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Should be awkward

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In the twenty years, with the re-recovery of the university and Wang Xuan, the officials who have been exiled from the frontier due to endlessly have been involved in the party for many years ago. The emperor is thick, and Wang Xuan, who has been a prime minister, and Xuzhong officials re-exert “science test”, and then remarkably remarks some official positions.

Many officials have made boxing, although it is already in the abreamous government for many years, but in the end, it is deeply affected, and it can be remembered that a few points in the past one month, and the cooked energy is also referred to.

This is the most, although the master of Lang Hao is the most. Although Lang Hao is sent to the bitter place, it has been hard to learn. It is often self-employed in the next day, and it has been technically unfained. In the middle of the middle, the delegation of the delegation is a good job, and it is not low before.

On the day of Lu Yan, “Meng Meng”, Langfu was re-opened, and the Ladyman who had been white and white was draped, and the glory of the old seal.

The grandmother who arrived was returned to the home. Every time I got a full-hearted face is full of joy, I have grateful to my wife, and I will become a deep eye, and I will be slightly shame. Embarrassed.

“Master, lady, five grandmother returns.” The servant came from the cheerful report, and the high voice was representing the mood of the masters in the government.

After the excitement, the Lang said, slammed from the seat, high-spirited, and unlike the attitude towards the other back Men’s grandmother.

The grandmother is in my heart, but I also have self-knowledge, I don’t dare to fight with the soon that is about to enter. After all, when I was at the beginning of my mother’s family, I only had five sisters to walk around the mother’s family, and they didn’t like them.

Not much more, a luxurious middle-aged woman across the door. The aunt’s grandmother, but the people who are beautiful and beautiful, and the eyebrows are quiet, and there is no more than a few years of accumulation, but there is not much like they generally suffer and lonely. It is even more embarrassing for a time.

These years, although the original sin is not a marriage, but whoever is in the face of the mother’s home, who is not carefully doing people in his family.

It can be biased, but not only the Lord of the husband, but also to wait for the waiter to have a woman who is unfast, and taught the storm of the clothes, and more people can nourish a pair.

“The instrument, my good baby.” The Lang said missed the tears, and she hugged her little daughter.

Long Yi was also touched, and his head was sprinkled back to tears, and it took a little more calm.

When I worshiped, Zhao Yu, the front yard came in the first time, and I was squatting with Long Yi, and the three worships were sincere.

When the family, he is still taking the shoulders of Zhao, meaning that deep road: “When you first know that you will be in touch with you, you will remember her good.”

Zhao Wei was shocked, and he went to the end of Lang Wei.

Langyi smiled in the side, and the face was pleased with Zhao Wei, and he was full of satisfaction. Only the corner of others, her stacked, and the scorpion, he is warm, and it is already as waves such as ancient wells.


In that year, the Langjiao Wang Yan Ren Ren Lang, Zhao’s Hero, Zhao Guan, Taiqing. Although the staff is only from five products, they will work on the Daxie Tuen Mun. Tai Chang Temple is patriotic, and Shaoqing is the title of the four items.

The two people met with the official, and the world was half a catty. Zhao Jiayu, a long woman, who is still in the words, Zhao Jiazi, Zhao Wei, will be crowning. A pair of children are quite, and they are just a marriage. Many people met, and the two fell to the gods.

Similar home background, the hobby hobby, so that Longyi and Zhao scared wedder after marriage. Longyi is a young girl in his home. When you are in your hosted, you will take a care of the mother’s hand, so he will take a fist from Zhao’s home. In addition to the strangeness of Iraq, it is also like a fish.

If there is no accident, Longyi will be with the world’s mother-in-law, and the fiscal and feed, serving the husband, the people, the people, the children, and the years are still troubled, and they are all slightly short things.

Come, the disaster, but there is a moment.

Dynasty party valves rolled down, and the Ministry of Headquarters fell in the party, and the Lang Wei, who had the left and right hands of Wang, even if there was no big mistake, and was also forced to take into charge this pool. The emperor has a angry to volt the corpse, and the unhealthy has been under the big prison. Wang Shangshu sent everyone to live.

When she received this news, she laughed at her mother-in-law. Li Hao asked her to ask her to have a hard work, heading, her mother, her mother, and the end of the sea, the sea, the sea, the sea, and the eyebrows. Everything looks so harmonious, until Zhao is worried.

The news brought, if she can’t afford it, she can’t stand it, and the two eyes have been planted to the ground. When I wake up again, my mother, the husband is around, and the servant of the head is a few rows.

Mother, Li’s grief, bounced a very urgent eyebrow, and his eyes closed between her belly, anxious and asked: “I am not awake, can you still be uncomfortable?”

Lu Lang’s consciousness covered his belly. Just returned the sentence, but I thought about the sunny day heard before coma, and the tears in my eyes couldn’t stop. She is under the shoes, she wants to call the dress.

“The lady is steep, and the blood is short-lived. Remember to have a good life in the near future, and it is not allowed to suffer from the rush.” ​​The old doctor who opened the prescription is careful, and it is clear that she is at the moment.

“This is still there, and first goes to bed. Good life, you can have a golden grandchildren of Zhao’s family.” Mother-mother Li’s big shock, hurry to hold her, soft and calm, “You first Don’t worry, I am called Aku to go to the family. “

Zhao Wei followed his head, and he told him that after his life was taken care of, he quickly got up and went to explore it. Li’s greetings with a moment, and he left behind his hand.

Who knows that the sky has not been fossed, the new bad news is coming again, the officers and men have enamelted the house, and the Lang family has been under the big prison. The mother-in-law, who came back and forth, steeply changed, and glanced at the Ran Yi and then rushing again, but it was not as good as the afternoon.


It is once again woke up from the syncope, and the light is like a bean, and the mother and the servant are not there. Only Zhao Wei will accompany it.

Yan Yili thought of the parents who were imprisoned to jail can’t help but sorrow. Fu in Zhao Wei’s sorrow and low crying, said: “Fu Jun, I don’t ask other others, I hope they can be less crime in prison. , I am afraid that I can’t get a cold and humid in jail. “

Although the Thunder’s rain is all of the monarch, how can she spade her mother and indifferent in her eyes?

The wife crying has a raining in his arms, and his abdomen is a child, plus it makes some silver money, bribery is not a difficult thing, Zhao Wei can not agree, it is a sip. Next, I will go to the door to go out.

Longyi was reluctant to collect tears, and the face of immersedly turned a helplessness. Fortunately, the monarch has not yet been clear, everyone is waiting to be, the prison, the prison is not too difficult, and it is a little peace of mind.

But Zhao Wei, I have been walking out for a few days, and I will stay at home by my mother. Li Hao’s eyebrows, with many servants, killing the royal court, and sitting on the first place, it is a rush, and she has made her unclear.

“You are already my Zhao family, I should know that you are in this life and humultity, and I can drag my mother’s water because of your mother’s home, now.”

Li’s love is cut, and the look of Longyi is no longer soft. I don’t consciously penetrate a few disadvantages. “I haven’t yet been able to lift it, if you have a happy family, it is in his future. What is good? If he doesn’t work, you should have his wife, and you can have any good fruits. “

“The daughter-in-law did not think this, and the husband didn’t make some silver money, and the parents called the children, the sisters of the children were so good.”

Human sky is defined, from relatives and friends, marriage, jail, shot the official’s determination, unless it is a big sin of the Jiu nationality, the holy is never in this top.

“Mother, Ai, you are trying to fight.” Zhao Wei stands in the middle of the middle, I want to argue a few words in Longyi, and I have been stunned by Li’s eyes, but I have a small voice. “But it is a little silver. The son is at these two days, and there are more money to make a summation, not alone. “

“Embroassing, you are stupid. Every time, when you see your wife’s other sisters, the family dare to go up? You have never had a few days, if you dare to go, wherever you go , I will die for you. “Li Wei is in the smell, and only the rapid speed of the rapid speed of the brought, and then he went to the ground.

Langyi was discouraged, and Zhao was shocked. I can first resist one or two. “

Qi Yan’s backhand hugged Zhao Wei to do warmth, but the end of the heart has been a few turns. As a person, she is held in the Langjie to raise a dozen years, how can she come to the Niangjia’s disaster?

However, she has become a woman in Zhao, and she is not willing to take a disaster of Zhao’s forehead. Just ask Zhao Wei to go to the mid-lost small little thing, one is to know that Zhao Yu is still reactive name, and it is very humble, and he does not expect him to be more powerful; second, it is because of this layer.

It can be seen by her mother, and even this kind of little thing is not willing to call Zhao Yu movement, and I am afraid that the disaster of Longjia is implicated. But she doesn’t know, this is the extreme cold and ruthlessness, waiting for everything in the future, will only drag Zhao’s famous name.


Li’s thunderstorm is popular, and “Da Zhen” is disadvantaged by Yan Yi’s body. I am very intimate, but I can spy my ghosts from the reward.

Juxiang is the big kickness around Li, and the appearance is very lively. Long Yi and Zhao Wei went to everyone, you can see his charming straight to Zhao Wei, and the restless points in the eyebrows are almost overflow.

Once upon a precaution, Li Shi is still awkward, and there is no feeling of giving people. Nowadays, at this time, it is no longer waiting for the big life to give people people. It is really aware of Simma Zhao’s heart. ”

The child’s marriage official, just pregnant, mother-in-law, to give a husband

Sure enough, I have to go to the hospital. I just stepped into the hospital door. Yan Yi listened to Juxiang, and the sound of the appearance was aesthetic. “

To be reached in the interior, Long Yi just wants to say a few words with Zhao Wei, all the servants have retired, only Juxiang is not eye-catching, the United Ning said that it is Li Hi to send her to take care of Yan Yi, A small mind is all how to partition the dialogue between Langyi and Zhao.

Long Yi is cold, Zhao Yu is not full of mind to this Juxiang, just like after hearing “Tongshui”, it is happy.

After the morning, I didn’t talk about it. She did not oppose Zhao Yuner, but she should not move this happily in her mother’s family.

“Young master, the young lady is now the two people, how can you seize with you so long, you don’t know what to understand.”

The symbol is amazing, and it is a person around Li, and I see that I have lost a little bit of power, and I have lost a few points of respect, and I will throw it to Zhao.

Zhao Yu was already smashed in half, although she still saved a few points of reason to look up the heart of the Yi Yi, the eyes, she couldn’t stop the towering chest.

Long Yi did not want to look again, waving the two people from their own sight. When she left her in the house, she will hurt her face, and only see it.

Li has overestimated her affection between her and Zhao, the most embarrassing, the room in the family and the pass room did not have less. The trendy avoidance is the nature of people, not to mention the family of Zhao’s family, is the home of the thoughts, and she has never hoped to be hoped in Zhao Han, only to take her moon, and went for the death of the mother and death.

She fought in front of the case, and she started a letter to the group several times. She put her pen on the paper side, and every word is fine. When it is depressed, the letter is detailed, and the one-layer layer is prayed. She carefully folded well, and avoided everyone’s eyes and ears.

After waiting for a few days, the letter sent the letter finally got echo. She is slightly exhibiting, after picking up her deceased, and I know that I will go to Li’s Temple in the suburbs.

The holy meaning, Li’s daily hamplegedly, for fearning that Longyi made the child to give Zhao Wei’s ear, called it as Longjiao. Today, she voluntarily avoids the world to take a break, although the sigh is in the face, but when the oral order is fast, I will send her back to the horse.


In the, a woman is standing in the front of the Buddha, and there is no half of the words. Instead, it is Lu Yi to slow down, even if the belly is big, it is still difficult to cut the waist and worship the voices of the vision of the Savior.

“If the Buddha is useful, then there will be no more things in this world.” The woman is indifferent to the mouth, only when the eyes are touched, I can’t help but self-heating.

When Yan Yi came, he was prepared. She is willing to bear the anger of this woman, and if they are all abdomen, they have passed. When she is really true, she is still low, she doesn’t know how to open it.

On her day, the letter to the top is the name of the close friend, and sent to the hands of the past. The picture is not always in the same way, but just to call Tan Jinxiu’s husband.

Although Tan Jinxiu is a teacher, it is married to a wife. Its husband Wang Xuan is now the official of the brightener, because they are very popular among the holy. It is more difficult to expensive, Wang Xuan’s high, virtue is even more outstanding, although she will lead to the death of the Rich and Rich, but never accept the name of the party’s bias.

I was at home, and Long Yi also sat in his father’s knee, listening to his father reading “gentleman, honest, and loyalty”. Those who have been in the truth of the proud words are already in the letter, although they are concerned, they are the safety of the mother’s home, but there is no shortage of saving the country.

When she was writing, she decided to gamble, Wang Xuan, who gamble, the public, did not endure the soul, and the official whiten officials lost their lives because of the party

She also gambling is a proud bone and her country-righteous Tan Jinxiu. After seeing the article “The article” Honozhu is higher than the old bamboo branches, the full-hearted body is supported “, will hold back to share it with their husband .

Today, Tan Jinxiu is willing to give her a response and come to the appointment, and I have a good result of this gamble.

“I said before, I took Zhao Wei, I’ve been awarded you. But you can be embarrassed at that time, even if you are reluctant to follow your parents’ life.”

Tan Jinxiu is looking forward to the distance, as if she recalls the years of shallbe, “We have been very much since childhood, your talent is not lost to me, the mutual heart can be more, I can’t. Yes, you have been I know, how to persuade you to say that I can hit my husband in love.

But you have always used this, I am afraid to give my own mother, the husband’s family has succeeded a precautionary impression. How is it now? You are also right, my family, I don’t do anything. “

Long Yi did not dare to answer, and happy while accompanied the endless embarrassment. In order to save your father, she didn’t hesitate to count the old friends. Just because of this risk, it is impossible to persuade the official who is involved in the official, and it is very likely that the Holy Rise is broken.

When Tan Jinxiu has been exhausted, the two will last. Silent quiet spread in a small Buddhist temple, for a long time, Tan Jinxiu long sighs, slowly said: “The emperor is still in the anger, only my husband is persuaded to speak the strength.”

Langyi looked up, she chewed in Tan Jinxiu words, and I was afraid that I would be wrong. Hey, he heard Tan Jinxiu again:

“The mother is on the sky, and it is necessary to go to the Huang Jue Temple. Today, the Sainting is the most respectable mother, if someone can persuade the mother, the mother drum, saying that it is possible. “


The Huangjue Temple was built in the waist of the emperor, because it is the Royal Temple, so the road to Shangshan is quite flat. The Queen is a dedication, and specially underwent the car.

All the way is refreshing, and the forest tree leaves are low-key. This is the same as the newly pleasant forest mountain color, which is very different from the dull royal inner courtyard.

There is a bird in the forest, and the mall is a thousand miles to fly to the bug.

The bird nest is built in a short tree, the too late looks, and the situation of the group of birds can be completed. In another walk, goodbye to the young rabbit with the hunt of the rabbit, too late, I don’t know what I think of, my eyebrows are soft and stretched, and it is like a headache.

Between the blink of an eye, the gate of the Royal Temple has been introduced into the eye. The Master of the Temple, the Master of the Nature, I got to see the Queen, I saw the Queen Way, and I went all the Buddhism.

“The Taishou Niang, the Temple has been prepared, but also ask the mother to move the main hall.” The emperor said the Buddha number, attracting too late.

Leisurers, etc. After the Queen, I worshiped. When I heard the Buddha, I looked up and looked at the monk who sent Buddha, and the face is strange. The eyebrow is slight.

It’s empty, but I can only explain it in a text: “The second mother, is not a hunger, it is really a bitterness. The Chengsui surname is king, although the mountain gathered the world Take it, but it is also related to this home. “

I said that the name of the king, I called the Mother and I was turned. There is a book of the rules of the rules of the rules, but one person is called the innocent people and also suffered. Her eyebrows and tightened, I only thought that the Buddha language after I changed a monk was very noisy, and I was supported by the palace people. I wanted to go out to breathe.

She is going to the backyard bamboo garden, seeing the green bamboo to the ground, the bright bamboo leaves flicker refutes, the fine broken light is swaying in the wind, but the mood is soothing, but the displacement of the headache is also episodally, hurts Almost bent down.

“The Niang Niang, Mother.” The people of the week were flustered, and they were busy with the second step, and rushed to call the doctor.

At this time, the bamboo forest drilled out a big belly. The woman is slightly alive, but it is not covered by the guards.

“The minister is Tai Chang Temple Shaoqing Zhao Jia’s wife Lang, the existing magazine is soothing the mother,” I was just Longyi, she came early, she came up with the emperor Temple. I hit the scene of the Queen’s head disease.

“And asked her to come over.” The too much pain has no eyes, listening to someone who is vowed to sooth her pain, and the willingness is called.

The palace people are in order to surround the surroundings, and the waiters are standing with the guards, but the Van Lianyi has anything wrong, they can take her.

Langyi lifted the hand, ten fingers were pressed to press the big points in the front of the front. She gathered in God, and sometimes in the late number of illness, ten refers to the abdomen, and it is necessary to pass through the top of the top, and go directly to the roots of the depths of lesions.


The evergreen brow is slightly smoking, and the micro-eyed eyes are slowly open. At this time, the doctor came, and the diamond case was very busy. Langyi consciously retired to stand, respectfully served his hands.

After you have been busy, you will get in front of the Merry. Qiyi respectd his knees and knees. He hid to show a sketch of his hands. “

Self-priest is reached to pick up, and there is a slightly unknown point. After all, pressing the acupuncture points to soothe the pain is a common method, but the masses of the palace will not be as well.

“The mother’s mother’s mother is deeply suffering for many years. Every time they have a hunger. The minister can’t bear her suffer, and the special folk has learned the craftsmanship in an old man, and every time the use is not good. After you think that you know the light weight of your fingers, you have to adjust according to your own pain characteristics. “Longyi is not humble, recalling the fineness of the past,” Just like pushing up the wind, or light Or the effect is not the same … “

“For the piety of people, there is also morality.” After the second, I looked at the Lang Yi, and the rewards given are very preferential.

Langyi worshiped me, but it is tears when you lift your head. After the second day, I was sorrowful, and I was saddened in the heart. After waiting for the people who returned to the outside, I prayed in the top of the five-body glory: “Tooother lady, please reach a helping hand, the rescue, the meridians, the mother, the mother, the mother of the family.”

Since there is a self-reporting of her identity, he listens to the arrogance, and it is no longer willing to talk to Longyi language: “National law, 滔 圣 令, 你 你 小 小 女.”

Yan Yi’s volleymat: “The minister is not dare, just a fist, the filial piety of the people, I can’t see the mother’s family, and I’m thinking about it. And if the young woman is indeed a big evil, the general people are most knowledgeable. What kind of people who have a small family are cautious, and it is impossible to involve a big crime. “

I don’t know what I have changed, I want to drink retirers, but listen to her solemnly:

“The crow will have a sense of anti-feeding, and it is true that the young woman has a good care. The minister has went to the home, and the mother only squats the women’s lives, only afraid of their own dismisions. The beauty of love is moving, the ministers have packed their own, and the mother is also a kind of mother’s heart to the holy, can’t bear to look at the sanctuary. “

“Let’s arrogance, bold.” The times were furious, and the finger was in Longyi half-talence.

She is angry, cold and cold, “I read the merits of you today, the sorrows will let you put you. But you will go out again, you will blame the sorrow. You are here to kneel. At the time, I think about what words, what are you don’t say. “

Everyone is full of fear, and the war is in the power of the Queen. Langyi closed his eyes and worked hard. She is kneeling in the inner room, looking at the voices in front of you. Guanyin Tashi is high, and that looks through everything, it seems to be with her.

Also said that the anger is rushing, I can’t hear the Buddha’s Buddha, I can’t hear the Buddha language in the main hall, and I will go to the pool, I have to move on the pool.

The koi in the pool is like a humanity. Seeing her line to come to the shore, and struggling to jump like a water surface.

She broweds, I just went from the palace people to fell, and I saw a few tail squid in the forehead.


These koi is the blessings of the Huangjue Temple. He once in Sheng Shanglong lasted in the water Longmen. Now give a gift of inexplicably, if it is not human, it is a policeman.

Too many ghosts, now, this is more addressed, and where can I stay again, I will pass the instrument, and I have to go back to the palace.

When a time, the momentum turned to the flash, the temple in the temple, and the master of the empty Master was slowly in the Buddha. Qiyi took the belly to climbed up from the ground, and he took the right and ended the right gift.

If there is no empty phase, she is impossible to make this more arrangement in the Royal Temple.

The low-ascended bird’s nest and the land of the mountain road and the land of the mountain are all attracted; Chengs is almost implicated, but it is not in the big temple, can’t find him with him. Colorful reading of the monks; the sin of the koi is more disrespectful, and it is a sin of bullying.

“Amitabha, as a Buddhist people, it is willing to see sentient beings are happy. The people are sentient beings, Chengs is, officials are also.” The empty hands and ten, the eyes are sad and sorrow.

Langyi will play a gift again, more self-defeating in front of the selfless space. She is planning, ready to be detailed, and the first step to prepare for everything is to convince empty. She knows that Chengs is an empty love. I just sure to say that he knows that he has been pleased to be happy.

After the Queen, I went out of the Palace, and she had a lot of people in her palace. She had a depression and one. She has known the lack of the holy, but also because of the rules of “hunter, the hometown must not be politiced”.

It is necessary to call the Qian Yi to see the consequences of hanging from the Saint-Saint.

After the Queen’s mother and child, even if you have some sorrows, it is a bit of the bouquay of the bun, but you can hook back with the double rabbit, you can hook back to her mother’s heart; The human feelings, I feel that I have been more impact by the general propier. As for the Shenchi of Koi, it is a hitting of her.

Ask, a love of the Qian Pity, how can he bear to see the emperor’s finger.

This is already all now, the remaining, and only hope to send Wang Xuan. She turned and looked at the view of the way, I want to worship, I still remembered Tan Jinxiu and her words: “If the Buddha is useful, there will be no more things in this world, and the human definiteness is said.”


The court is disputed, and new officials have been caught every day, and the blood of the dish has never stopped. Langyi sat at home embroidery, preparing for all colors of babies. Meging Guangyang shines her slightly softened face, only the sideways can take out the nervousness of her eyes.

It has been in the past half a month, and the news that the big governor has not passed. Is there a rumor in the hometown of Wang Xuan and the Queen, a hometown of Saint-Breakfast?

In this kind of 忐忑 and uneasy, the intensive honest room, the smoke willow, but hopped, and took the lead.

That is a afternoon that is not clear, and the smoke will look for the door. It lost his eyes of the past, and even the clothes were more colors.

She smiled and fondy, the opening is a must kill: “烟 特 特 来 主 主 主 给 给 给 给 母 母 保 子 子 子 子 特 子 子 思 特 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 思 子 思 思 思 思 思 思 思 思 思 思 子 思 思 思 思 思 子 子 思 子 子 子 思 子 子 思 思 子 思 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子Laphy said that the first proud of the first proud of the sacred people were blamed by the emperor because of the officials. “

Langyi heard the rope, the whole body was completely stiff: If Wang Xuan is refurbished, the mother’s life is not no more.

The smoke willow, the more you have to be more and more, and you will take the tears that take the eyes at all angles. The position of the master’s mother. “It hopes that Long Yi can catch up with a stomach.


“Come on, Liu Wai Niang is committed, and there is twenty.”

Unfortunately, Qiang Yi is sitting on the first pattern. Her face has been quietly in the majestic state, and the indifferent gaze clusters from the upper people ‘s Hashi.

After waiting for the news, I was still uneasy, I was still awkward. I found my own lady to be safe, and I immediately found the main heart, and the three groups were surrounded by the Fanta Chow Group. After the suppression is complete, it will not Wooden boards are all polite, and the panels go to the meat straight to the smoke.

The outer servant was called to stand in the gallery, although the board fell on the smoke willow, the sticks of the flesh, and the smoke, the smoke, the mourning, and found the heart of the servants.

“As you said, even if my mother is not there, I am also the mother of this Zhao House, I can’t let you climb, today’s payment is given you a lesson, telling you to a deceived, It is a descendant to the slave. “Longyi throwed his voice.

The servants were awake, after the war was retired, they immediately received the light heart of the previous few days, and only hate the work in their hands.

Longyi is firm, such as the unconditional mountain stone. I can only know her own, and the hand placed in the lower abdomen should not be trembled.

These days, the next people’s slow, she also looked at the bottom, but it was always anxious, it was difficult to get empty. Now that since the smoke will Liu is pushed, then she will pick up the boat, and she will take a shock.

She is already the master of Zhao’s family. There is already the flesh of Zhao’s family in the abdomen. In any case, this belongs to her position. It belongs to her honor. It can’t put it for yourself.


Sure enough, the positive hospitals after tapping were there a lot, and even the mother-in-law is close to the extraordinary proximity, there is no other action.

Everything is in the well, and there are only a few parties who can perceive the sea. Finally, the will of the emperor came, except for the first kings, the rest of the officials were blocked from death, only a thousand miles away.

When I heard this news, Long Yi was so cry. She immediately prepared a silver money, injury, and other objects, and evolved Zhao Wei to take her to the mother.

The outskirts of the outskirts stretched, and the officials hurriedly farewell to relatives and friends.

Lang Hao’s eyes are mixed, and there is no more to say anything, just pat the shoulders of Zhao Wei. Zhao Yu is vowed to have vowed, and the Zhang Yi Zhang is a vowed mountain. The warmth and laughing of the whole heart, but the eyes are not from autonomous movement towards Wang Xuan and Tan Jinxiu.

Wang Xuan was devalued, and Tan Jinxiu did not leave. The two are standing side by side, and the love of the couple is full of husband and wife, the heart of the husband and wife.

She is slightly ignorant, if she has insisted on, can I find a heartless person who truly interested with myself.

It is unfortunate that the past has no challenge, and she can do now. It is a good master of Zhao’s family, guarding his abdominal flesh.

I have to give my parents, Zhao Wei is returning home with Longyi. It is still in a door, and it is called by the closeness of Mother Li.

Zhao Wei’s eyes were patrolled, and the fascinating eyes were self-excited. Longyi only didn’t see it, holding his belly, one hand makes his waist tall.

Li has opened the door, and it has not been the harmonious and kindness of the lake. She talled her mother-in-law, and the discoupled discounted discourse is discussing, it is better to have a long-standing order:

“Daughter-in-law, you are now cumbersome, nearby days and abruptly, I am looking at you, I don’t have to call my wife. I have a bit more powerful. You will go to the key, give Mei Xiang It is. “

When Mei Xiang, who was immediately after Li’s body, he was very happy, and immediately gave joy to give Li’s hoe. The two sings one and sing, as if they have set up the tone of the power in this government.

“Mother, this government has always been Ai Yi tube, and it is also arranged. When she is sitting on a moon or inconvenient, several big bars around her are full of top. In the event, I will return to you. Can. “Zhao Wei squatted, but according to the strategy of strict, he was bladed by the cold eye of his own mother.

The heart is sad in the heart, even if she has never had a great expectation to Zhao Wei, but it is still a bit of a bit of autonomous. Such a husband, how can they protect their stable future.

Since her mother’s family, her mother’s attitude is not as good as one day, and I blame her mother’s home is useless, and I can’t help Zhao Wei. Although the smoke willow is not an honest sex, but the people who have no people, but they don’t dare to violently commit her.

She has long been known, and when I have failed, the smoke will will willow is the road stone of Li. If the smoke will willow can force her, retreat again, then Li’s will not worry about it. Fortunately, she brought the pressure, holding a moment of the genuine hospital peace. But now the emperor is now, I don’t know what the sun can be returned, and Li is clearly eye-catching.

She silently hooks the lips, lifting the cold face, caustile: “Thank you, my mother-in-law, but the wife is not willing. Here is the home of the wife. How is the mother mother in the home. Right, it is really uncomfortable. “

“Let’s go, bold.” Li’s was shocked, and the sound became more and more sharp due to this unexpected rate.

“It’s confused, incompetent.” Another majesty voice sounded, and a portrait came in from the outside. The full house servant is grateful, and even Li is slightly smashed, and then greeted it attentively.

“This family is to give a wife, you are, you and Some of your old seal will be enough.” The people are Zhao Yu’s father Zhao, as a master, his hammer sound, is Li’s Why don’t you be willing to have a good life.

Seeing this, Langyi lord. Although Zhao Wei did not in the mind, he didn’t talk about his parents. Harness is the brain is not enough, you can only ask the next to Longyi. After all, there is a look of Chengzhu, which is clear, obviously, the result is unparall.

Long Yi kept sighed, she went to see the father-in-law before going to the boy. There is no need to speaking, she cuts in the middle, asking:

“Congress, you are still in the official, and you will be able to step on the officialdom, and you should know the famous names of the thin winger. Once you have been crowning, it is still difficult to pick it up. There are still a small augler who is not married, and the little uncle has adulthood. When you are, you still don’t want it? “

If you want, then you have to supply her of the daughter-in-law of this.


“The world is bustling, the sky is good, even if the flesh is fatched, if the mother is not more than a few sisters, the situation of the year, they are also unhearer “

Seeing that the banquet will be scattered, the Lang said excuses, leaving only the Qian Yi said to himself. How do I look down on my own attitude towards a few sisters, although I feel that people are tempered, but it is a family of flesh and a few words.

“Even if I don’t know how to go out, I can only hide in the house in the house.” At the beginning, the family was taken into the big, with Zhao Yuyi sent a few beds and pills. In addition, the rest of the remaining movements are nor, “it is not the opportunity to ask for the Queen, singlely, with the daughter, I am afraid that it is unable to do with other sisters.”

“How do I don’t know the hardship of the woman in the husband, but they should not be in the same way, even if you don’t look like you to save your mother, you can’t do anyone, you can’t give you a different scene. Lang family born them, why Wan.

You are, they are doing people with tails, and they will be carefully pleased to go to the husband, but they can change it again. It is not the potential single force. It is stunned by people. Where can I find a mother? Half-point gas. “Lang said is still hard, thinking of past the heart injury.

“Women who have no mother support, I have never been a thin ice in the family. Although the woman is married, she can only give the family to rely on the whole heart.” Qian Yi sighed, solemnly looked at the Lady, Tao, “Mother Pro I can earn today’s honor, one is because I have lived it, but more is borrowing the trend of others, the fox fake tiger is. “

In the past, she did relying on the name of the name of the name of the Town, she took the right to hold the housekeeper in her mother-in-law. The days seem to return to the right track, the servant of the full house is unmanned, and she is in the past. Must be careful to do it outside, more is to restore the songs of the past.

She is also actively preparing for her production, and she has prepared several times. It is so ready to be prepared, she is still almost, with the child, soul, nine.

On that day, she happened to almost changed. She biting his pardi and wanted to adjust his breathing with the rhythm of the stable. No matter how it is hard, the child is not coming, she is in a painful moment, the whole person is almost dull.

In the righteous memories, only the bloody smell that is constantly moving, the bloody smell that does not open the nose, and the ears pass forward, and the people who are proud of the whispers.

“You can keep it.” That is the vicious curse of Mother Mother Li.

“The lady is relieved, the baby is turned around, I am afraid that it is tall, I will die in the belly of the place.” I carefully selected the gentle, but I have been with Li’s Bi Gong, with the most unhappy The language speaks the most vicious discourse.

“Women’s production is like entering the ghost door, you don’t fight for the production and die, this is nothing to do with Zhao’s family.” Li Shi made a summary of the words, the tone is very happy, “but fortunately, it is very fortunate to understand, otherwise I really called the evil women’s palm of my Zhao Hous. “

This sententaries are in the heart, she is awake at an instant, almost laughing. She has always thought that she can continue to live with the Murate of Zhao Han, and after the death of the scorpion, she will be able to control the whole government. It can go to the end, in front of Zhao Huan’s major master, he becomes a discard.

Zhao Duan is a famous voice, and Li’s considers new boost, Zhao Yu map is his own business. Every time she is a must to be bypassed, then the Dashan is in the same way with the blessing, it seems to be unique way to unwind the dilemma. Her high-priced stability, I don’t know when I have become the palm of the people.

The Li’s side of the side seems to be shocked, and the two opposes the destiny, it will go down. She tightly biting his teeth, and the clothes will be woken away. She only filled the Li’s hand in love, and she will quietly conceal the Emperor Temple in the past.

“Mother, daughter-in-law is afraid that it is very no past. It is still laborious to enter the palace as a sin, and the daughter-in-law promises the massage of the mother.” .

“What! Tooother wife! What do you say? When are you recognizing too late s #” 氏 声 声 放 放, ” Three long two short, I must not … “


It is no longer chasing from the past, and Longyi is also a longer to recall that the paragraph is full of difficult and bumpy.

She tightly hugged Mrs. Mrs. She said: “Now everything is fine, I have become a marriage girl who can rely on the mother. In the future, if the Zhao family is not good, you can remember me. “

That year, she was in the production of nine deaths, waiting for the month to hand in the palace. Fortunately, I still remember her. Fortunately, she still has a few points of observation and coloring and not in the margin. It is finally a bit of pity, and she can continue to be stable.

In these years, she continued to send silver to her life, and they can easily pass the school’s books to their books, and even urged the father to continue to use the work and come from her Yin Yin.

In this life, in order to knee, she must be to sleep in the lifetime. Then, earn a strong foreign home for the parent-child, grab a support for himself, and also counts a Kangzhuang Avenue to happiness.

(Original title: “Proud of Red: Marriage”)

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