Preface: There are many types of car maintenance projects, and it is difficult to have a fixed replacement cycle for all parts. The criterion for replacement is more based on the inspection results, but this part is usually overlooked because its location is too hidden, and even if there is a failure, it is difficult to associate it as a problem. It is an important accessory for the fragile power system——— engine belt.

This Volvo XC60 is replacing the attached belt to the engine, which is the one on the generator and air conditioning pump. The reason is that at idle, this engine rings non-stop.


The sound of the belt pumping is clearly visible even when sitting in the cab.

The main reason why so many things have been removed is because this belt of the XC60 is hidden so deep, so deep that even if you disassemble other parts, you can’t see the full picture. The black one in the picture is it, and now you know how difficult it is to replace.

It was only after removing the battery and the attachments on the left engine compartment that I had the pleasure of seeing it. I pulled it by hand, and now this belt has no toughness, it is very loose, and I guess the tensioner will not work. Fortunately, it was found early, if it was broken, the generator could not generate electricity, and it would not be long before it had to break down on the road, or even lose a battery.

The auxiliary accessories are also set, and the engine auxiliary belt, idler and tensioner are all the same service life, so they need to be replaced together during maintenance.

The XC60 T6 engine has a bit of a special design, and the air conditioning compressor has a reverse design, which seriously hinders my replacement path. In the end I had to remove it in order to remove the belt.

The old belt is already full of cracks, and it won’t be long before this belt breaks. The state of the new belt is full and full, without any cracks. Volvo factory required 120,000 kilometers to replace this attached belt, and this XC60 only has 80,000 kilometers~

The function of the tensioner is the same as its name, which is mainly used to give this accessory belt a certain tensioning force, and the power to achieve the transmission of the crankshaft is all applied to each auxiliary wheel. When it loses its function, first the belt will be loose, the transmission efficiency will be significantly reduced, and the air conditioning pump and generator are basically installed. And it will also be loud on its own, making a pronounced “click” sound.

Once the belt is in place, pull the latch of the tensioner and the accessory belt will automatically tighten. Of course, you also have to check that all the belts and driven wheels fit tightly, even if only one driven wheel is not fitted, after starting the engine, the belt will be scrapped within a minute. Don’t be surprised, it’s that fast~

What are the symptoms of problems with the engine attached belt assembly?

The first thing I feel is the abnormal sound, which is the “click” sound mentioned above and the sound of pumping the belt. If it is serious, it may also lead to poor cooling effect of the air conditioner and even increased fuel consumption.

A broken belt is not just a matter of changing a belt, but the chain effect is just as terrifying.

When this accessory belt is broken, the air conditioning pump, generator, individual models and booster pumps will lose their function at the same time. Everything else is fine, but the worst thing is the generator. All the electrical appliances in the car are driven by generators, audio, ignition devices, ECUs (engine computers), and various sensors. At this time, the battery will continue to supply power as a backup power source, but without the power generation device, how long the battery can resist is completely resigned to fate. Generally, after half an hour, the battery power is basically exhausted, and the engine will turn off because of electricity. You think that’s the end of it? Today’s car batteries are generally lead-acid batteries, which cannot be exhausted. When the power is exhausted, the service life will be greatly reduced, that is, the original 30%, if in winter this battery is basically equal to waste. Now the cheapest battery is also hundreds of pieces, if you want a battery with a start-stop function to start a thousand, what to do, everyone should be very clear in their hearts.

BY Aika Car Friend – Wang Qi who loves cars

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