Compared to the autumn and winter standard wear such as shirts and sweatshirts, a suit vest may be considered dispensable, but in fact, it has the wonderful function of four or two pounds.

Not only does it easily add points to your look, but it also makes you an advanced player in the Layering Realm in an instant!

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1. Classic

The classic wearing method of a suit vest is a three-piece formal wear method, that is, a suit + trousers + vest appears in a complete set, referred to as a three-piece.

Once it was a must-have for gentlemen, and now handsome girls also love it, making this old way of wearing a suit with a vest reappear in a new way.

Liu Tao (Image from Liu Tao Studio Weibo)

The short slim vest is worn as a suit three-piece outfit, and it is easy to wear the big guy fan.

Chen Shu (picture from the TV series Perfect Relationship Weibo)

Suit vests are generally divided into single-breasted and double-breasted, single-breasted is more common, starting with 4-6


Mostly, there are also 2 or 3 buttons.

Irina Shayk (image via IC)

The shoulder line of the suit vest is generally slightly more inward than the shoulder line of the shirt, which looks more perfect in proportion and can also appear fuller shoulders.

Nicole Kidman (image via Pinterest)

2. Lapels

Compared with the collarless model, the lapel suit vest is more ceremonial and tone to wear, and it is also more suitable for external wear.

It has a notch lapel, a notch lapel and a green fruit collar like a suit jacket, among them

Popular notch collars

and more personalized lapels are more common.

The suit vest can be worn directly out of the street with a shirt, or it is handsome and capable, or elegant and feminine.

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As a senior vest controller, half of Olivia’s wardrobe is vested.

She wore a ginger notch blazer with a notch collar and a bandeau pleated dress, showing a light mature woman’s style.

Olivia Palermo

(Image from Chinese.fansshare)

Petite girls can choose a suit vest that is about the length of the lower edge of the shorts, which instantly lengthens the overall proportion.

Hipster street photography (Image from Pinterest)

In addition to the unisex style, wearing a suit vest and matching feminine items, such as dresses, is also one of the current trends, which is simply sassy and heroic!

Unbuttoning and layering the skirt creates a layered feel, and can also reinterpret the classic and handsome style of menswear.

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(Image courtesy of Who What Wear UK)

3. Long model

The oversized fit suit vest fits almost all body types, and it is more fashionable to wear alone.

And no matter how you wear it, it has a sense of layering, and it is easy to create body proportions. Like wearing it with a pair of leggings, you can easily wear the easy chic style.

Flat shoulders are considered the “most beautiful shoulders”, but if you have slightly slipped shoulders or narrow shoulders, then the broad-shouldered vest is definitely your savior.

Broad shoulder design

Naturally extends the shoulder width

, the feeling of spaciousness can easily relieve shoulder slipping, and it is also effective for improving the fleshy back.

If you think that a long vest will shorten the figure to form a short board, it is better to match a pair of trousers to visually elongate the proportions, which has an immediate effect.

(Image from Stylist)

The straight fit of the suit vest usually engulfs the waistline, adding a belt to highlight the waistline, and also slimming the shape, so that the vest does not look bloated.

It should be noted that after wearing a suit vest, the lower body must not be too inflated, otherwise it looks wide and wide, not only can not modify the figure, but will also show 20 pounds.

4. Short model

The suit vest is one of the must-have items for celebrity bloggers’ concave looks.

It should be noted that the short style will be more picky, and it is also very picky to match the piece, the simpler the better, such as using a thin silk scarf to match the vest can play a good decorative role.

Kate Moss (Image by Who What Wear UK)

If you are worried that the suit vest is too serious to wear, and you want to be more casual and routine, you can also choose the vacuum wearing method.

Although it is easy for paper girls to handle, slightly fat or big-breasted girls still try not to try, for reasons you know…

Victoria Beckham (Image by Who What Wear UK)

If you are worried that the suit vest is too serious to wear, one way is to change the color, in addition to black and light colors, colored suit vests are also popular this year.

If the suit vest is not worn well, it is easy to become a “waiter” in seconds, so it needs to be more rigorous in matching colors and designs.

For example, if the material is too soft, it will not be shaped, while a slightly hard fabric can modify the figure.

Bella Hadid (Image by Who What Wear UK)

Many girls have one in their wardrobes, but some people feel that the utilization rate is not high and they don’t know when to wear it.

However, those who are really familiar with fashion, can find that its various matching styles, whether worn alone or underneath, are equally good-looking.

Don’t say that there are no suitable clothes to wear in the future, officially not dull, isn’t it the first choice for this season?

Written by/Planned/Typeset: Sunny

Executive Producer: GaGa

Where’s your suit vest?

Hipster street shooting

Hipster street shooting

Hipster street shooting

Hipster street shooting

Hipster street shooting

(Image courtesy of Who What Wear UK)

(Image courtesy of Who What Wear UK)

(Image courtesy of Who What Wear UK)

(Image courtesy of Who What Wear UK)

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