LiveWire (Highlights International) Inspired by the latest fashion elements in Europe and the current fusion trend, pursuing excellent craftsmanship and exquisite details, perfect modeling. Women’s clothing is a perfect combination between fashion and leisure, product design sexy and charming, revealing low-key luxury. Core consumers are positioned 28-35 years old, extending consumers to 25-40 years old.

Guangzhou Yaman Clothing Co., Ltd. is located in Shijing Town, Baiyun District, China, is a circulation enterprise specializing in domestic and foreign brand women’s discounts. The company officially established in 2015, with more than 2,000 square meters of exhibition halls, 8,000 flat rice warehouses, will synchronize new products that have a new season of adaptation season, showing thousands of styles in each season, providing customers with a richer goods. Experienced in the 5-year industry accumulation and precipitation, has a wealth of experience and achievements in the business brand women’s clothing discount industry. In the business philosophy of “honest and trustworthy, cooperation, win-win”, with the domestic and international thousand brand clothing to establish long-term cooperative relationships.

The company’s long-term cooperative brand: [Taiping Bird], [Ou Shili], [Brother], [Autumn Water Irons], [Three Colors], [Ie Slee], [Thousand Hui], [Daquan], [Gang], [文] Stun], [Ge Li Ya], [Sanyin], [妮熙] [Dynasty Flower Separation] [Pamper Women] [Fangmei Silk Dress] [Di Di Europe] [祖] [米 欧] European Tijavin] [Ramber Bell series] [Ie sleeves] [Haibei] [Qiudai] [Ou Shi Chun] [Village Shangchun] [Highlights International] [Egg] [Missli] [West] [水 伊] [水 人]诗】 [YDG] [Pattina] [佧 佧 文] [Jin Fengxuan] [之 道] [Mula] [依】] [美] [Z11] [Movad] [Han sent wind clothes] [High-end windbreaker] [米 祖] [Timu] [Cool Eye] [棉 棉] [Taiping Bird] [Brother] [帛 珂] [今 渡] [Guoyi House] [powder 黛 丽 人 真] [西子] [DY name] [original designer brand] [沙 国】] [酷] [Original silk] [Ying Zuo Xi] [Movad] and other thousand one-line brand. Many styles, diversified style. Keep thousands of brand supplies for a long time, the brand is updated fast, the price is low.

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