“Three years ago, Dad gave my mother a particularly beautiful gift, put it in my mother’s belly, and later the gift slowly grew up, my mother was sick …”

A quiet night, when the 3-year-old son Xiaozhi (a pseudonym) raised the childish face asked him how to be born, Shen Li (pseudonym) was pleased to laugh, she tells her son to tell such a warm little story. .

On the eve of Mother’s Day in 2019, Shen Li took his son to find He Jianqin, director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College. “Dad is given to my mother’s good gift is Xiao Zhi. This aunt is to help my mother to win the disease, bring the gift to the world. She is like my mother!” Shen Li said to his son. .

The sensible son dedicated a big bunch of beautiful flowers to He Jianqin. This is a flower that Shen Li took the son to the store. Seeing healthy Shen Li and her crazy son, He Jianqin is moving and is happy, she has been holding this near future.

In fact, behind this fairy-like beautiful story and its protagonist, there is a hard way to save lives.

Two induction of bile sludge

Envoy people circle is the mother’s wish

Shen Li was 31 years old this year, the hometown in Sichuan, and his husband has been doing business in Yiwu, and the small days have a happy and contentment, and the small two has always been looking forward to having a baby. One day in 2015, Shen Li Xin found himself pregnant, this can be happy with his husband. But after 5 months, she began to appear skin itching, gradually gathered to the whole body, especially when itching at night, to the local health care hospital for medical treatment, finding that hepatase and bile acid were significantly increased, doctors diagnosed as pregnancy-in-life bile disease.

This disease is an important pregnancy complications, which is more harmful to the fetus, easy to cause premature birth, low body weight, fetal death and neonatal suffocation. Itching the skin is often the first symptom of the disease. It is a palm of palm, the foot or the umbilical itching, can gradually intensify the limbs, torso, face, and the night is aggravated, and severe people even causing insomnia. Some pregnant women can have jaundice.

Considering that the continued pregnancy will increase the condition of pregnant women, and it is likely to have a risk of premature birth, intrauterine distress, or even dead tires, and local doctors suggest that Shen Li will terminate pregnancy. That is, when I caught the fetus, she knows that the original self-heritage is still a pair of dragon and phoenix, and she is eager to be a mother’s Shen Li, which is huge, and it is overwhelming. Later, Shen Li was pregnant for the second time, but considering that bile siltimation is not suitable for pregnancy, she will retrieve the fetus again.

That is, before more than three years, Shen Li is pregnant. The symptoms of bile stasis during pregnancy have appeared earlier. At the 8th week of pregnancy, Shen Li felt that the arm started itching, and her husband immediately took her to Zhejiang University. From the perspective of the risk of pregnant women and the perspective of expectation, the doctor also recommended Shen Li to do abortion surgery.

However, this settlement did not give up so early, the young she is eager to complete the integrity of life, and there is still a mother’s wish. The doctor saw that Shen Li’s attitude was so firm. Zhejiang University has a strong strength in various types of liver diseases, introduces her to the Director of the Infectious Director He Jianqin. Shen Li said to He Jianqin: “Doctor, I always want to have my own baby, now the medical technology is so advanced, why can’t do the doctors don’t help me? I really have made my determination, I want to do every effort to keep this. Child. Can you help me? “He Jianqin was touched by Shen Li, and as a woman, He Jianqin can understand how the child is a family, especially a mother, how important is it. But as a doctor, He Jianqin must inform Shen Li’s truth, she will be likely to face the suffering of the child again, and even the body will seriously damage.

Because Shen Li is already a third time pregnant, the chance of success is getting smaller, and each pregnancy will cause damage to the liver of pregnant women. He Jianqin is seriously asked Shen Li: “Do you really make determined to face uncertain future?” Shen Li looked at each other and no longer talk. It is Shen Li and bravely breaks this short silence: “He Director, we are still eager for a child! I also know the risk that may be faced later, let’s take a step to watch a step, it is to keep you in the future.” Looking at the attitude, he was very touched, and he said: “You are the protagonist, we will try our best to spend the difficulties. Don’t worry, relax.”


Hard work, hardcore

As a cholestasis patient, Shen Li’s birth is much more hard than ordinary people. In the process of pregnancy, her body has a serious reaction. The serum bile acid (TBA) has reached 220 μmol / L (normal value of 1-12 μmol / L), and the gamousolic acid twice soared to 4000 μg. / DL or more. He Jianqin immediately developed a complete drug treatment plan, giving Shen Li with a medicament of liver gallbladder, and helped her to go to the first hospital in Zhejiang University, Li Central Treatment. Under the common efforts of many departments in Zhejiang University, Shen Li’s condition gradually stabilized.

At the 3rd week, the Massachgment, Zhejiang University, made a caesarean section for Shen Li, she successfully real estate, a cute son Xiaozhi, and the mother and child are safe. However, unfortunately, Xiao Zhi quickly showed skin yellow, serum total bile acid significantly increased (50μmol / L), the abdomen B super suggests bile, showing the stones, the above indicators also represent small If the performance of liver bile siltation, Xiaoji is transferred to the Pediatric Ward of Zhejiang University. After the whole doctor and nurse’s full treatment of the Pediatrician Director Wang Chunlin, and after 23 days later, Xiao Zhi finally rehabilled.

After many years, I visited the doctor Xiaozhi’s intellectual test. After the normal Shen Li and his son Kang Zhikang were discharged, Zhejiang Damuo found He Jianqin several times, but because there is no contact information of He Jianqin, it is missed in the hospital several times. This time, Shen Li watched his son was also growing up. It was in the end of Mother’s Day. He came to see He Jianqin on the eve of Mother’s Day. By inquiry, he finally saw her.

“In fact, I have been holding this for my mother, and I am worried that my decision is wrong. Although Shen Li is determined to be born, help her have a mother’s dream is very pleased, but I am always worried about children. After birth, it is good, there will be no intelligence defects. “He Jianqin said.

Pregnant women with bile sil sludge during pregnancy, may affect children’s intellectual development during pregnancy. Pregnancy bile sludge as the number of pregnancy increases, the soaking of the bile siltation occurs in pregnancy, the more affected the development of fetus. After related testing, it shows that the intellectual level of Xiaizhi is normal, Shen Li and He Jianqin have put down a housing.


Many of the family suffers from this disease

Genetic genetic

It is the mystery that He Jianqin has always wanted to unlock the mystery. Later, Zhejiang University pediatric pediatrics made genetic testing for Shen Li’s grandparents. The gantine genetic test showed that she carries a gene that deleted mutations. After further genetic detection of its family, she found her mother, as well as the small collemony, and the same mutation gene. According to this, it can be diagnosed as a family-sex cholestasis. Because the three of them are hidden inheritations, the symptoms shown can be diverse, while Shen Li is more serious during pregnancy. Shen Li finally figured out the reason why there were many people suffering from this disease at home, and they were very grateful.

Shen Li’s son is very sensible, “At home, he heard his father and went back to get off work, he would give Dad to put the slippers, greeted Dad at the door,” Shen Li said. She is also teaching his son always wanted to have a thankful heart, He Jianqin Zhejiang University and a hospital medical staff who helped themselves in the most difficult of life, we can not forget them. Bless this kind, know how safe and healthy Thanksgiving mother’s life.

Mother, is the world’s most beautiful word. Maybe they are born weak, but with broad shoulders do not take the weight of a child’s life. For our children’s healthy growth, they paid too much: bear the risk of a variety of serious complications during pregnancy, after nine months of pregnancy and childbirth and the pain and suffering. Several decades devoted themselves to raising children grow up, the mother’s kindness we not think that report, only use whole life to love them.

Shen Lai Chi son to tell the fairy-tale story touched Hejian Qin, will continue to warm the body in all the great suffering of the mother, never give up and always stand behind their medical staff. Full protection of all mothers and their children, which is all health care workers glorious mission and responsibility.

Correspondent | Rui Ying Ning

(Author: Reporter Jin Jing Editor: Jin Jing)

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