It is estimated that there is no girl who does not love jewelry, as long as it is shiny jewelry, I can’t wait to hide it at home. The jewelry box can play a role in helping you take care of your series of jewelry, and the current jewelry boxes are all very exquisite, even if you don’t have much jewelry, looking at the jewelry box is very tall and temperamental.

— ❶ —

Fresh and elegant, solid wood jewelry box

In the case that there are not many jewelry, you can choose such a delicate and fresh solid wood jewelry box. The appearance is made of low-key and fresh beech wood, which is warm and silky; The interior is infused with high-grade flannel, which not only cares for the jewelry, but also looks very tall.

— ❷ —

Convenient and practical, mirror jewelry box

Those young ladies who are keen to buy jewelry probably need such a jewelry box with a large storage space. Different compartmental design areas for rings, watches and necklaces. With a jewelry box and a mirror, it is also very practical to put it on the dresser.

— ❸ —

Luxurious atmosphere, European jewelry box

For some valuable jewelry, it is natural to store it in the same exquisite jewelry box. This European luxury jewelry box, the outer layer is selected of fashionable and luxurious glass and quartz stone, which is particularly weighty in the hand. The irregular quartz stone gilded decoration raises the grade of the jewelry box by several levels.

— ❹ —

Crystal clear, glass jewelry box

A young lady with a girl’s heart should like such a crystal clear jewelry box. The main thing is that this glass jewelry box can directly see the contents, so it is very easy to find jewelry. The noble and atmospheric metal hook edge, the appearance is not low.

— ❺ —

Chic creativity, classic jewelry box

Although the jewelry box is a small item, it also pays attention to fashion and beauty, and this jewelry box imported from India is more gendered in style. The old geometric elements bring out the modern and classical styles, not to mention the thin lines, but the simplicity contains beauty.

— ❻ —

Display display, branch jewelry box

In addition to storage, the jewelry box also needs to display the function of display, so that it can be loved by young ladies. This solid wood design jewelry box, choose a simple style, tree branch-like shape, used to display some exquisite jewelry, look good.

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