Wang Siyuan won the third place in the U9 men’s category of the fast chess tournament.

On June 25, the 2019 Asian International Checkers Championship 64-grid fast chess tournament ended in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, and Wang Siyuan, a chess player from Binzhou, Shandong, won the third place in the U9 men’s group, which is the best result of the Chinese team in this group.

Wang Siyuan on the field.

The Asian Checkers Championship is the highest level and most competitive international checkers tournament in Asia. Nearly 300 players from China, Japan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan participated in this competition. In the competition, Chinese player Wang Siyuan withstood the pressure of the strong host player, dared to fight and fight, and won the third place in the U9 men’s group and the fourth place in the U9 men’s group in the regular season respectively.

Family portrait of the Chinese team.

It is understood that the 57 players selected by the Chinese team have achieved excellent results in the prescribed national competitions and qualified for the competition. Chess player Wang Siyuan won the 64-grid U8 men’s championship at the 2018 National Primary and Middle School International Checkers Championship and qualified for this competition.

Binzhou’s international checkers started from scratch in 2007, and so far, it has won six world championships, including one hundred grids, five 64 grids, and three continental championships.

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