In January 2021, the Alps and the public welfare organization “old children” launched a public welfare event of “Let’s go home, benefit sugar”, the new year sent love and care for the elderly, and helped everyone “old children” through art Manually created glow dynasties, while sending warm and sweet for the society.

The event is the same as the “old child” of the Alps and the public service platform. In the early stage, through the “old child” official website activity section, launched a handicrafts theme creation contest with “Let’s go home, for love,”. The old people combine the theme, create a variety of handicrafts such as Spring Festival, calligraphy, paper-cut window flowers, painting works at home. Alps love helps “old children” regain youth, use creative to let traditional art glow new light color.



The works are present through the “old child” official channel, and will be selected by the Alps employees and the old children’s cultural communication committee, and jointly select 6 excellent works, and send a gift box in the Alpine New Year.

At the same time, some of this active line invited the old people of the “Old Toddler” platform to participate in the event, the Alps sent them the Alps New Year exclusive package, let them second to “childhood” welcomes the New Year. Since then, the old people choose good at the literary and artwork for the elderly, so that the elderly will experience the happiness of “old children”.


Let love easily pass all the important mission of the Alps, 2021, starting with Caring for “old children”, the Alpine will open the road of public welfare in the New Year. Transferring friendship and warmth to society is a responsibility to be inherited for many years and deeply social care. Even if the road of public welfare is blocked, the Alpine will continue to advance on this road.

The public welfare tour is not stopped, and the 2021 Alpine is warm, and the public welfare activities not only make the old man feel warm, but also let this warmth can continue to more people. Passing love to the old people, helping the old people love to society, this is the heart of the Alps, and the soul of the Alps. The delivery of love has been continuing, never stops. At the beginning of the New Year, let’s send a sugar for the people you love!

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