Many people say that Chiang Mai has been annihilated by the Chinese. Everyone who travels to Chiang Mai seems to be a “thousand people hot pot” Raiders. Most photos of the photos are Tata Peimen, Chiang Mai University, Ningman Road, Shuanglong Temple, Pai County these thousands of people. .

Thailand Tour Mai, how can you play different? If you just follow others to eat a hot pot, Mango Tango eat Mango rice, Iberry eats an ice cream, go to Chiang Mai University, then Shang Shuanglong Temple Take a look, finally ride an elephant …… That you are OUT.


▲ The attractions that have not been held by the people, but the most fascinating resort

Why is the Mai, the Highland Town, is Deng Lijun’s favorite city? Throw away the traditional Tower, Chiang Mai, Shuanglong Temple … Let’s go with a different Chiang Mai, look at the scenery, I believe you will be with Cuihua Like, truly fall in this city.

Mon Cham Mountains – Private Paradise


▲ Moncham mountain, a few people know the Chiang Mai deep mountain. It is far away from the hustle and bustle, and there is a taste of the world. In the evening, the sunflowers in the mountains, all kinds of wild flowers are very good, and they will be embodied here.

▲ If you have to say a close-up mountain, it will definitely not be a scented mountain, but a Moncham Mountain. Moncham, a very young Chinese knows Chiang Mai, which is far away from the hustle and bustle, is a rare sunrise. Sunflower, Strawberry Garden, and a variety of unknown wild flowers, it will be extra-fertilized! You can run like a child in the field, or pick a ripe sweet strawberry in your mouth, evening The mama room looks at the dishes in the sunset. So, if you are in Chiang Mai, please have to feel this rare nature.

Li Fu Qingkang – quiet and simple ancient city


▲ Chiang Khan, translated as a clear or clear, and it is clearly preferred.

“Qing Jing is not for, Yekang” This is the best interpretation. It is undoubtedly the clearest place in Thailand, situated in the old side of Thai, the shore of the Mekong River, simple to only one main street, most of the two sides of the hundred years of historic teak, slowly telling the story.

▲ Here, you can’t see the bar, and even it is difficult to have a western food, and rarely see the traces of foreign tourists, which belongs to Thai people. In the weekdays of the weekend, the town appeared more calm, with a desired way to travel, turned into a small alley, only for the nostalgic and simple time.

▲ Here is a tourist location specially sought after Thailand. It is relative to Laos. The slow-flowing Mekong River seems to tell this is where it is necessary to learn. Go to Yunhai to see the sunrise, sit on the day of the sunset, sitting in the day, sitting in the Mekong River, I want to stay here, I like a quiet classmate will think that Qing Xiangqing here is clear. Mai.


Clearance – the back garden of Chiang Mai

▲ Clearance is a county city that is very suitable for the slow life around Chiang Mai. He is surrounded by Just 1 and a half hours away from the city of Chiang Mai, and is known as “Chiang Mai’s Hou Garden” by the locals. Clear mountain, stream, clustered plants gathered into this beautiful scenery.

Thailand’s third peak: Qing Dao Mountain – I have almost have seen Chinese people.

The clear road is a county that is very suitable for slow life around Chiang Mai, which is more primitive than PAI, retaining many ancestors inherited the culture. The mountains around the county are surrounded by mountains, very beautiful. Just like Apac in Bangkok, Hangzhou is in Shanghai, here is also the back garden of the Church of the Chiang Mai weekend!


Maice and County – the peach blossom

▲ Here is separated from the world, the mountains are clear, and the folk customs are very simple. There are waterfalls, sea, forests, mountains and pastorals, beautiful scenery. In addition, the most famous of Mapping is a very very large giant tree, you can see it from a far away.

▲ The locals protect the environment, let the identical ecology thing reserve, the cafe is also the case. Many of them went to Yumei County, it was a big tree coffee. In fact, the urban area of ​​Chiang Mai was only more than 30 kilometers, 40 minutes or so, but if you want to go to the big tree coffee, you have to bypass a mountain. Narrow Panshan Highway. But after it comes, you will be surprised by the huge surprises of this tree. In addition, there is a hundred-year old village that is isolated from the world.

Uron Tani-Thai Pearl

▲ Uron is a small city in northern Thailand. November to January year, it is the best viewing of Honglian. What is worth mentioning is that the red lotus here is also called the world’s second largest world in 2014 by CNN. Rent a boat, shuttle in a quiet lake, all around the red lotus, that is just beautiful.


Compared with the bustling Bangkok, Chiang Mai’s food maintains its unique literary strength. Even the hot gaps, hot pot, can eat romantic small fresh Fan. If you only have a hot pot, Iberry, Mangotango is known as the famous shop name, then Cuihua can only say: Your Chiang Mai is not a different difference, Taipu General.


So, what are you don’t know in Chiang Mai?

Grilled buffet hot pot support wall into the wall

Hanging foot building Thai food while having a while


Nakara Jardin Chiang Mai in the afternoon tea


◆ Visa


Thailand’s ordinary tourist visa cost is 230 yuan, you can stay for 60 days; support landing, cost 1000 baht, stay no more than 15 days. Thailand visa is very good, some Baodah’s 7 working days can be signed, it is recommended to run a visa in China, and the landing sign is queued, but also pay the handling fee.


◆ Traffic

Domestic major cities have direct flights, Shanghai (Auspicious Aviation), Hangzhou (Asia Air), Guangzhou (China Saver), Kunming (China Airlines), Wuhan (Air China), where AirAsia promotion can be bought ¥ 1000 Air tickets from Hangzhou to T / T, Chiang Mai.

◆ Exchange Rate


1 RMB ≈ 5.5 THB


Most ATMs support UnionPay card cash with a single charge of 10 baht.

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