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Have you found that more and more small friends who love wearing sweaters in these two years?


On the one hand and the popular trend, with the popular style, the sweater is getting more and more fashionable.

On the other hand, it is also because the sweater itself is comfortable, and it can wear three seasons a year (except for the summer).


Now the weather is relatively cold, it is very suitable for use in it, keeping warm, and will make it more energetic. ▼ ▼

Spring and Autumn can be done directly, Zhang Yining also wears the sweater of the imitation lamb hair ~ ▼

(Sweater: FILA X HAVE A Good Time Association)

We have written a different figure sweater for some time, how to wear (can be reviewed here). At that time, there were quite a few people asked the link, and there were small partners said that there were so many sweater brands. I don’t know what to buy, where to buy.

Today, I will share the sweater brands who love to wear today. Some are very popular, some are more than a small number, and the common point is all 100 yuan, very good Get.

This is also suitable for male learning!

Let’s take a look together:


Example card statement: This article does not contain any commercial soft implant




Sweater price range: 500-600 yuan

Let’s talk about the most basic saters.

To say that the most popular basic sweater in these two years may, many people will first think of Essentials. ▼ ▼

Fear of god is the hottest high street brand, but a price of a sweater is four or five thousand, and it is still a little for many people.


So as the flat price of the Fear Of god, Essentials is launched, which is built by too much price advantage than the main line. ▼ ▼


What is the extent of fire? Open the official website is full “Sold Out” needs to replenishment, and the friend circle has purchased every day.

There are also many stars. Lu Cuang, Zhang Binbin ▼

It took advantage of Fog’s minimalist stereo and low-key neutral colors, there is only too many decorations on your clothes, just a simple brand logo, it looks comfortable and advanced. Because the material is relatively thick, the upper body is covered, not soft.

This basic sweater is just like a brand of Chinese translation, it is “essential”. ▼ ▼


If you want a set to your body, you can go out, you don’t need to consider how to match the sweaters, it is quite appropriate, it is also very convenient to overlay. Xu Mengjie is often wearing, and the utilization is quite high. ▼ ▼

But it also has a little shortcomings.


First, the seasons have been “changing the soup without changing the medicine”, and it is inevitable that there is more aesthetic fatigue.

Second, this brand is not good to buy in China, the price is fried too high, plus the fakes rampant, and the hit shirt will be a bit high …

Bad Blood

Sweater price range: 400-600 yuan


It is also a simplified design, and the Korean designer brand BAD BLOO has a lot of people.


It is a brand of South Korea to go to the European and American wind route, the main leisure sports style.


Domestic love to wear his own sweater, Zhou Yu is going to count, how many times don’t wear it, once I suspect that this is not a sign of her own

. ▼ ▼

Going to their official website to turn a circle, most of the sweaters are toned in black and white ash. There is also no exaggerated pattern. There are only a few simple English, add up to a small icon. Simple, a little detail. ▼ ▼


You can wear a set like Ouyang Na, comfortable and refreshing.


If you worry that the whole set is too much like a home service, you can add some handsome, or separately. Sweater reference price is 423 yuan, the hotspot reference price is 477 yuan. ▼ ▼

There are also some important colors and styles, such as Shen Mengyu wearing this lapel POLO wear, this green is quite special. Sweater 514 yuan. ▼ ▼


She also passed through a short set of sweater sets.

I am afraid that the satellite is too loose, the small child, can consider wearing this short, more significant, waiting for the weather to wear. ▼ ▼

After all, it is a sports hot girl brand. Many of his home (mainly summer) are also very sexy, with a lot of time, and the hot girls who like fitness can pay more attention to the show. ▼ ▼


Say, I saw this wearing method when I saw the model. Is this the correct opening method of the double-headed zipper? Also too much volume ▼

Romantic crown


Sweater price range: 400-900 yuan

Speaking of the most equipped TV series and winter, “ghost” will be nominated. Have you revived this drama this year?


In the play, there are many sweater styles in the gold high silver. She likes to wear the sweater sleeve outside the school uniform, which is also the most common wear wear of Korean female high school students. These two are from Koreant brand Romantic Crown. ▼ ▼


This brand is still very hot in Korea in the past few years, whether it is a private service or participation in the event, you can see a lot of stars are wearing.


This fries sweater like BTS Jintai Heng, maybe many people start to know this brand, because he. ▼ ▼


I think you can use the “Korean Street Wind” to summarize his homes’ overall style.


Many street wind sweaters give people a feeling of cool, it seems that it seems to be more popular. And they often join some small fresh or girl elements into it, most of them have a point of vintage school.

This small daisy letter printed by Ouyang Na and Qiaoxin is quite representative. The reference price is 431 yuan. ▼ ▼

The color of the sweater will not be too complicated. It is basically low-key neutral color background, plus simple retro monochrome printed, very real wear. Because there is no gender design, it is also very suitable when lovers. ▼ ▼


Colorful striped this classic college wind element, also appeared in the sweater. Reference price is 458 yuan. ▼ ▼

They played splicing, not only color matching, but also mixed. This is the sweater fabric splicing a coating sweater, is it quite special? The reference price is 410 yuan. ▼ ▼


Some small details will also make people look bright.

This piece wearing this is the joint number of the Korean girl brand Targetto, the style is sweet. Striped ribbon is a bright spot, which can be a bow, just like wearing a bow tie. Will it be the inspiration you get from the red sweater look from the golden high silver sweater. Haha. The reference price is 431 yuan. ▼ ▼

Not only sweaters, shirts, sweaters are also very popular, and many stars are Pick, which is warm, clean. Li Dongxu, Gong Jun. Reference price 405 yuan (right) ▼


Sweater price range: 400-700 yuan

Mardi Mercredi iconic daisy printing sweater, this year, many people have turned over. Jin Bao Luo, Jiang Yiqi ▼


Is there a bit different from this daisy printing, style is a bit different from normal street wind sweater? It seems a bit romantic.

That’s right, it is a single-style independent designer brand, Mardi Mercredi is the meaning of “Tuesday Wednesday” in French.

Although there is nothing to know in China, it is not necessary in South Korea. This piece of Iu wears is also a reference price of 403 yuan. ▼ ▼

The pink knit cardigan wearing the woman wearing this brand is also the brand. ▼ ▼


There is a very interesting thing, because the official photo likes to take a metal or pearl necklace to create an elegant and exquisite feeling, this matching method has also triggered a lot of people. ▼ ▼

There is also a sweater with a flower.

Zhang Yuanying worn with a lapel, more cute aged. (Unable to judge is the collar of the inner and adding a false collar, I have to like to observe someone else’s collars since I do a fake accessory.


His family is another explosive sweater, which is printed on the sleeping sausage dog DDANJI. Compared with small daisies, it is more handsome, men and women can wear.


This puppy is actually the brand of the brand, who can feel his love for his own puppy.

. The reference price is 403 yuan. Tiffany, Zheng Zai ▼

I think of the Ahua, I will customize the 珐 翻, you said, what I gave Xiao Fu ~

The following two patterns are also very interesting. Also equipped with a pearl necklace. ▼ ▼


Sweater price range: 200-500 yuan

Like more personal, more cool sweaters, you can pay attention to the national tide brand beaster.

Maybe you are still very strange to its name, but will you think is a bit more familiar? Many stars pass through, is the iconic logo of Beaster. Wu Lei, Zhang Yuan ▼


Beaster is the “when the red fried chicken” in the national tide brand, it was established in 2014. It has become a lot of stars with a high saturation color and a personality of the eye.


Little Ghost Wang Linkai also has a collaboration with them. It is the color of the tide man dare to wear.


. Reference price is 335 yuan. ▼ ▼

It is a street clothing brand with a set of fashion trends and youth culture.


More clothes in his family can feel “emotions” than other brands.


And the new themes in each season are different, like the “party never ends” series of inspiration creation from 1980-1990 club culture, which gives people a feeling of cheerful and enthusiastic. ▼ ▼

Pay tribute to the “Music Never STOP” series of the hip-hop boy, you can feel the personality of unresolved and publicity. ▼ ▼

Some joints are quite interesting.

They often carry out cross-border, LOL, Disney, and even the wind oil, the golden broth is used.


Among them, there is a bear with only the courage of the Grateful Dead band, which is cute and practiced. Zhao Zhimi is used to take it with it. ▼ ▼


Gradient, tie dye is Beaster’s easy drama. Dyeing if the color is not good, it is easy to look very rustic, his family’s color match is very good, take pictures, the mirror, not the kind of flat, unmatched, is. Reference price is 309 yuan. ▼ ▼

There is still a night embroidery, reflective strip design, can meet the small partners who like to pull the wind, more cool ~ ▼

There are also some basic letters, this one has a lot of colors, men and women can wear. This green is still very good, the reference price is 299 yuan. ▼ ▼

This front is a ghost face behind the letter, with a reference price of 299 yuan. ▼ ▼

In winter, a thickened lamb hair is still very warm, and it is very warm and disadvantage. Reference price is 475 yuan. ▼ ▼


Lee Card’s words:

Ok, today I am here ~ Which brand of your most grass? I also welcome the message telling me that you bought the treasure sweater brand ~


A few days wrote the “scalp artifact” flare pants, the background received a lot of small partners:


A pear: I am super super extra love! Come to submit. ▼ ▼

💗 雨田 big brother 💗:


Kaka said that the petunter, and saw the photo of my family, then I have to put two my own, the petule is really small and the legs. ▼ ▼

At the end of the year, in addition to summing up life, it is time to do some good objects. Today, the report will be opened, many small friends in the studio have bought a lot of good things with our two, want to know you.


Which is the most satisfactory thing we bought this year?


Come and share it with me! Nothing to utilize or bring a lot of happiness. I remember what is the most satisfying reason, how much, and attach a beautiful picture (don’t overrupted PS and puzzle), if you can add a screenshot, it is better. I will pick up


Friends on the list


New Year small gift



The posting method is very simple: upload pictures and text in the background dialog, just like a friend of WeChat chat. Looking forward to your contribution, good night 🙂

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