[Wat watch recommended] The early winter is coming, and the early snow in Beijing is just a short. Winter wrapped in silver, created a white world with snowflakes, whitening, fascinating. White, it is always given a lot of wonderful words. It is pure, clean, in the watch world, there are so some white tables, designers use this pure color in the table, machinery It also burst into vitality in the white winter.

Athens Freak X Glacier Watch 2303-270 / 00

Product model: 2303-270 / 00

Domestic public price: ¥ 192000

Watch diameter: 43 mm


Movement Model: UN-230

Shell material: white matte coated titanium metal

Waterproof depth: 50 meters

Wrist Find Rating:

The Freak X glacier watch in the Athens table is inspired by the cold polar glacier. The full-white watch styling is not only a good winter atmosphere, but also relatively rare. Athens Table except this Freak X glacier watch, like BLAST hollow gavenew wheel wrist table white, Diver X watch Antarctic model, is also a full-white style, friends who like white table can be seen. This Freak X glacier watch uses a titanium metal case with ice-cold metal, the time standard and the movement bridges use blue tones, white and blue collisions, and the glaciers are beautiful. The design of the Freak X watch is different, it will remove the dial, directly regard the flight Karo Moves as a pointer, which is quite a futuristic. The Athens Forms, a special way is a road to a different path, which is called “clear”, and the Freak X watch is the entry of this series. If you want to start the fantastic, I recommend everyone try Free first. .

Hood table classic fusion series 525.hi.0170.rw.orl21

Model: 525.hi.0170.rw.orl21

Domestic public price: ¥ 138400

Watch diameter: 45 mm

Movement Model: HUB1155

Shell material: white ceramics

This Hubki classic fusion series Aero hollow Olympusky white ceramic count time code table In order to show all white shape, the case is white ceramic, and the white rubber strap, the avant-garde and bold shape is the hub sheet. It is good at. The design of the case exhibits Olympusk’s multi-face design aesthetics, and the three-dimensional angular corners makes the watch like a sculpture, and it is not small to make such a special modeling in the ceramic housing. The watch is equipped with a time, the dial adopts a hollow design, and we can faint approximately to see the components of the movement, and the 6-point position can also display the date. The movement is equipped with the HUB1155 automatic upper handicon timing core, and the power is stored for 42 hours.

Grasuri Original Monastery Series 1-36-02-01-02-71

Product model: 1-36-02-01-02-71

Domestic public price: ¥ 172500


Watch diameter: 42 mm

Case thickness: 12.80 mm

Movement Type: Automatic Machinery

Movement model: 36-02


Shell material: fine steel

Glasosei original, the monk of excellent foreigners, pretty classic, white dials with steel sheets, clean tones more highlights the gas. The dial is a delicate silver cream, so it can be observed from the top of the granulos to the dome from a close look. The watch is equipped with a long-term and moon function. The layout of the dial is also relatively clear. The leap year shows that the week shows that the month shows, the big calendar window, the moon phase shows each other, simple, and rich dial, the moon phase displayed And blue color matching shows a feeling of cold. The movement is equipped with a 36-02 automatic upper chain head, with 100 hours of power storage.


Above these three white tables, although they are all in white as the main tone, the brand is different from this color, and the Freak X glacier watch in the Athens table is abundant. Coupled with unique design, the overall feel is very simple, the Hublot continues to do article on the shell material, the white ceramic case is very fascinating, the Grasuri original frosty dial is exquisite and beautiful, and it is more highly elegant, above For everyone, these three high-quality white tables, like friends can get Get!

Waterproof depth: 50 meters

Waterproof depth: 50 meters

Wrist Find Rating:

Wrist Find Rating:

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