MUJI is believed to be familiar to everyone, as a well-known Japanese miscellaneous goods brand founded in 1980, since the opening of the first physical store in Aoyama, Tokyo in 1983, it has set up a considerable number of overseas stores all over the world. The brand has always advocated “

Good product without brand logo”. Indeed, it has been doing so for a long time.

Today, I will share with you, what are the really useful things of MUJI? 【Purely personal experience sharing】

MUJI hard shell trolley case

MUJI’s trolley case is the best choice in terms of appearance, practicality and price.

First of all, let’s talk about the appearance, the appearance of MUJI’s hard-shell trolley case is very simple, 100% reflects its brand characteristic “minimalism”. Available in a variety of colors and sizes to meet the needs of all kinds of travel purposes.

Colors include (beige, navy, black, dark gray, white, red)

Size included (20L/36L/63L/88L/105L)

Personal experience:

1) The box itself is made of PC material, so its own weight is very light

2) The two-wheeled roller will feel very stable when dragging the box

3) There is a wheel lock button on the back of the box, which completely solves the embarrassing situation that the box will hit others or fly out when the public transportation equipment is driving and braking

4) The box lock can be locked or double-locked

5) When the box is not in use, remember to put the key on the inside of the box, because it is really easy to lose or forget where to put it

MUJI ultrasonic aroma diffuser

I actually struggled for a long time before buying a MUJI diffuser because there are too many similar products on the Internet, but the price is very good [laughter]. But after using the two, I realized that there was actually a difference. The main difference is in the material, workmanship and the power of the machine, and the last point directly affects the stability and size of the atomization.

Large capacity 168X121

Small capacity 80*140

1) No matter which size, the atomization strength and stability are very good

2) Excellent space fragrance ability (of course, this is also related to the essential oils used)

3) Close use, humidity is too high (depending on personal needs, you can adjust the installation distance by yourself)

4) In addition to MUJI’s essential oils, most of the essential oils of other brands can also be used (to be shared later)

MUJI heat-resistant glass teapot

MUJI’s water-resistant kettle is made of glass on the outside, and the filter screen inside is plastic, which is a very hard texture, so the kettle can be cold or hot as a whole.

1) Choose the size of the pot according to the number of users, such as between 3 mouths it is recommended to buy a large size. Small size for 1-2 people is enough.

2) Rinse in time after each brew to avoid tea stains remaining on the white rim, if it really sticks, it can still be removed with toothpaste and brush.

3) You can pair the cup with a small Japanese-style stove so that you can drink hot tea in minutes in winter.


Many people certainly don’t realize that MUJI actually sells similar daily necessities. Although the price is not cheap, it is very well done in terms of appearance and practicality.

1) The overall design is very simple, and the theme is thick stainless steel.

2) It can be done that the nails do not fall to the ground, and the cover is directly cleaned after cutting.

3) The blade of the nail clippers is too elastic, it is easier to cut all kinds of nails, and the matte surface of nail grinding is very useful, and you can gently pull back and forth a few times to repair the desired shape.


Individuals prefer bath gloves to bath balls. MUJI’s bath gloves are light and thin, and the surface material design is relatively soft. It is a type that scrubs cleanly but does not rub the skin excessively.

1) Durable! It really takes a long time, neither broken nor broken.

2) It is easy to clean and has a hookable design.

What good things have you used MUJI, let’s share them together.

#品牌好物 #

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Personal experience:

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