Recently, it is essential to each family to be 84 disinfectants, 75% alcohol, chlorine disinfectant and other disinfectants. Chlorine-containing disinfectants mainly act on the surface of the item, the disinfection of the external environment, 75% alcohol is used for skin disinfection.

Focus reminding,

Especially the family with children,

Be sure to warn your child:

Don’t move, don’t take it!


The reporter learned that on February 9, the emergency room of Dalian Children’s Hospital, and two children who have received the disinfectant as a drink in one day.

Disconnect the 84 disinfectant liquid bottle into a milk bottle

Parents put the appearance of the 84 disinfectant ravine of the appearance with the large bucket of milk in the toilet, the 8-year-old child did not pay attention, and even became a milk.

Sodium hypochlorite disinfecting water is placed in an empty beverage bottle

There is also a 10-year-old child, parents put smear sodium hypochlorite in the empty beverage bottle, but I don’t pay attention is that this drink is a child likes to drink, and there is no logo, causing the child to be mistaken.

75% alcohol is placed in a beverage bottle

This is a child compared to two old age, parents put 75% alcohol into the beverage bottle, causing the 3-year-old child to mistake it as a drink.

According to Xu Lei, Dr. Yang Ping, said:

Fortunately, the three children were mistaken at the time, and the parents found in time, sent to doctors, after the emergency disposal of vomiting, the current three children have been stable and have been discharged.

Misunderstanding of disinfectants can cause very serious injuries

Disparacted liquids commonly mistaken in children include spine, sulfuric acid, peroxoacetic acid, to Suer, 84 disinfectant, etc. These disinfectants are more acid (alkali) chemical formulations, with strong aggressiveness,

Misunderstandings can be causing, pharyngeal, esophageal mucosa damage, misunderstanding can cause stomach, intestinal perforation, late period, causing esophageal stenosis, may also cause neurological damage

Therefore, parents must be vigilant.

Director Chen Hai Ming in the emergency room reminds

How to keep these items in the family, how to see how to protect your own baby, parents must do a good job:

1. Do not put these items in a beverage bottle: Children often have curiosity to the bottle tanks, in the childhood, many children especially like to use their mouth to “know” things, and the drink is superior to the child. Therefore, don’t use a beverage bottle in the home.

2. Place in children’s touches: not only disinfectant, there are drugs, pesticides, anti-virus products, etc.

3. Based bottles must be identified: the dispensing bottle of the toxic agent must be logified to prevent misunderstanding.

Once the child is misunderstood, how to do it?

Director Chen Hai Ming emphasized:

1. Keep calm: Parents must first stay calm, do not blame children;

2. Understand the amount of dose, in time, in a timely manner: It is necessary to understand the dose of the child’s misunderstanding, and the child who can cooperate immediately gives the secret.

3. Prepare milk, misunderstand product: Time to the hospital, parents are best prepared to prepare milk, follow the doctor’s advice, to protect the esophagus and gastric mucosa, minimize damage; for pesticides, drugs, etc. The name, type, or carrying packaging of the item came, so that the medical staff learned the first time to understand the property, the symptoms were treated.

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Source: Shenyang Net, Liaoning Health Committee, China News Net

Editor: Guo Yanfeng

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