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Many times to come to some music to enliven the atmosphere, Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth speakers have become our difficult listening equipment, headphones completely belong to the personal space dimension, and the speaker is suitable for multiple people to listen and share at the same time, but the relatively large and bulky speaker is not convenient to hold at any time. Fortunately, you can still find some portable products, especially Bluetooth speakers with good sound quality and good looks, which have great advantages.

As an innovative, breakthrough, unique and technology-driven brand, Aite Minke has been involved in everything from home audio to portable headphones, enriching the gameplay of speakers and is very popular with users. If you are very picky about your appearance and pursue sound quality, this Aite M9 may wish to pay attention to it, you can K songs, speeches, face value online sound quality is not bad, specially start a use of one for a period of time, with personal experience to share the specific performance with everyone.

Appearance display:

The outer packaging of the product adopts a simple carton design, the overall color matching is particularly fresh, through the above product HD pictures and speaker parameter information, functional features and other introduction, let us have a very specific understanding of the product, the rest is to open the box with anticipation.

In addition to the speaker host, the random accessories include Type-C charging cable, AUX audio cable and instruction manual, and the standard version of the delivery is the wired microphone of the collar clip, and there are also wireless microphones single microphone and double microphone to choose from, not only have personalized choices, but also the standard is quite rich and sufficient.

In terms of appearance, you can see both the traditional tough design, but also the historical breakthrough in appearance, the aluminum alloy material stable all-metal body, even the speaker net has changed the traditional honeycomb design, using a one-piece smooth line shape, rigid and soft, yellow-black color matching is very combative, looks vibrant.

The entire operation buttons are distributed under the front panel, which are mode keys, volume (plus, subtract) keys, and power keys, which can complete various functional operations of the speaker.

Aite Minke M9 as a mini upgrade version derived from King Kong 6, handle and screws with the Aite Minke logo, although the appearance is similar, but the shape is more compact and round, the product appearance size is 103x75x105 (mm), the weight of the fuselage is about 640g, the overall more portable features.

In fact, at the beginning, I always felt that there was an indistinguishable feeling between King Kong 6 mini version and Aitmingke M9, in fact, M9 is not only distinguished in color matching, but also adds dustproof and waterproof plugs, tight seam connection to strengthen the sealing, IPX7 waterproof makes the product more outdoor characteristics, can be described as increasing the amount without increasing the price.

The integrated unlocking design makes the opening and closing more user-friendly, and the dustproof and waterproof plug is successively distributed with microphone input interface, AUX IN (3.5mm audio interface), reset button, U disk socket and Type-c charging socket to meet the needs of multi-scenario use.

There are four round raised soft rubber feet at the bottom, which can play a role in shock absorption and anti-slip when placed and used on the surface, and open the high-density Oxford cloth handle, pick it up and go anytime, anywhere, and you can use it when you go out to play or hang it to listen, plus the sound quality of a small volume burst out, which can attract a very high rate of return anywhere.

Feeling of use:

In terms of use, Aitmingke M9 uses a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, with low power consumption and can be compatible with most mobile phones, tablets and other equipment with Bluetooth on the market, plus AUX interface, all kinds of old devices want to expand the sound quality through the speaker.

Equipped with a 2.75-inch Chintieboron dual magnetic circuit full-range unit, using Texas Instruments power amplifier IC, output power of 30W, BES acoustic technology and 70mm symmetrical passive radiator, creating a better bass effect than ever before, no matter which angle can get a shocking listening feeling.

More than one connection method, in addition to Bluetooth connection and support 3.5mm device access such as audio players and computers, you can also download all the songs you treasure to a U disk (up to 128GB), insert the U disk into the USB interface of the speaker to play, support MP3/WAV/WMA/APE/FLAC audio format playback, support K songs in U disk mode. So there is no mobile phone, no network, and the speaker can be used outdoors.

Outdoor use has always been a top priority, and the 5000mAh power lithium battery included in the speaker can not only bring 10 hours of long-lasting battery life, but also charge faster than before. One thing and two uses, not only as a speaker, but also as a universal charging treasure for emergency charging of mobile phones, or you can use a charging treasure to replenish the power of the speaker, calmly coping with outdoor emergencies.

First of all, through the animated display of the powerful sound effect under the heavy bass, you can see that the intuitive scene is immediately revealed. In terms of sound quality, recently through different types of song auditions, in such a petite and delicate volume, it can release an amazing amount of more than 100dB, with strong penetration and no breakage.

In terms of low frequency, due to the unique cavity structure performance of this small speaker, the mid-frequency part is particularly prominent, and the high frequency is basically stable within a certain range, and the performance of the human voice tends to be real. Plus there is TWS wireless interconnection, two

Aitmingke M9

When intelligently combined, the effect of the music around will be more immersive.

As a speaker positioned outdoors, waterproof is particularly important, you can see that IPX7 waterproof can be poured water on the product when playing music, the product is still calmly playing music there, so outdoor use does not have to worry about the damage of the product caused by rain.

In addition, the now popular K song speaker function, can be connected to the standard wired microphone and optional wireless microphone, you can clearly feel the sound of the product is open, the sound pressure is large, and there will be no sound breaking when singing, home or outdoors can open your voice anytime and anywhere to sing a song, share your favorite music with family and friends.


In general, the appearance design of Aite Minke M9 is small and lightweight, and high appearance is its important selling point, and in terms of music performance, the product has always adhered to the small body and large energy, bringing closer to the real sound quality performance, plus there are also U disk playback, K song speaker, long-lasting battery life, emergency charging, outdoor waterproof and other rich characteristics.

Simply put, it is the design of this small speaker with a handle that is easy to take out, and if there is a demand for “I want something good, but I want something small”, this product is more suitable.

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