Many people think that they will start to wear long sleeves in autumn. In fact, although the arrival of autumn begins to gradually become cold, “Autumn Tiger” is still in the future, so wearing a cool style is still popular, can say that in early autumn There is more style, which will give people a “chaotic” visual effect, and today Xiaobian said that the simple and beautiful and beautiful sling dress is elegant and beautiful.


Because of the changes in early autumn, it is hot in the morning and evening. Therefore, in the choice of the hanging skirt, it is necessary to consider the fluctuation of temperature. The fabric can’t choose too bright, such as satin, silk material, this kind of dress is more cold, It is easy to catch a cold, of course, can also match the jacket, which is quite good. In fact, I want a dress to easily solve such a problem, you can choose the cotton dress, both wearing comfort and warm, and easily destalling the fluctuation of temperature.


The cotton fabric is always people favorite, because the material belongs to natural plant cotton, it is light and comfortable, and there is a better preservation temperature. So wearing cotton costumes in the spring and autumn quarter, not only fashionable and beautiful. For example, this little sister wears a white cotton sling skirt, and the styles of the body are simple and thin and identified, and the beautiful fresh and temperament.

White is always the favorite color of the girls, which brings fresh and generous beauty. The pure cotton sling skirt is refreshing and brightened, and it has brought the elegant beauty and the style is simple and beautiful. Although the cotton skirt has a better skin-friendly effect, but still pay attention to the wearing, the material of cotton is prone to wrinkles, so the girls who are more annoying wrinkles can choose black suspenders to wear, and they can feel the cotton skirt. Beauty.


A pair of transparent crystal high heels were selected on the shoe, so the shoes were lined out of the aesthetics of the foot, and the long-term and thin effect can be improved. In the bag of the bag, the black sketch bag is selected, which is steady and elegant in color matching, and feels a chic beauty in the rest.

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