The second article of “the most satisfying bag” contributed by the reader is coming ~


Yesterday, the price of the popular bag was mainly to give you a reference to the price gap between buying a package in different places. Today, this content will be more abundant, both of the fresh-color bags suitable for spring and summer, as well as practical bags suitable for work.

Not much to say, let’s take a look:

(Example card stated: All items of this article and the Left Card do not have any interests)

Pink gentle bag

I have written a pink bag in the beginning of the year, it seems to have succeeded to everyone, this time is quite a lot of people.


When I was bought at Paris, Delvaux, Pink Trumpet, and the first 2708 Europe (RMB approximately 19,826 yuan), refunded by 13%. The disadvantage is to open a bit of labor, but her beauty can cover all the shortcomings. In the card, the grass is pushed, the real thing is very light pink, more beautiful than the picture! I didn’t plan to buy bags, however, when the clerk finally took it back (no mistake, it was back) This package, I decided to have it. ▼ ▼


Jiang Wei:

Dior Forever, € 2800 (RMB approximately 20458 yuan), Frankfurt bought. Inheriting Dior as ever elegance and noble, carrying her, talking will slow down. ▼ ▼



Mansur Gavriel BAG, Pink



660 Euro purchased in Nice (approximately 4822 yuan). The shape is simple, the skin is soft. I can put out anything, but I can be a vase at home. ▼ ▼


Pink 3.1 Phillip Lim, 395 pound (approximately 3377 yuan) in a fashion website. It is very handsome with a jean, with a small skirt very fairy, super like. The size is just right, the color is beautiful! ▼ ▼

June 3, sunny:

Cherry-breasted cherry blossom powder, the gobo brand, a baby found, spent more than 1300. Practicality has three back methods, you can install a lot. ▼ ▼

Watching illusion:


The Gobo, the grass of the card, and tossed a month before and after, and the official website was customized for 20 days. The real thing is beautiful, that is, there is no small interlayer, it is inconvenient, then the leather flavor is too heavy, and there is still a day, plus postage is 1320 yuan. ▼ ▼

A wide powder

: MK camera bag, South Korea bought it, it is said that the shoulder strap is limited to Korea, almost


2,800 yuan

. The original price is about 3000, the clerk said to buy two discounts. So one with a friend. She bought black, more cool. I saw 4200 yuan in Shanghai counter. ▼ ▼


MK’s camera bag, light pink, purchased in Guam, USA,

2000 dollars

. Although even iPhone6 ​​Plus can’t install … but really girls are beautiful. Going out of the clothes is also very good, tie a scarf above the chain will be more special. ▼ ▼

ZoEy Zhou:


Coccineelle B14 light pink medium, purchased in Milan Serravalle, discount, 126 o’clock (approximately 920 yuan), the price is great, it is very suitable for spring and summer. ▼ ▼


Rong Rong:


Hong Kong bought CoCcineelle shell bag, RMB approx


More than 3,300

Bar. The color is beautiful, it is light, and it is convenient to accommodate. Although it is the second-line brand of Italy, don’t worry about hit the bag, big love. ▼ ▼

Lin Ying:

Last summer, the Chloe shoulder bag, small and exquisite, cherry pink gentle and fresh, four-leaf shaped buckles special and exquisite, can take the wallet and other portable items. Colleagues helped buy in Paris and priced at 995 euros (about 7269 yuan), which was cheaper than HK $ 11,000 (RMB) than Hong Kong (about 9776 yuan). ▼ ▼



Probably on the bumper of pink twist, the wallet is bought in the UK, £ 680 (about 5819 yuan), WOC is 1300 Euro (RMB approximately 9504 yuan) in Paris, because it is a tax rebate But the price is also beautiful, and it is particularly suitable for spring and summer, TWIST is more special than the general zip or button. ▼ ▼

Liang MAMA:

J. W.Anderson can be described as a spring breeze. This year’s pink is a way, you must take this package! At the end of February, 6100 soft girls were purchased in the UK Farfetch, and the leather is very delicate. ▼ ▼


At the end of February, I went to Tokyo to meet, and I saw it at the Samantha store with my colleagues. Unlike the girl’s style of their owner, this new small bag is more elegant, and the light coffee is also very textured. Probably equivalent


1500 yuan

(Later, I found a discount, tears at the airport store). The bag is designed reasonable and can be loaded with mobile phone charging treasure cosmetic bag paper towel small wallet … ▼


Suitable fresh color bag


Spring and summer season, many people choose pink, freshly colored bags.



Findi’s new smog blue is more suitable for spring and summer, the Italian produced in Italy, waiting for a month, plus freight to the hand price 7710. I love small bags, but it is very up to pack, you can put down my 7P, and there are many backfits of bags. ▼ ▼

Lei Lei:

FenDi mini peekaboo, layout of a breeze. With a Kid Bag Charm, specially selected the red eyebrows, and the bag is unable to match, bought a favorite bag, and it is very happy to go to work every day. Looking for Paris purchasing, mini peekaboo price 19600, Bag Charm 5200. ▼ ▼



The most worth mentioning is the Fendi 3Mini Jours sent by Valentine’s Day boyfriend this year … The color of the lake is also quite suitable for the summer, belongs to the minimalist commuter. In the case of Card, I still prefer Chanel, I still know how people know, I hope. ▼ ▼

Wang Xinxin:

Fendi’s trumpet 3jours, is not easy to hit a lot of fever than fendi. Pamoram Happy New Year, I bought it in Xinluo. The price is about 13,000. When I just received it, I feel that it is difficult to match clothes so I don’t often back, but I found and I founded and jeans after opening the spring. White T, striped shirts Take, very dynamic packages. ▼ ▼

Zhou Xin


Chloe Georgia, beautiful color. Purchased in New York Woodbury Outlets, priced $ 800 (approximately 5526 yuan). ▼ ▼




Coccinelle, turmeric, trumpet. Looking for someone purchasing, 1180 yuan. The bag is very small, and these things are already very drunk! It is particularly favorable, the price is very high, this color is good, this spring is the favorite! ▼ ▼

Gay Baby:

20900 yuan, purchased in Shanghai Henglong Chanel counter. This year’s official website is the latest, color is good, although the size is small, it is not easy to hit! ▼ ▼


Mulberry has changed the design SELWOOD after the Director, and it was amazed when I saw it. Just a friend in the UK training helps back, the lowest point of the pound, the price is about

7000 RMB

. The internal separation with the Celine’s BOX is similar, the brass handle is simple and the design is simple, and the grandmother is refreshing. ▼ ▼



The bag is sent by friends, but the size and colors like it! In order to match this package, it also converts the long money used by the year (of course, there is no less reference card, buy a guide to buy a guide) … Now she goes out, I feel particularly temperament. ▼ ▼

Sharon Witch Mother:


DiOREVER, this simple, suitable, leather material is easy to manage, is particularly reasonable. The size is suitable for the weekdays, but can also put down Kindle and iPad mini, functional max. The only disadvantage is that when wearing jeans, you can’t turn down the lid, and white sheepskin is too easy to stain. Price Toronto, 4000 knives (RMB

About 20600 yuan)

Every time I take it in the sun, I feel that I have to flash up. ▼ ▼

ℒℒcas homme:

Golden Lady Dior wear bag, recently purchased, purchased on No. 30, Mengtian Avenue, Dior Global Shop, price of 3,400 euros (approximately 24,850 yuan). The golden bag is especially suitable for spring this sunny season. With long skirts, temperament is elegant. ▼ ▼



Although I really like this bag, I also know that Chanel is not I want to buy. I want to buy a package to reward myself at the end of 2016. After seeing a friend circle, I went to the high island house, and there were two people left in the second day. One of them was in the Ginza store, and I bought it immediately. I spent 27,000. ▼ ▼


Ting Xia XUU:

Chanel is medium-sized retro camera bag, don’t have a flavor! The size is also very moderate … Hong Kong is purchased, 26,800 RMB. ▼ ▼


Who said that my face is rush to say:

The most satisfied is that this Italian bought small birkin25, swift skin and baby skin are both tender, due to small size, weight is not 30 so amazing, orange red is also very bright. Small elephants change in the streets, 2900, two bags and colors are just a mother. ▼ ▼

JOY full case:

Miss Sixty, probably

1200 yuan

Around, domestic counters. I saw it in the window, I was attracted at a glance, and the white body with red lips was very special. It is also very easy to install, the mobile phones don’t say, the Kindle hard plug can also put it. White is easy to dirty, pay attention to the back, there is no dirty traces for the time being. ▼ ▼

Packable package, shoulder bag

It is also necessary to choose a practical and beautiful bag to accompany yourself.

Lu Xiaomei:

Valentino My Rockstud This package, and even rivet design is very elegant. When you go to Italy to travel, I just saw the push of the Card Valentine’s Day, I fell in love with it. At that time, friends at the time were also love at first sight, and we both quickly started. I chose the big size, as a went package, the capacity is still, the small items such as the original wallet ipadmini is a problem, but the larger folder can not work. Purchase place Florence, price of 2,100 Europe, probably after tax rebate


14000 RMB

. ▼ ▼

Wang Danle:


The size of the MADEWELL zipper, the size of the work, the more light, the more the skin, the more taste, the price is also very real, the key is also a hundred! I bought a lot of best one. Official website transfer 1100 to hand. ▼ ▼



Last year was grained by the card, many small bags were rare, and the first big bag in this year. HK purchase, 31,000 Hong Kong dollar (RMB

About 27560 yuan

), More suitable for spring holiday. ▼ ▼

Real water flavorful:

In February 2016, it was purchased in domestic LV store, 17,800 yuan, simple generous, red and bright, as a went package, can be hand-to-shoulder, the most practical, open mode is adsorption, it is convenient, it is At present, like a few LV bags, the highest appearance rate. ▼ ▼



The Ching Ming Festival bought the first luxury bag of life in the Singapore TANG mall, lv cluny mm old flower, with 5.5% tax,

13,000 yuan

However, domestic should work in July 14900.16, the financial industry is very hard working hard, but the income is good, and it has risen and sags, and you can use your own money to buy bags. . Some people say that CLUNY BB is more cute, but the commute is more practical, and it is light, and there is a beautiful wide shoulder strap. It is very happy to go to work every day. ▼ ▼

Pan Pan:


Limited edition post-emptive bag, last month to purchase Dubai Mall, 6950 Dirm, Folding RMB 13000, when the store did not stock, then I met four spot, grab one. Dubai prices are more expensive than Europe, but there are many full-quality goods. After all, the United Arab Emirates have only two children and shopping. ▼ ▼


Wang Lina

: The first LV bag, I feel very practical, the work is leisure, the color is super, the early spring is exactly! Buy in the Beijing International Trade Mall, the price is about 23,000 scarves. ▼ ▼

Golden big jade:

This life lacks a red envelope, the previous wine god is too heavy, this is very large, the key is very light, commuter must. Domestic counter purchase, full reduction activities are almost almost

15,000 yuan


Meli Melo Large Brown Thela, purchased in Tmall Florence overseas franchise store, 4000+ after price I have a long time, I bought it when I saw activities. When my mother, there were more things, and I directly considered the maximum. The cortex is really comfortable, and there are a variety of back methods, and all occasions can live. It is said that brown is often free, the more you like it. ▼ ▼



This Frago bag is a few days ago, my husband’s sister went to Germany to buy, just lacking a medium package in work, the price is very cheap, the payment is probably


It is just that spring is here, and yellow is back, I still like it! ▼ ▼

Invincible stick Mummy:

During the Spring Festival, it is purchased in Japan, Fuji, Japan, Outlet, in a glance, the package can be back, and the shoulder strap is free to regulate. Black model is more practical, so decisive. 168000 yen, pressing the exchange rate at the time, is a nodded, still very cost-effective. The original self-light, the internal layer is reasonable, and can be accepted. ▼ ▼



Tod’s Double T large, purchase is Madrid, the price is 1500 euros, 14% tax rebate, the hand is probably


9700 yuan is not


Look like. Very up, very handsome! ▼ ▼


Jiang bean peas:

In the United States, Mulberry, 1200 knives (approximately 8290 yuan). I like his family for a long time, because it is low-key, the leather is good, although soft but the body is more tough, will not be soft collapsed. Shoulder straps are detachable, so you can squash, business is good. ▼ ▼



. ▼ ▼



: Celine Trapeze, this year, Valentine’s Day is available in Hong Kong Harbor City counters, 19500 HK $ (about 17,318 yuan). It is a popular green system this year. It is very spring atmosphere, not gorgeous, especially good clothes, cortex is a calf skin, touching the feel, and is more durable. ▼ ▼



When this year, I bought the store in Japan, the RMB is

18,000 yuan

about. Buy it feel good to put things, it is very convenient. This color is super love. ▼ ▼

Roseau Cabas L, Hundreds of practical, can be commuteable, can be installed, do not take special care. However, there is no zipper may not be aware of domestic demand. PS: A small zip pocket is attached. Purchase area Switzerland Lausanne, 390 Swiss francs (RMB

About 2669 yuan


. ▼ ▼



2016 Xia friends purchasing Coccineelle in Italy,

1350 yuan

. Very capable, summer color is refreshing, it is actually feeling more beautiful, but buying this package is mainly in order to put books, you can put down your mobile phone in trivial subway, et al., Etc. ▼ ▼


3.1 Phillip Lim Bucket Black Small, a snake chain thick, the trumpet is not small, it can be lost, from Ree Bonz big promotion,

4700 yuan

. ▼ ▼


Ma Ten-burning:


This year, the heartr Lindy finally bought it in the Hawaiian store, blue black, the key is the gold buckle, 56,000 yuan. The legend of Hawaii to buy Hermes is true, maybe because the Chinese will go less. ▼ ▼


Yesterday, readers said that the upgrade is more like shoulder bag after Mommy, let’s take a look:

Red ~:

Small fragrant shoulders were purchased in mid-Hong Kong Harbor City, 29900 HK $ 29900 (approximately 26,600 yuan). At that time, the counters did not put it, and I asked if there is no shoulder bag, then people come out from the mirror cabinet, I will fall in love.

Liu Jing:

C home backpack, Macao purchased in March, RMB 26000+, only tried back, decided to start. The capacity is large, the cowhide is soft, the belt is skin and metal mix, look like it. ▼ ▼



The most satisfactory Burberry Rucksack in the world is gray in the window of the window of the South Korea, and it has been very serious. This new color is very like. When the checkout is told that the tax-free shop Black card has also hit eight or five fold, and the discount is about 7600. ▼ ▼

Not easy to hit the package

Yesterday, someone said that I saw a lot of hot bags, a little aesthetic fatigue, can I recommend not easy to package the package? In fact, many of the “small” brands written earlier before, have become “net red”, which is mostly introduced before this submit.



Léo et violette double-layer briefcase, official website purchase, price storage fee

1500 yuan + 300 tariffs

(Take the Shanghai Port is really can’t escape.), After being rare after the grass, it will rarely pull this tree. So I have not selected sunset, the color is called Bordeaux, very interesting. It’s not disappointed with your hand, feels light, and the color is dark wine red. A4 file is casually, and it is very friendly for the workplace, and it seems to be practical, as long as it is not too thick. Practical and fashionable is not easy to hit the bag, and heart is water. ▼ ▼


Knocking Satisfied Boyy Karl 28, flower

8099 yuan

. When you order, you may have to wait 4-6 months. I didn’t expect it, I went to my hand before the Qingming! Last year, I started planting Boyy, I like the 28 inch of Karl in all packages, I like wine red and ink, but I am too big, I am determined to make nude. The real super beautiful appearance, the cortical soft can be set to the beautiful, and the magical is very beautiful. ▼ ▼

Manman Demi:


Super suitable for spring and summer back, the Spring Festival is purchased in Hong Kong too ancient eloous harvey nichols, very small new brand, even in the online website, caught up with the promotion, 4% off, after the discount, Hong Kong dollars 5890, the RMB is less than 5300, Under the confusion of the promoter, he did not hesitate to swipe, the more you like it, the blue snake skin is not common, will not hit the package. ▼ ▼

Little Nayon:

Rogani, Italian brand, cowhide all hand craftsman, only Rome in the world, is to wear the street to wear the street with friends. This 1600yua, color color is more retro, the texture is great, it is very big, although the price is not expensive, but feels casually wearing this package, you will be confident, buy it, you only want to let this love ▼


I am fascinated to find a special packet, I finally gave me, in the UK’s design brand, Bearabeara, who saw her home, especially like her home. I only bought it directly under the official website, I engraved the first letters of my name, add up

1000 RMB

I feel invincible. ▼ ▼

Big March:

I have recently bought this Mackintosh Philosophy, which is the secondary line of Mackintosh, purchasing to Tokyo, the whole skin, color wild, it is implicit, the most important is cheap, not


Muzi Li



Recently, new red envelopes, like its handle design and color, can handle shoulder, the most important is not easy to hit the package. Shanghai Jing’an Jiari is purchased, the Korean independent designer brand, only


More than 1,000 yuan.

Buy back and get a good look, satisfied! ▼ ▼

Li Bo Lu:


Zac zac Posen Belay Cross Body Bag. Cheap and tide, lightweight, first-class texture, what reasons do not love it! Purchased to shopbop, the original price of 295 knives 75 fold into the hand (approximately 2040 yuan). ▼ ▼


Simon Miller bucket bag, light brown, purchased in December last year

2,860 yuan

. Don’t look at it, the capacity wins a big brand woc, put a short money clip, Apple 6s mobile phone, the lipstick is no problem! The key is the concave tool, this season has a lot of other leather, the color also has a shoulder belt version, I think I am fine. DIY. ▼ ▼



Cult Gaia bamboo basket bag, purchasing purchase, about 1700. Very good, praise many people in Bali. ▼ ▼

Monkey “* accurate:


A sweet fries bag in the above INS, looking for a friend to buy in the United States, spending

480 yuan

. There are a lot of small tide plates in the United States. This french fries bag is really special.

Beautiful small bag


Sitting in Germany, there is no discovery. When you visit the second lap, you accidentally discovered this limited edition. It feels quite retro. It is said that the break is just arrived at the goods, 2400 euros, tax rebate approximately 11%, RMB approximately 15,700 yuan. ▼ ▼



Suddenly, I was interested in the box. I saw that Mark Cross was very good. It’s just a full reduction coupon, I can’t finish 10,000 yuan, I think it is quite cost-effective! The only small regret is that there is no pure black, only this anti-war sign. ▼ ▼


The new Hermes parcel, it is painted in the store, and the purse is taken smoothly. March purchased in Shanghai Henglong



Babblely bought by the wind card, the birthday gift sent by the husband, but only the small colors, the summer back color is very beautiful, the shopping French airport has just 2300 Euros (about 16821 yuan). ▼ ▼


Celine2017 new color bag bought in Xinjuku, Japan. You can make a backpack when the wallet is again. 120000 RNA (RMB


About 7440 yuan

. At that time, my pregnancy was in hospital just caught up with birthday. My husband bought this package when I was in my month. Because it is too easy to use, I have been back for more than three months. Mobile phone eye drops have no pressure. ▼ ▼

Fruit frozen:

Recently, the most satisfactory package is Firag Mu cow leather material collision bag. Purchased in Yintai Department Store Boutique Flagship Store (Tmall), spent 7889. Can be lacked with shoulder. Although the bag is small, the size is 21.5 * 17 * 7cm, but it can be installed. There are 5 layers, mobile phones, wallets, card packs, paper towels, wipes, lipsticks, keys, and cards, all can hold Hold. The color is very bright, and it can be used in the four seasons a year. The cowhide is very soft and feels good. This package can be locked, can be locked, and you will not worry about the bag is secretly opened! ▼ ▼


Strathberry, online shopping, the price is replaced by $ 300 (RMB

About 2070 yuan

) More points. Good back, very special, cost-effective. ▼ ▼


Fish pill:

I bought the spring and summer bags to buy, purchased in the official website of Cambridge, British direct mail, 20% off on March, 956 soft sister coins, selected the most classic red, with casual jeans or refreshing small skirts Look good. ▼ ▼


FU bubble:


There is also a purchase site in China: Hainan Duty Free Shop! This bag is purchased in Sanya Haishu Bay, five% discount, and more than 7,000. ▼ ▼


The Moynat Mini Rejane 20, 3,200 Euro (approximately 23,75 yuan), can be elegant. ▼ ▼

Handsome sauce:


I always wanted to buy a card package of the mountain tea. As a result, when I went to Japan, I actually saw the woc to have a caucasian woc. Although the sparrow was small, the farther, the love did not release her hand, and the mother didn’t buy it. At the end of March, I was purchased at the Ginza CHANEL store in Japan, 210,600 yen, can refund 8% of tax, the exchange rate is equally returned to RMB 12000. ▼ ▼


Kenzo water droplets Logo shoulder bag. Friends brought back from France,


1500 yuan

about. Look at the little but it can be installed, usually go to work, wallet, sunglasses box, powder, lipstick, lipstick. After the flip, it is separated into two layers, which can distinguish things, and there is a small bag behind it. I use it to put the change of the subway card. ▼ ▼


Lee Card’s words:


These two collections are still so long, but they are only one third of the submission amount, forgive not a way to put all the bags. Just like yesterday, there is a classmate: Wow, how can this world so many bags, watching can’t finish, buy can’t buy it! No ~ However, we don’t have to have all a beautiful thing, sometimes watching the mood is also good, right?

Yesterday, I had a hot comment: “As a student party,


I want to know how the owner behind the bag is step by step to realize my buy bag.

“This is a good topic. Today, I also specially selected some mentality and stories that tell my own bags. Some people are” live birthdays “. Some people are” salary rewards “and so on. Some people don’t understand Why do you have to spend so much money to buy a package. This is a personal choice, nothing can’t be understood. It is like a subcomplicate of a submitted: “You can buy bags with your own money. I am very happy to go to work every day. “I bought a favorite package, I can get a very happy every day, more cost-effective! If you have to ask if you have money, don’t don’t buy a bag? How do you know that people don’t do anything else? Haha ~


Said so much is not to sing this behavior, just want to say, how to give your own money, is a personal choice and freedom.

Thanks again to all submission students.

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