Winter cotton clothes tens of millions, save money is the key. It is too cost-effective, buy a common cotton clothing, buy “two pieces” different cotton clothes. If you like the dark style and like a sweet style, buy two sides into cotton clothes! If you want to have a lamb coat and want to have milk tea, you have to wear cotton clothes on both sides! Double-sided cotton clothes thick and warm, and save money and wear.


The first piece is a double-sided cotton suit with mint green and black, and the mint green can be new color this year. This color is very eye-catching, so it is also particularly suitable for the trend of the confession. Mint green is not as dirty as white or pink color, and the ability of mint green hidden dirt is still very strong. The other side is a black cotton suit that is not annoying. This cotton clothing can also switch according to the mood of the worn. When you are happy, you can wear the green side of the green. When you are sad, you can wear black on the side, one green is black and free. .

The second is white and bean green coexistence thickened version of cotton clothes, and the green of the green is very glorious. It is very gentle. It uses ordinary cotton clothing materials, and it is only used as a beautiful one. Outside. The white side is very sweet, it is very sweet, and you don’t pick the age. No matter what you are a 12th year old girl, or 40 years old sex sister, we will look for your skin. Young!


The third is light blue and dark wave points coated in cotton clothes. Such a cotton clothing is smart, and there is two styles of salt. Light blue this face is more suitable for the squid, the lower body is equipped with a snow-white mop trousers, so you will take the way with mature women’s noble and elegant. If the sisters wear the dark wave point, it is best to pick up a high meatball head, or apply a aunt color, step on a pair of locomotive boots, cool and cold.


This smog blue and white lamb hair coexisted with the double-sided cotton clothes, very similar to the third cotton clothes, but the third cotton clothing only handed on the color, and this cotton clothing directly exchanged there in the lamb Hair coat. Everyone knows that the wind of lamb hair is too big in the past two years, although the clothes made of lamb hair are really a bit more impressive, but can’t stop it is cute and sweet, so this is also a lamb hairhouse It’s almost three years, but the heat is still not reduced.


The fifth side of the two sides can be fried, and the eyes are watching, and the eyes are very hip and hip. This cotton clothes are the cross colors of peacock blue and mint green, and the black cotton clothes never have to go wrong. In this way, when you want to wear the peacock blue and mint green, you can match a top-colored old whale, and the lower body is in a very delicious, the sisters will definitely become the most exciting in this street. Of course, if you want to be more stable, you will wear black.

One side is the solid color cotton clothes, the two sides of the lattice wear, is also the hot explosion of this year. The plaid cotton is very popular, quite a retro style feeling, such a brown black lattice cotton clothing can be equipped with a pure-shirt sweater, but also with the student party’s big hooded sweater, after wearing, it is not only a shirt and not hit the shirt. . The other side is designed for pure purple, pure black, pure blue, pure pink, etc., the girls can choose the color you want according to their own preferences.

The last two are the coat of cotton clothes, and white symbolizes holy and pure, pink symbolizes the beautiful and gentle, these two colors combined cotton clothes, simply let the girls don’t have to resist. Little to teenage students, although they have already stepped into the workplace, but still maintaining this cotton clothing.

Pink white cotton clothes are actually very good. If you want to show in the inside, you can use it with white, lavender, fragrant colors, and a pink, the lower body is more casual, whether it is black ride Pirgies, or pink sportswear, even gray wide legs, no pants that can’t match pink or white cotton clothes. Introduced so many different double sides of cotton clothes, is the little sisters have a heart?

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