My third bottle of perfume is Demeter Snow, a very cheapest 100 yuan perfume, about 100, the student party baby and hands are not worse, can be considered.

When you buy this fragrant, it is accidentally, and when I brush the red book, I just saw that DEMETER was engaged in special promotions. Special perfume was this Snow. I still remember the price, simply cabbage can’t, in the wool I don’t want to order it. The fragrance doesn’t like it, it doesn’t matter, it is cheap; you don’t have a long time, it doesn’t matter, it is cheap; any shortcomings can be hidden by the price I started at the time.

After getting your hand, I will try my breath immediately. How do you say it? The front is a very nasal alcohol, but it is still not annoying. After the acceptance range, after the alcohol is scattered, the feelings come out, really have the cold, bleak, but I don’t think it is mourning, and there is another refreshing feeling. It is very snowing with its name, and the whole fragrance is biased to linear, there is no obvious adjustment change.

I remember that I got this bottle of perfume, I was very distressed, I don’t know when I should spray it. Summer spray, the sun is like the fire, it doesn’t matter; winter spraying, I feel that only a few temperatures can give birth to zero; spring spray, put it with hundreds of flowers, all things have no match; autumn Spray it, with the fruit, the season of autumn winds is not coherent. Finally, I can only use it to spray the wardrobe. Because it is still not lasting, I can’t say five pieces, but I don’t know anything for two hours. The spraying cabinet must be, so 30 ml will soon I was over, but the taste left on the clothes is still very good, there is a clean and refreshing feeling, people will also become a refreshing, special spirit.

This perfume is said to have spent more than 5 years. Producers recall the pure white new snow in the Pennsylvanian countryside in Pennsylvania, and the memories of the snow granules are reproduced through Snow perfume.

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