If women want to have a slimmer and tall body, they need to use some matching skills when dressing. For example, wearing the same color is much better than color blocking, and it is much better in lengthening the body. The tonal combination also has a recognized sense of premium, which is more suitable for formal occasions.

Jin Chen’s pants use a large area of white, which can show an intellectual and elegant temperament. Although the pants are relatively basic, the top has an off-the-shoulder neck design. With vintage makeup and detailed decoration, it exudes a full retro charm.

Contents of this issue:

1. Jin Chen’s outfit analysis;

2. How to match a neat and fashionable pants look;

Jin Chen’s outfit analysis

Jin Chen, who is slender and slender, will not look bloated even if he wears a pure white outfit. But for ordinary people, it is obviously much safer to choose dark clothing to match. For example, pure black has the effect of thinning, and it is in line with the aesthetics of most people.

Although Jin Chen’s shape is mainly white, the top has black lace, which can dispel the dull atmosphere of solid color shapes. The black belt worn around the waist, as well as the lace gloves on the arms, also echo the black decoration behind the bandeau blouse.

How do you match a neat and stylish pants look?

Tip 1: The color scheme is simple and fashionable

The same color is loved by the public because it is more time-saving to wear, as long as the color tone is not black, it can be matched with a more advanced effect. But the color matching is very monotonous, if it comes to the occasion where the hipsters gather, it will instantly become much more mediocre.

Jin Chen’s look has a sense of wholeness, and is not as boring as the common pure white shape, which can meet the personality needs of young people. The black and white color scheme is classic and versatile, whether it is age or skin color, there are no restrictions, ordinary women can also interpret it well.

We can also adjust the distribution and proportion of black and white according to the body conditions. For example, women who are fat are more suitable for wearing clothing with black as the main color. People who want to show an intellectual gentle temperament without obvious excess flesh are more suitable for wearing a large area of white.

Tip 2: Lace is retro and sexy

The same black and white paneled clothing, the choice of fabric will also affect the styling effect. Soft and collapsed fabrics are often difficult to create a three-dimensional silhouette. It may be fine to wear on slender women, but it is not beautiful enough for fat women.

The clothing fabric on Jin Chen’s body has a strong texture, but because of the relationship of splicing retro lace, it does not show a very old-fashioned feeling. The sheer effect of the lace fabric and the curved design of the off-the-shoulder neck also help to enhance the mood.

Compared with the sexy shape of exposing a large area of skin, Jin Chen’s choice has a more elegant sense. The jewelry worn around the neck has a strong texture, in addition to filling the gaps in the exposed skin, it also echoes the color of the lace on the garment, which can make the look more delicate and complete.

Tip 3: Pants show off a slender figure

Whether the pants are smart or not is also related to the design of the pants. Even if you use a very high-end fabric, the pants do not meet your body conditions, and it is difficult to show a stunning effect. For example, women with a plump lower body are not suitable for wearing close-fitting pants.

The pants on Jin Chen’s body are the shape of wide-leg pants, which are very tolerant of fat and leg shape. When wide-leg pants are designed with a high waist, they can also help some women improve the problem of long waist and short legs. Slim people wear it this way, and they can have a stronger aura.

After analyzing Jin Chen’s pants shape, we can find that the simple color scheme combined with the novel fabric can easily present a delicate and fashionable effect. If you want to show your femininity, you should also be careful not to wear too conservatively, and it will be more stunning to increase the skin exposure design.

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