On April 10, less than 72 hours after the crime, the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Xingning Public Security Bureau and the Ningxin Police Station quickly detected a case of stolen car tires, arrested the criminal suspect Huang Moulang in Dongguan City, and recovered the stolen tires.

On the morning of April 7, the Xingning Municipal Public Security Bureau received reports from a number of citizens that their cars were parked near the Hongguiyuan community in Xingcheng, and tires “disappeared” overnight. After receiving the report, the Xingning Municipal Public Security Bureau attached great importance to it, and the criminal investigation brigade responded quickly, and set up a special case team with the police of the Ningxin police station to quickly carry out investigation work. Through a large number of on-site investigation visits, video surveillance investigations, and meticulous research and judgment through information integration, the police handling the case found that Huang Moulang (male, 37 years old, from Xingning), a truck driver who was working in Dongguan City, was suspected of committing a major crime. After achieving this major breakthrough, the police handling the case quickly verified Huang Moulang’s activity trajectory and set off for cross-city control and all-night fighting, and in the early morning of April 10, the sleeping criminal suspect Huang Moulang was arrested in a residential house in Dalang Town, Dongguan City, and 11 stolen car tires were recovered at the scene.

According to Huang Moulang’s account, he is a truck driver who has a tight life on weekdays, and he was greedy for a moment during the period of picking goods and waiting for passengers in Xingning City, and took advantage of the dead of night to use his own jack to lift the car, remove the car tires, and transfer it to his own truck to transport away.

“The case was solved quickly, and we really felt a full sense of security.” On the morning of April 11, the three subjects came to the Xingning Municipal Public Security Bureau with a pennant embroidered with the words “Thunder Strikes, Solving Cases Quickly” and presented them to the Criminal Investigation Brigade and the police of the Ningxin Police Station, expressing their gratitude to the police handling the case for quickly solving the case and recovering the economic losses of the masses.

At present, the suspect Huang Moulang has been criminally detained by the Xingning Municipal Public Security Bureau on suspicion of theft in accordance with the law, and the case is being further investigated.

Police Reminder:

In order to protect the safety of the vehicle, car owners should try to park their cars in regular parking lots, or places with surveillance cameras, so as not to give criminals an opportunity!

【All media reporter】Chen Zeming

【Author】 Chen Zeming

【Source】 Southern Press Media Group South + client

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