China is an ancient country with a history of five thousand years of civilization, which not only has a rich historical culture, not in the field of jewelry and building trees. The bracelet has always been a traditional jewelry in my country, and it is well-known in the jewelry design. Every dynasty bracelet production process is very superb, material is also very special.


Let’s enjoy these ancient bracelets together, each with their own style.

White jade is a unique Chinese jade. This bracelet is made from white jade twisted strap bracelet, because historical reasons are presented, the pale yellow surface is presented. Although it has already had a certain year, this style is also a classic model. From ancient times, it is still popular. When the retro wind blows, this bracelet wear is still very trend.


The twisted fin bracelet can represent the unique Chinese bracelet culture, especially the bracelet of jade, and the brave bracelets are more detailed.


As the jewelry used history, this jewelry is made of white jade. The appearance of white oil is very bright, and its outer ring has a certain width and thickness, the surface of this bracelet is handmade Carved became a lot of exquisite texture, five somewhere of the tail echo, very vivid, the hollow design is very stereoscopic.

This bracelet is very retro, its outer ring part looks black, it is made of housing, the color of the surface is very deep, and it is also very secure. Its outer ring part is designed with gold and black, the surface is also inlaid in a pink tourmaline and green jade, which makes this bracelet look very colorful. The bat is very image of the batter, and the jade is polished into a peace buckle and then embellish with a white pearl. The design-style shape is surrounded by not only modeling, but instead gives this bracelet. Many vitality.

The type of jade is very rich, there are thousands of jade, and there are thousands of agate. Jade jewelry has a long history, from the initial extensive to meticulous, there is always a transition, the history of jade carving jewelry is also the process of use of human tools. Although ancient jewelry is extensive, it is very beautiful in the manufacturing level at that time. This jade bracelet looks very different, its texture is also very special, the outer ring is designed to have a width, and the surface of the outer ring is a variety of auspicious patterns made by pure manual carving, these patterns are bumpy, It looks very characteristic. The overall shape of the bracelet is set to a concave pattern, which is very historical.

The court jewelry is the skill of all thousand craftsmanship, so it is the highest skill of Chinese jewelry. This pair of bracelets is the jewelry from the Royal Court, so it looks very good to gorgeous. This pair of silk drapers are made up of gold, the Double dragon stereo design is very vivid, plus the lodge of Jingtai blue is more level, the circular pearl is in the middle. Such a meticulous design will make the classic of the royal jewelry to the extreme, and everyone is sighing.

Gold is soft, so gold has a good delay. As the jewelry, the use is not only noble, but also very beautiful. So the gold jewelry process in the court jewelry is superb, diverse, self-made. This golden bracelet looks golden light, and the surface of the outer ring is a flying dragon carved by gold in the sky pattern. The three-dimensional pattern is very modeling, and each part is very curved, the long dragon is on, and the gold-made Xiangyun pattern is covered with a circle in the outer ring, so the design makes the entire bracelet look extraordinarily domineering.


This pair of gold inlaid gamous scent, the silver silk Shouzi bracelet is really the beauty of the peak, natural granes have a color or texture, and the golden gold has a layered. The hollowed Jinshou word and Gaman incense are perfectly combined, making this bracelet full of the stability and air of Royal Jewelry.


The above various bracelets are representatives of national style jewelery, these meticulous and superb craftsmanship admire.

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