In the cold winter season, there is no warmer down jacket is absolutely not, and the down jacket with big fur collar is the leader in many down jackets. The big fur collar can help us very well in the cold wind in the winter, and the girls don’t have to worry about the frozen.


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Solid color slim thickening big fur collar down jacket

Pure white color is the most dazzling color of this winter, down jacket is made of 100% high-quality polyester fiber material, the fabric is soft and smooth, delicate and skin-friendly, and it is not easy to fold, very quality. Use a big fur collar, and warm in warm temperament.


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Slim money big fur collar light down jacket

The long-term design of the down jacket autumn and winter wears the most suitable, hood design plus fox fur collar decoration, more elegant charm, the pocket design is simple and beautiful, the tones are single without extra decoration, thick down jacket fabric quality, It is very warm and comfortable.

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Middle long solid color fur collar down jacket

This down jacket selects high-quality polyester fabrics, which contains high velvet, good warm, comfortable skin, it is crossed, and the wearing experience is very comfortable, strong, not easy to deformed, not easy to fade, have good Wrinkle resistance, with elastic fabric makes the size of the clothing, therefore is firm and durable, anti-wrinkle is not hot.

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Waist rope waist big fur collar white down jacket


This has a very classic stereo full version, the medium and long style is very easy to keep warm, and the loose type can also be better in progress. At the same waist, I also made a drawn rope waist design, so that the down jacket is not bloated, and the big fur collar cooperates with the zipper design, and the perfect wind is warm, which combines beautiful and practical.

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White velvet super large fur collar long down jacket

The classic hooded design is beautiful, and the scorpion fur collar appearance is atmospheric. Give a lot of colors, using Oversize’s Korean version, any body can be easily controlled.


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Long margin super large fur collar down jacket


This downcomer design, ultra-long version design, modified body, a high-quality feeling, choose the same real hair collar design, big fur collar care for the neck skin, the upper body highlights the big style, choose Wait for white duck velvet filled, down the velvet, high fluffy, good warmth.

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Large size super large fur collar thickening velvet down jacket

The scorpion fur collar, the needle hair is thick, fine and neat. There is no good quality, no good quality. Can be disassembled, one piece of clothing also passes two different styles. The design of the tight cuffs, gives you warm care in cold winter.

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Loose long, knee thick, large fur collar down jacket


Use high quality cotton fabric, feel comfortable and soft, and white duck velvet fills inner. The door clipping is designed, more comfortable, two-sided pockets easy storage and letters. Combined with the shaded wind line design, the needle is fine and uniform, and the quality work is excellent. Luxury big fur collar, modified neck fiber sectors. Waist drawstring design, wearing comfortable and beautiful, beautiful pure tones, fresh and sweet.

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