After the BMW DEFINITION CE-04 patent design is exposed in April, the foreign media also “captures” the road test of BMW CE-04, which let us see this very popular electric big pedal The output is nearly one step.

Although the road test car in Definition CE-04 is completely coated, we still find a lot of new cars from foreign media “capture” photos –


The test model and the concept model of the previously released use of the LED lamps; retains the vents of the side; the shape and steep front panel of the headlights are consistent with the concept model. In addition, in order to facilitate legal driving, the road test type has added a pair of mirrors and direction indicators,

And these two configurations will also be seen in the mass production model.

The most attractive thing should be to be equipped on the road test.


The large 10.25-inch large display is said to link smartphones to display diverse information.

It is worth mentioning that,


The dashboard is the largest integrated display in the pedal motorcycle so far.

The power unit is set to the concept car, and the battery pack is placed under the pedal, and the motor is located in the position of the rear wheel.


Using the traditional motor and belt tradition


. In addition, it can be seen from the spy photos that the Definition CE-04 road test is equipped.

Silica and left side after retractable

. The storage box of the side opening also remains unchanged.

In addition, the concept car is slightly different. The original sharpened fender is replaced with a more full-size plate rack after the road test truck, which is also easy to travel afterwards.

According to morning news, BMW once said that the vehicle speed and battery life will not refer to the current mainstream performance electric motorcycle, which is only used to meet daily commute. If the road test is the final quantity model, do not consider the price, I believe that most of them will not exclude such a cool tip.


Although the BMW announced that there will be no two-wheeled electric motorcycle products in the next five years, but in the environment of each major motorcycle brand, the BMW is still “default”, it is obviously not suitable.


From November last year, Definition-04 was released, and then submitted in April this year, the series of movements in May for half a year, it can be seen that BMW is clearly launched.

We hope that the Definition CE-04 can be as high as you wish as soon as possible, it is best to achieve mass production in 2021!

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