An interview that does not do record is no soul.

An interview is not a chat, but an information exchange with a policy, and immediately capture, understand the information of the world. Will not record, just like a hot pot, people soup are jumped.

Record skills are quite common, writing, listening, survey, negotiation, meeting, interview …

In general, the basic methods of interview records have the following four types:


It’s not, pure chat, brain. There are always some time until, such as a unannounced visit, encounter, or the boss’s death, you can only remember,

Let the attention are concentrated, and they are concentrated, and afterwards, I will write down.


Generally used in interpretative reports, for example, you have to take a gourmet documentary, the birth of a dish, and it is stronger than anything.

The drawing is actually the image of the thinking and information, and the thinking map of very hot in recent years is also the same.

Writing for some non-emphasized plots, drawing.



To say the super basic fund of the record, it must be paper and pen, then make up a small bench and a small bag, and the realist reporter of a small bag is lifted (the romanticism that talks is laughing). In the past, a reporter, in addition to the footboard pen, it is really a low industry.

I am going to go, although I have already configured a notebook computer, but it is extremely difficult, this one is booting, and the fellow is picking up two barrels, and I don’t delay. So, in the past few years, I have finished dozens of interviews, so I still have a whole in the box.


With the reason why the notes are so classic, one is convenient,

I have also recorded on napkins;

Second, the skills are rich,

Before the notebook, the mobile phone appears, it is basically a paper history, leaving a massive experience, such as a variety of short-minded laws, and the outgoing looks like a ghost.

In a foreign interview textbook, there is a quick case case: GT7 QTS W 4 W> EZ WN u No HW. Like not like a son butt, it is garbled with a keyboard?

It actually represents “Getting Quotes Word for Word Is Easy when you know how.” (If you know the method, it is not difficult to record the idiom word)



After the portable recorder and the recorder appeared, the interviewer had a bird gun fire. When it is inconvenient to record, or only because of lazy, put the original transcripts, and then organize, you can get lossless information. Later, speech recognition technology makes this work more immediate and accurate.


The other side of technological progress is the growth of dependence.

Many people interviewed that only a mobile phone will start, and then throw it to the recording and finishing company, and finally get a word a word.

I have opposed this practice.

But I was laughing, as if I was a love old carrier, stop youth, Junjun from Katsla.

I recommend a record method


What I recommend is more recommended is “computer blind + recorder”, based on computer instant records, recorded only for errata and survival.

No matter who interviews, where, how long, I will take a computer to ask, ask, blind, see each other, react to the expression, think the next problem … Multi-threaded, so that the load of the brain will be heavy. Of course, wonderful answers can inspire dopamine, but physical and mental consumption is still larger.

Why do I have to stick to this seemingly inefficient in trouble? In my opinion, it has the following unreplaceable advantages:

1, instant filtration.

Although the recording can find someone to finish, the word is not bad, but also retains spam,

Under the sediment, it increases the difficulty of finding value information.

If you are recording, some gossip and useless content will filter, leave dry goods.

2, remember to live.

Each word is not only ears, but also remember to live in the brain and fingertips. An interview, close the computer,

Those pictures that are still rolling in the brain are exciting.

3, save time.

Although I also recorded, unless certain words need to be confirmed, it is basically no longer listening.


If you are recorded first, go back and answer, you will take more than 2 times more time.

Even if it is given to third parties, the situation is not much.

4, easy to find.

Compared with the paper record, computer record is more convenient to organize and search. Even if you can’t remember the keywords of each other, you can quickly locate it.

5, distance regulator.

Interview is a subtle balance process, especially for the special story of the document, to gradually enter the world, often have multiple contacts. The initial amount of information is the most intensive, and the relationship between the two parties is also the most alienated.

On-site records, both the above benefits, and a sense of ceremony.

The ceremony is not necessarily a bad thing. In the early days of the interview, I can’t open it. You will be very close to it, naturally there is pressure.


The record tool in your hand is a good distance adjuster.

When the other party wants to stop or fall into the mind, you may wish to put your eyes on the screen.

Creating a “reasonable” cold spot, some words, some details are not intentionally captured.

In the last contact, I will not take a computer, because this time the information density is the lowest, and the relationship between the other party is the most harmonious, just get along with friends, listen to the most relaxed, the most heart.


Gay Tear

The above is suitable for writing, listening, investigations, and meeting records. Unless you want to secretly interview or the other party is resisting, don’t be a slave.


Just like non-virtual writers

Trich, Gair Trisk said that the recorder is the worst invention, which allows the “interviewer lost the ability to listen to people.”

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