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In addition to the basic market for gift-giving and children’s snacks, Ferrero China announced that it will develop new products for young people and digitally reach young users. On May 21, Ferrero announced that it will open a new flagship store “Ferrero Young” on the e-commerce platform in August this year, further focusing on the individual needs of young consumers.

“With the rise of the consumption power of young groups, young groups have gradually become the main consumption force, they pursue fresh, differentiated and diversified experiences, pay attention to trends, and pay attention to self-expression. Therefore, brands also need to think about how to convey their own ideas from this perspective and deepen communication with young people. Mauro De Felip, general manager of Ferrero China, told reporters.

The Ferrero Group is the third largest chocolate manufacturer in the world, founded in 1946 by Pietro Ferrero in the town of Alba, Piedmont, Italy. With the entry of Ferrero Rocher hazelnut wafer chocolate into the Chinese market in the eighties, the Ferrero brand is well known to Chinese consumers. In 2007, Ferrero China was established to further increase its investment in the Chinese market. In 2015, Ferrero’s first factory in China was officially established and put into operation in Hangzhou.

Because its Rocher hazelnut wafer chocolate has a far-reaching time in the market and has long been gift-giving as the main consumption scene, the brand’s main consumption time is also concentrated on holidays, and the consumer group is also older.

Under the trend of digitalization, according to the plan revealed by Ferrero China, it hopes to use the Internet platform to increase young people’s interest in Ferrero Group’s Kinder and Raphael Raffaello, and shift from holiday consumption to daily consumption.

Ferrero China said that the Kinder brand entered China about 10 years ago, and the main consumer group in the past has grown from children to young people, and some of them are loyal fans of Kinder, hoping to strengthen communication with it through digital means and extend the product sales cycle. “Offline is our traditional and stable market, but we can’t stop at the beauty of offline, we must open up the online market. To catch young people is to seize the future business, and this is one thing we have to do. The relevant person in charge of Ferrero China said.

Digitalization is one direction that Ferrero has been investing in China in recent years, and its process has accelerated after the epidemic. During the third China International Import Expo, Ma Rucheng revealed to the surging news reporter that compared with other markets, Ferrero China’s online sales account for the largest proportion in the world.

“Digital transformation is one of Ferrero’s strategic priorities in China, and Ferrero will work with Tmall to cultivate more consumption scenarios to achieve precise and differentiated play.” Ma Rucheng said.

Looking specifically at the future online marketing methods, Ferrero China will set the direction of high-end gifts, parent-child consumption, and rejuvenation products, launch exclusive gift box packaging online, and launch new youthful products in Ferrero Young flagship store.

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