Today, 1 hour, read a simple history.

Think about the “simple history of humanity”, I have seen half in now.


One contrast, this gap is really terrible.

Some people say, 1 hour read history? You are joking!

I really didn’t, because I read a child reading “Mammoth Grandpa”.


Don’t rush to swear, listen to me, if you think it is good again?

Dite Bog (Wen), Boulder Molk Taser, is a German, nominated by the German Youth Literary Award, is the creator of this “Master Grandpa”.

A literary humor, a seller is clear, plus a 90-after translator, let us have a history in a pleasant.

When it comes to history, I have to mention the name of the sentence “to the history of the mirror, you can know the loss”.

In the story of “Mammoth Grandpa”, can we know which gains?

Be a person, you must first recognize yourself

In this society, people are busy every day, but they don’t know the final.


Seeing others, the famous brand shoes, the foot, the famous brand shoes, carrying a famous brand package, the heart is itchy, I want to be like someone else, I don’t know, my conditions are not enough to match the “expensive” gas.

In order to let himself fight the “expensive”, they don’t care about the state of themselves, “net loans” open, remove the wall to make up the West Wall, although the “expensive” gas is enjoyed, but it will always lose the bones. .

Humans must first understand themselves, know what they are suitable, where is it

No matter when we should face your position, don’t pursue the goals of your own high, but you have to understand a truth, the body is just our companion, when you are controlled by the external object, you It turns into a lining of items.

People are a very adaptive species.

When we are used to accompanying items, it may be difficult to find themselves.

It is also born, we are different existence

“I am me, it is a different fireworks.”

We live in this big family, each of the people, different skin tones, and different gender, we are collectively referred to as “people”.

However, from the ancient times, our human beings live, but maintain its own individual independence.


I still remember that when I was up to college, my girlfriend told me that she would want to graduate, and set up a small family.

When I heard her words for the first time, I didn’t understand why I didn’t understand why people wanted to get married after graduation.

In my head, we will not be bound by the birds that will not be bound by it, how can you get married when you are swinging with a wings?

Later, I learned that girlfriends were divorced from the little parents. She looked with my mother, but because my mother was busy working, she could only move in each relative family. From the days under the hunter, she really wants her family, and there is a warm life of a three-port.

Listening to her story, I understand, not everyone likes to wander around me.

Some people hope to be home early, enjoy calm life, such as my girlfriends;

Some people want to wander around, and they will be safe, as I;

Some people, set a age plan to yourself, and restore the so-called “normal” life.


The world is very large, there are a lot of people, and the idea is endless.

We are just our own, many times, we can’t understand themselves, why talk about others?

Remember, it is born, we are independent individuals, different from each other.

Don’t use your own standard to judge others, or you don’t have to live in the criteria of others.

As a woman, we can call “Wang” as

I saw a video of the Chinese Taiwanese actress once.

In the video, Zeng Joe, a newly married young woman, said his own doubts. She said that after publishing her marriage, many people have been congratulating her, congratulations to she got happiness.

She said, what is this logic? Why did I get a happiness? Don’t I get happiness?

She also said another sentence, I especially recognized.

She said, after getting married, I don’t have my husband, he can give you happiness.

Happiness is created by two people

In the “Mamaster Grandpa”, there is also a section of girls. In the book, Grandpa told us that girls like beautiful clothes, enjoy those who have loved them to praise, but they prefer to go together or take themselves Hawk hunting.

Modern, 2020, there are many girls to give their own happiness to others, think that they can get married.

In fact, when you give your own happiness to others, you have already started a misfortune.

I remember that Xiao Taohong broadcasts after “Little Hi Times”, when I got the show, I said that she and her husband Xu Wei. She said that she and Xu Wei were a bit disputed, and she was not very pleasant. But I haven’t been a while, she is happy, Xu Wei said to her, how do you have a happy you?

Xiao Tao Hong said, why do I need you to decide?

Therefore, Xiao Tao Hong is a woman who does not need old conflicts, still have a business.


As a separate person, how powerful people who can give their own happiness, how powerful

Why is there so many girls, give up the power of self-acquisition?

Love, the most beautiful people in the world

Love, whether it is ancient times busy to survive, or modernity is full of various interests, all of which are unchanged and unable to escape.

Love, let Wang Xiaobo write “love you like love life” for his wife Li Yinhe; let Feng End write down “Take the lake in Huiyun, the deep feelings can be blended.” The poem; love, let Liang Zhu Etienter is also double-flying …


Love, let us not know, but it is deep.


The charm of love, unable to describe onety of its essence, but it can be knocked down at the moment of arrival.

my country has a moon, and there is an arrow in cassing abroad. Whether it is the red rope, or the sword, we can always experience the lingering in love.

Just like “Mammoth Grandpa” that said that:

If people can meet their own confidants in this life, they will always forget the time of passing.

“Mammoth Grandpa”, a grandfather who broke 20,000 years, from the situation of “I” survived, the simple words, like a child, listening to them, talked about them when I was a child.

The only difference is that “Mammoth Grandpa” is a world of human development for us, “We” has not existed the world.

He told us that whether it is a choice and a living, it’s a poem, we must first learn about yourself, otherwise, only the empty virtual self.

Each of us is an independent individual. We didn’t decide the power of others, and there is no qualification for others. Similarly, others have no right to comment on us, we can only do itself, doing the unique self.

As a person, we have the power to choose and strive for your own happiness. In addition to yourself, no one can create happiness for us, especially those who often like to give up self-creation.

Love, no matter which era, it is beautiful and moving, it is worthy of praise. When you encounter the confidant, Zhang opened, enjoy the true feelings!

“Mammoth Grandpa” and it is said to be a historical book, but it is better to say that the elders are teaching us. Through the increase in the promotion of grandfather, we have to remember that avoiding the mistakes they have developed, developing in a better direction!

History, not just for learning, but to be alert to the present.


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