19 , Three volumes, twenty, silkworm sago, twenty-one, museum building (yet notked), twenty-two, Sanglin, 23, fruit trees, twenty-four, valley vegetables.

The above twenty-four scenes are filled in one book.


From the venue of the East, all the way to the appearance of the West Gate, all the pavilion cabinets, content organizations and all rules have been described in detail. At the end, the 24th scenery of the mirror was taken as a summary. This kind of cultural law is an example of a novelist, but it is also the point of accounting. There is no summary, and all articles are shaped. With a summary, the whole will run through a gas. Here, it seems that it has been exhausted, which knows the test site on the park, has not mentioned a word.

The test site is divided into five categories. I. Valley test. In the field, the six district was completed, with a total area of ​​about 75 acres. Classs such as Zhidi Province, the rural rice and sesame seeds, Shanxi, Henan, Sichuan sorghum and sorghum, this is the country’s grain wheat. As for foreign species, there is a sorghum, a genius, and the latheosa of Italy, and Japanese colors. Division, there are the difference between north and south, things; sowing method, spread, stroke, and on-demand. Fertilizers have been divided into a variety of nitrogen fertilizers, phosphoric acid fertilizers. Fertilizers can be tested at any time.

Second, the sericulture trial. The silkworm room, silk room, Cutang room, instrument specimen showcase are divided into the field. Silkworm has Chinese silkworms, there are foreign silkworms. Feeding method has natural force, some people are. Human feeding law is divided into incubation, cooling, and cooling. It is a big ornament that is currently checking the moth, eliminating the murganism.

The Sangyuan has a fifty-five acres of land, which has been planted with 15,000 strains. Although it is a sauna, the northern part of the northern part is placed in cotton and hemp. The hemp occupies an area of ​​about six acres, and the cotton has about 10 acres. Neacili Zhili is numb, Feng Tianma, Japanese Malaysia, Mei Jiji; cotton is divided into cotton, Shandong cotton, Jiangsu cotton, Anhui cotton, Hubei cotton, Japanese cotton, beautiful cotton. The cotton species is divided into black and green, and the method is to use the new US PC.

Third, vegetable test. In the field, the four districts were transferred, and the total totaled 32 acres. Chinese species of royal claw eggplant, yam, lentils, melon in Jiangsu. Foreign species with beets of beets, Russia, tomatoes, green peppers, and beautiful cockroaches, hollyhocks, cabbage, etc. There is a slightly late, and it is currently in the greenhouse; there is an appropriate climate, and it is now sprouted. Larger test.

Fourth, fruit wood test. In the field, the 14th district was transferred, with an 85 acres. Content (inside) garden is divided into ordinary gardening, art gardening. All fruit species, there are provinces, and there are outside, according to the district. Rare, nuclear fruit, berry, and shell. Chinese species such as Jiangsu’s peach, Guangdong’s pepper, Henan pomegranate, Fujian Haibang, Shandong’s pear, jujube, hawthorn, etc. Foreign species such as persimmon, plum, ginkgo, and beautiful apples, cherry, etc. in Japan. The branch field in a district area. Highly onion Yu Chenglin, the low is also full of Fang Fei, which is much mature.

Five, flowers and grass tests. Flower and herbs are the affiliates of farming, and the rooms in the test are also cultivated in the tested. The most famous products, such as Fujian orchid, Jiangsu’s chrysanthemum, Henan, Shandong’s peony, Hunan, Jiangsu, the Italian grass flower, Australia’s orchids, Japanese Cang Pu, Rose, Cherry Blossom, Lily Flower, Fushou etc. Flower fragrance, oxygen, no hundreds of kinds. Every district has a sign, which is written in the first zone, what is the second area, and the people who visit the tour are known. There is also a zone, plugging dozens of hundreds of labels, each marked that Jiangsu, Guangdong, Sichuan, Fujian, Henan, Japan, France, the United States, Russia, etc. Looking far away, the wooden standard is ranked, vertical and horizontal, for the preparation test, easy to distinguish. As mentioned above, it is about the agricultural experiment. In addition, there are lives around the farmhouse, and there are live water to nourish.

Then, in this Expo Park, you must separate from both aspects. The pavilion, look up, there is tea with wine, the girl is like a cloud, the big city is lively scene; the five-grain partition, Baigulin, or yellow or white, the radiance, the big wild sight. So people who come to swim, and they have a good reputation, and they can test anytime, anywhere.


It turns out that this garden is not only for the play, it is to promote farming, improve agriculture. Annger tour of people can trigger people’s horses.

But this Expo Garden, this department is founded, and it is also an initial office. Everything is ready to improve at any time. Methods of explicitly rejuvenation today:

First, the zoo must expand. In the garden, such as a lion, such as elephants, such as a wilder, such as flying birds, and the columns are too small. The Lion Tiger is in the middle of the mountain, and this is not allowed to survive in a large area in a large area. You should separate the lions, tigers, etc. For example, in the first zone of the Valley, I have a tiger column, the second area of ​​the lion-column, the people who visit the tiger should look at the tiger’s tiger bronzezi or two, to see the same example of the lion. The elephant is smaller and cannot be returned. Bison is filthy, so the smell is very large, and it should be arranged separately. Such a method, tiger, lion, like class, etc. in the plant field, compared to a group, one can be preserved, and the second can be exempt from the smell, and the three can be tested. That is in one place, the tourists have lost their own, and there are too many kinds of kinds.

Second, the chair must be added, and the price must be reduced. The place in the park is very large, the route is very long, and all car should be parked everywhere. It can be better, and visitors are tired, and they can be worked everywhere, and they can only be two or four each paragraph. The price of the ship should also be reduced, and at most one yuan.

Third, the gardens must be suspended. Inside the gate, there should be an exhibition in the second door. In addition, such as the zoo, Pine, Yueqiting, the Hall Hall, Dongyanglou, Wanli Building, Kai Jiaxuan, Botanical Garden, Cafe, Land Building, Xianyang Building, etc., it is aware of it.



Fourth, tea agency must set up more.今 豳 豳 堂, the 10,000th floor, Khaignuan, the café, the mirror is newly set up a tea seat from June 9th, four of the copper, and the area is quite worse. In addition, such as the center of the zoo, such as the pine-like landscape, as well as the landscape, the rock, the rock, the rock stone, the big wood, take more tea, take the tea, all the pieces to take care of people, always Let visitors can rest everywhere, you can drink tea everywhere. Four of tea, or five two people have a drink. This park is not buying, everything is always in the people.

This article is selected from the “Ocean Lens: 1909, Beijing Zoo”. It was originally contained in 1908, “Shuntian Times”, and it has been authorized by the publishing house than the original text.

Original editor 丨 Wu Zhiyuan (authors are not detailed)



Editor 丨 Wang Qing

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