In other words, there are 2 months left in 2021, and this year’s winter is a little colder than previous years~

The matching of boys should not be because of the temperature, just consider keeping warm!

If you want to keep your outfit warm enough, you have to think about fashion at the same time,

Even in the cold winter months, you should be more handsome, and today I have selected a few daily winter outfits for tall boys!


The black-white-gray combination has received the love of most boys, so try this simple black coat!

A black coat is a must-have item in the winter every year, and a gray sweatshirt underneath instantly feels like a hipster man.

For a more harmonious match, gray sweatpants are the perfect choice.

Vision can also lengthen the height ratio well, appear tall and thin!


If you like a little bit of advantage, in fact, a fleece sweatshirt is also a good choice.

The right length and just the right color match to echo with shoes and accessories.

The whole up and down is transitioned by a white T-shirt, and the sense of neatness is full of points!


Casual style is of course indispensable for jackets and jackets, especially for cold winter months.

Choose a thick black jacket that will define your figure while remaining handsome.

The pants are gray wide-leg pants, simple and clean,

The whole is a combination of simple black, white and gray, and the outfit is attractive and simple!

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