The first time I knew that Li Bible inside “Cheese Trap”, she played a phonetic female who had 咋 咋 咋 反 二, but not hateful. Originally her model was born, because the acting is not bad into an actor. Later, I played the “Golden Demon JD Jin Fu Zhu” fire with Nanzhu, such a treasure girl who was very good as a good play, was slowly known. This time I have a product with the small sauce.


LOOK1: T-shirt + casual pants


Sauce finds that the model is very much like this kind of casual comfort, it may be wearing too much-looking clothes. It is very small in this white T-shirt. It is a little bit of pureness. The lower body is mixed with a black casual pants, saying that black and white is very resistant, and it is not enough.

What feeling? In fact, few people have only one color system, because it is easy to be “eaten”. Li Bible is looking at himself to wear the sky blue, and it is very refreshing and energetic.

LOOK2: Shirt + Jeans

Li Bible as a YG model, naturally, very tight. Seeing this jeans wearing a seven-pointed jeans, the small sauce is really sour, this is the leg longer of normal people! The classics in the white shirts, the cuffs are cut out from the casual refresh, and the jeans are refreshed and energetic.

LOOK3: Dresses


Before the Bible, she was hot because of her amber pupil color, so the good-looking pupil saved the money to buy Megh. The blue saturation is slightly high, but it looks more retro under the skin tone of the Bible of the Bible. The low-collar design makes the Li Shengjing show a good figure, this woman dams the charm

Li Bible likes this retro wind dress, let her look like a nobles of the aristocrats. This kind of beige bubble sleeves often occur in French movies, and the elegance of women is exhausted with playful. The slightly low-collar design is very good showing the swan neck and the clavicle, and the light is standing there is a pair.

LOOK4: Suit + Black Jeans

Super like Li Bible in the suite of Europe, feeling like a goddess that comes out in cartoon. The limbs of Li Bible are very slender, and this nine-point suit is more like slim slim. The wine is very retro feeling, and the small crane shirt is also gentle or not. However, the gas field of Li Bible is still in the gentleness of the gas field.


It is said that the Korean girl will wear a suit, this sentence is not fake. The Caramelian suit in Li Bible has a Hong Kong-style taste, and the style is also more atmospheric. The white T-shirt classic looks smoother. So, on the waist, the waistband belt, the waist body is in line with fashion


LOOK5: Sweater + Casual Pants

People don’t think about how to show their body every day, but more likely, it is very strange to regular. The blue sweater on Li Bible makes the small sauce, she thinks she is “lifting heavy monster gold Fuzhu” time, Silly but very cute. Blue girl is full, the cuffs also use pink as a mixed truthful very playful.


LOOK6: Shirt + Dress Skirt


Although Li Bible is sometimes very cute, it will exude a high cooling feeling. The combination of blue strap skirts and shirts has an inexplicable essential, like the students of the aristocratic school or a valve daughter. This kind of indigo is full of texture, and the in-shirt creates a refreshing and cold feeling.

The popularity before Li Bible is very high, but unfortunately, the follow-up work is not kept, resulting in popularity now. As the most actuated in the model, the actor is the best, whether it is dress or the body is the top level, such a girl may be born, it is destined to not be the same as ordinary people.


# 明 穿 What PK Tournament # The first season #

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