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Author: Wuduo

Thread: Bel Veyden 6# mercerized lace cotton navy blue

Needle size, 1-7 rows of cola crochet 1.5mm. 8.9 row 1.25mm. Everything else uses 1.5mm.

The length of the garment is 102cm, and the bust is 92cn.

Dosage: 13 balls.

Clothes didn’t want to do process diagrams, so I really didn’t have time. Look at the sisters in the group like it, I took a few pictures by the way, and the sisters still mainly look at Mother Slim.

Crochet process: 183 stitches in braids. According to the illustration, hook 7 rows of pineapples for fine needles (indicating waist tightening), thin needle hook 8.9 rows. Replace the thick needle used in the front row in row 10

Armpit there, 3 braids, 3 long needles 8 times. Leave the collar.

The front piece is the same as the back piece, the collar is there, leave a grid with 3 long needles, hook a diamond-shaped grid, flatten 5 grids, 3 braids, 1 grid 5 times, and the last row confiscates the needle.

Sleeve, as shown, add a grid between each line, 3 times. Flat 3 tiles. 3 braids, 3 long needles 6 times, no addition or subtraction 6 times on top.

Collar, personally like it, I didn’t count, there are 3 needles in each hole, there are 2 needles in the same range, the number of rows, I think according to the length of my neck, my neck is short, so I didn’t hook a few lines.

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