Every season, the boutique brand launches the new package series, it is very expected ~ Because you can’t see this year’s popular elements, you can also get the new blood (laugh)! But so many brands, series of design, etc., which are the boutique packages in the first half of the hottest in 2018? This time, with the girls to reveal, quickly use the small series, have a list of wishes, and save money!

Gucci: Ophidia Small Shoulder Bag


GUCCI This shell package was previously louched by Jolin Tsai, and immediately burst into the latest fantasy and essence package! But Xiaobian has to say, this package is really good (blink, classic Gucci pattern with green color stripes, emit a retro elegant atmosphere, half a month-shaped shell shape makes the whole little girl feelings, side The back is immediately wearing a focus, and it is also very comfortable. Now the street can often see many of the girls and make people want to start ~


And Ophidia’s series, there is therefore red, other package payments have also followed ruthenium, so that the girls have more choices, especially small pockets, the style of the small pockets is loved, V-Ched is also very happy, really too Watching! (包 dry …

Gucci: Print Leather Belt Bag

This year, the best package is not palace, and the boutique brands have launched different design style, but Gucci’s classic printing leather pocket is really a new height on the back! The shape of the classic dumplings, with saturated classic black, white, red, green, green, and gucci classic brand printed, and the vague gloss of the leather is also very textured, seemingly full of trend, but It is very suitable for girls to mix! No wonder will sweep the big discussions in the first half of the year ~

DIO (R) Evolution: & Dior j’adior


Many girls put Dior as a dreamy classic boutique bag, but in fact it is more challenging, but DIO (R) Evolution and Dior J’adior two major package series, jumping in the first half of 2018 One of the boutique bags, slipping a lot of artists and Kol’s IG can see its trace, the package of the small party is both classic and colorful, color Dior or J’adior’s large metal English decoration, very simple The momentum must take the way to take the way, or with a wide version of the shape of the weaving side, is the most fashionable look of this year!

Dior: book Tote

Tott package is a very loved package of domestic girls. It is not only to fit a variety of debris, and it is also very practical. It has been occupied by the LV Neverfull GM Tott package for a long time. Wall, set off a discussion topic, a variety of exquisite intensive pattern with brand words, it seems simple, but there is a sense of existence, but also launched a variety of color embroidered patterns, whether you like a simple style or a funny girl, You can make large Tott shopping bags out of hipster style!


Louis Vuitton: Pochette Metis

Many people’s understanding of LV is a classic package that must be started, but in the first half of 2018, the latest hot lines were squeezed into the latest popularity, with the design of the envelope and the plug-in, the exterior It’s just like an official package, but it’s really very real and good looking. There is a kind of transit gentleman’s rate and retro combination, and it will not be excessively official, but it becomes a wild style, except for brand classic pattern Monogram canvas. The model, also shallow double color matching, different colors of monochrome leather materials, becoming the latest wish list of LV!



In addition to the well-known WOC package, YSL this year, this package is protruding, becoming a hot tinner of many foreign boutiques! The unique simulation of the old gloss and the texture, making the package have a kind of handsome, the double-layer capacity is very sufficient, and it is also very practical and resting. With the chain, it is very your own style! If the girl is afraid of black too personality, you can choose red or white, don’t be afraid to match, because the leather design makes the brightness, but it is more distinctive!

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