Denim is always a straightforward style. It is relaxed in casual, and there is no lack of personality. It has a modern woman’s nephew. In the hot summer, the thin section of the sorrow will make you stand out, no longer the chiffon cotton and linen, but the handsome cowgirl, let this summer will be casual!

Waist lapel denim dress

01 Summer is a short season, but the smart small area exposed can just reveal the body and the body is very atmospheric. The cowboy skirt is neither exposed in the position of the lap, and is modified with the mating of Martin’s boots, and the waist is reproduced, and the woman is not lost in the tough.


Bow stitching chiffon dress

02 women are double-sided, handsome, tenderly, cowboy is also the same, or very beautiful, you can freely convert with your temperament. Lightweight and white chiffon with a goddess, the pleats of the lotion and pleated door are used. The bow embellished with light-colored cowboy, complementing with chiffon splicing, and shaping a sweet person.

Lace cowboy skirt


The warm temperament of the 03 half-length skirt can not resist, and the white lace is constructed, and it is beautiful. With the chiffon shirt, it is very classic, and the clothing is in the skirt, and then with a wide belt with a wide belt, it will show a perfect gold and lower body, which is highly picking up.


Retro lace cowboy skirt


04 Bow and lotus leaf are a good friend, they all like sweet and lovely girls, together with her romantic summer. Crushed small shirts with light blue A short skirts are typical fresh-up dress, well-behaved and smart, and the mouth begins to sell Meng!

Binding hole denim shorts

05 Staying a cowboy, naturally, you can’t forget the most mortal shortage shorts. Basically, you can kill any summer dressing, it is easy to integrate with the style of the upper, which is a must-have preparation in summer. The simple version does not have excessive cumbersome or design, and the image of the long legs MM is shown.

Thin section print denim shorts

06 If you think that the cowboy is only blue, then you have already OUT for a long time, you need to dress up to understand the fashion market. The gorgeous printed pattern, such as fireworks, gorgeous eye, the sorrows of the pants are very good, easily modified with small hips.

Bow knot denim stitching chiffon shirt


The 07 version is a very good chiffon shirt. It retains the gentle and softness of chiffon to people, and adds a tangible cowboy’s personality trend. It is very good to cover the colorful style, and the hard texture of shoulder cowboy makes The shape is stereoscopic, and it is a good, and the match with the denim shorts is also echoed and connected.

Couple model slim denim shirt

08 boyfriend is a cowboy, then show his extraordinary temperament of cowboy, let the couple shirt to witness your love! Occasionally, you are also a fake kid, don’t like too beautiful dress, just try the light blue cowgé’s nature, your boyfriend hooks your neck and saying: Hey, the girl wears a cowboy is also very handsome!


Slim ice silk denim long skirt


09 Don’t think that the ultra-long sakura can only be treated by the warm skirt, the cowboy can also challenge, and the vertical drag to the ankle is vertical and the fashion index explosion table, the flood flow is super high, the opening of the big V is handsome and sexy. High heels and fine belts are the wonderful pen to add flowers on the brocade, a way to create waistlines, an increase height, the big fan is there? !

Loose denim

The style of the 10-faced joint trousers is also changeable. This is not, now incarnation into a person’s back, although it is a tailor, but the practicality and convenience are very high. This explosive point is that the high waist line and the long trouser leg, the loose version is not picking the legs, as long as a pair of high heels, you are looking back to the queen.

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