Focusing on the new cushioning technology React as the core, Nike has successively brought Element 87, React Infinity Run, React Vision and other pairs of performance shoes, whether it is daily running or casual feet, they are all at ease, with good looks and comfortable foot feel has been recognized by the majority of sneaker players!

Recently, Nike React Vision has a new color scheme.

The upper is made of breathable fabric and finished in black for an extremely understated visual feel.

The lace holes are embellished with leather, which enriches the layering of the shoe body and makes the visual expression extremely delicate.

It is worth mentioning that in the dark, the leather also has a 3M reflective effect, which is very eye-catching.

The exposed label design of the right heel also brings a touch of deconstruction to the entire shoe, while forming a mandarin duck design with the left foot.

The full-palm React outsole releases the soft foot feel as always, whether it is appearance performance or performance control!

At present, this Nike React Vision has not yet released the launch information, we will continue to pay attention to the details of the subsequent release and bring follow-up reports as soon as possible!

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