Often girls leave messages to the beautiful sister, saying that they want to see what are the matching styles of small suits, today the beautiful sister will bring you an article about small suit matching, in fact, small suits This style of clothing is still quite versatile, but some girls are not very good at finding items that can be matched with small suits.

Small suits and a lot of underwear can be well matched, but some matching, we have long been tired of wearing, fashion will be called fashion, is because it is constantly exploring new ways to wear, beautiful sister recently found that small suits and sports underwear together is very fashionable, let’s take a look at these matching shapes.

LOOK1: Dark suit + sports bra

There are many styles of small suits, but now the more popular is the loose style of small suits, this style of small suits look more casual, so it will look more fashionable on the body, and black can make the wearer appear more calm and calm, on this basis, we wear a black sports underwear, it will appear calm with a touch of sexiness.

Black suits are not only able to choose loose styles, you can also choose this slightly fitted style, because now many small suits are longer, so we can wear with black five-point shorts, on these basis, wearing a sports underwear on the upper body will play a finishing touch.

Medium and long style of small suit can also be chosen, but we need to choose a good suit shape, under normal circumstances, this style of suit is slim style, so the beauty sister also recommends that you choose this kind of suit, the upper body is still wearing a sports underwear, will look fashionable and sexy.

Of course, if you feel that choosing a sports underwear with the same color as the suit will look very monotonous, we can also choose other colors of sports underwear for ourselves, such as this tender green, and black will look more vibrant.

There are many small suits that are not pure color styles, like the small suit worn by Guan Xiaotong is striped style, and the shape of the clothes is also very large, which can play a very good fashion effect, and the lower body wears a hip-wrapped skirt, which also makes her slender legs look more attractive.

If you ask the beautiful sister, what is the most classic color, the beautiful sister will definitely say “black, white and gray”, because these three colors are classic, so when we choose clothes, we can also choose according to these three colors, and these three colors can also play a very good modeling layering effect.

Striped print style small suits are more suitable for slightly more mature girls to wear, so that it will look very feminine, of course, but also try to choose the style of the suit, in other words, if there are matching bottoms (short skirts, shorts), we also try to choose, so that it will not look very casual.

LOOK2: Color suit + sports bra

Many foreign girls like to wear many styles of clothes together, such as this shape, the upper body wears a black sports underwear, the navel-baring style design is slightly sexy, and the lower body is matched with a pair of tight fitness shorts, and finally the outer body wears a light khaki small suit, so matched, it is indeed a very fashionable shape.

If your personality is more lively, we can also choose this fluorescent yellow small suit for ourselves to wear, but if you choose this color matching small suit, then you have to choose a light-colored underwear and bottoms for yourself, in contrast, the beautiful sister feels that white is more suitable.

Small suits this style of clothes, not only can be matched with shorts, there are many girls like to match it with jeans, just like this matching, beautiful sisters also feel very fashionable, so the outfit is not static, but also constantly improving Oh.

Black is often more often paired with white, so we can wear a white or light-colored style blazer and shorts on the outside, and a black or dark sports underwear on the upper body, although the color matching is very simple, but the fashion has always been very high.

Small suit + sports underwear This style of wearing and matching, has always been popular abroad, may be some friends are not very accustomed to this matching, you may wish to try, maybe you will find yourself very suitable for this way of matching, walking on the street The rate of turning back has also skyrocketed.

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