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The woman has passed middle-aged, and we must learn to be rich. This kind of rich, not luxury and money can be cultivated, but the spiritual rich. Let you have a firm pace, and confident smile, no matter what happens, it will be calm, not panic. Fusher your own woman, be good at investing yourself, through a variety of ways, let yourself get more and more value money.

The appearance is not beautiful, it is natural, but it is not exquisite, but it is cultivated after tomorrow. Today, let’s talk about it together

Five or sixty-year-old women’s autumn jacket

topic of.


What we said “short half” jacket refers to


Length design slightly short half length


Style, its clothing is generally controlled in our

Waist and ankle


between. This kind of short coat is different from the long coat, and the body is not picky to middle-aged woman, and it will not cover our body, and the natural boundary line is formed in the waist. Even if the body is not tall, it can easily wear a whole harmonious. Proportional beauty.


1. Khaki “short half” coat


Khaki’s “short half” jacket is a hundred-year-old style, the color saturation of the khaki is very low, and it is very good to take out the skin color of the middle-aged woman. This khaki “short half” coat has adopted a suit version of the suit, and the neckline has made a classic roll-up model, enriches the style level of the whole short half-cut jacket. With jeans to wear, casual and comfortable, not easy to expose the sense of age of middle-aged women.

In all windbreaker models, khaki’s windbreaker is also a good choice for middle-aged women, almost every time they won’t easily. This khaki-colored windbreaker is designed with brown round buttons as decoration, which effectively breaks the visual monoton of the solid color windbreaker. The waist increases the belt as a waist, and it is perfect to overtilize the waist of middle-aged women.

2. White “short half” coat


White “short half” coat looks clear and refreshing, it can brighten the skin color of middle-aged women, improve the color of middle-aged women’s face. This white “short half” jacket is classic clean, and the cuff deliberately makes the sleeve of the small lantern sleeve, tightening the cuffs, and has a good modification of the arm of middle-aged women. With the white tonar skirt, both have retained echo on color, coordinated.


This white “short half” jacket with a white sweater is tight, although the two are consistent in color, but the material adopted is not the same. The white sweater version of the short half in the short half is naturally slim, and it is perfectly brought into the body lines of the middle-aged woman. The overall effect is not lack of stylish charm.

3. Black “short half” jacket


If middle-aged women don’t know what kind of “short half” jackets they are suitable, choose black “short half” jackets is the most uncomfortable style. This black “short half” jacket color foundation, the length of the dress is just between the waist and the crotch, and the proportion of the middle-aged woman is very highly highlighted. With jeans to dress, simple and unrequited fashionable octave.

4. “Short and semi” jacket color selection can not limit

In fact, I want to wear a fashionable feeling that is suitable for myself. The color options for the “short half” jacket of middle-aged women can no longer limit, according to our skin color. This brown “short half” coat uses a smooth leather material, and it has more delicate feel. Inside the white shirt, it is superimposed, strengthens the leisure effect of dressing, and the style is tricky, and the personality is full.

Sometimes, select bright “short half” jackets often give people a bright effect after the middle-aged woman can give people. This light blue “short half” jacket is simple, but it seems to be gorgeous and detailed. The light blue body is designed with a silver button, which increases the gloss feeling of metal to the whole, which seems to have a high level.

If the middle-aged woman does not want to wear too old, I want to create a natural age-up, then choosing the cowboy “short half” coat is also a very good style. This blue “short half” jacket color is simple, the style is very beautiful, and the shadow is made on both sides of the pockets, and the real age of the middle-aged woman is not in the middle-aged woman. Some middle-aged women unique charm.

This autumn coat is popular “short half”, elegant and high, five or six-year-old woman wearing fashion

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