China Net Finance, September 10 (Reporter Li Jing) According to the national enterprise credit information publicity network, recently, Speedo’s affiliate Panlan Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Panlan Trading”) was fined 70,000 yuan by the Shanghai Huangpu District Market Supervision Administration for inaccurate, unclear and incomprehensible expressions of the performance and composition of goods or the content and promises of services.

Image source: National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity Network

According to the administrative penalty letter, on March 8, 2021, the promotional page of 8 products in the Tmall “Speedo Official Flagship Store” operated by Panlan Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. contained the publicity of “adding silver ions, antibacterial and antibacterial while reducing chlorine water stimulation and keeping swimsuits soft and bright”. The above publicity of the parties is mainly for the sale of Shengqiao series of antibacterial swimsuits. The production process of the above eight products is to purchase cloth from a third-party company, use silver antibacterial finishing agent to finish antibacterial finishing during the fabric processing process, and then carry out the garment process. There is no process of adding silver ions, but only antibacterial finishing using silver antibacterial finishing agent, which indicates that the composition of the product is inaccurate.

The above-mentioned promotional terms are suspected of violating Article 8 of the Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China, which states that “where the advertisement indicates the performance, function, origin, use, quality, composition, price, producer, validity period, promise, etc. of the goods, or the content, provider, form, quality, price, promise, etc. of the service, it shall be accurate, clear and clear.” “. Constitutes the act of posting an advertisement that has an inaccurate representation of the product ingredients.

According to the first paragraph of Article 59 of the Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China, “anyone who commits any of the following acts shall be ordered by the market regulatory department to stop publishing advertisements and impose a fine of not more than 100,000 yuan on the advertiser.” It was decided to punish the parties, order them to stop publishing advertisements, eliminate the impact within the corresponding scope and impose a fine of RMB 70,000.

Tianyan check information shows that Panlan Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established on January 6, 2016, with a registered capital of 6.555 million pounds, and Pentland Group is 100% controlled.

(Responsible editor: Jia Yujing)

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