I remember I just moved the other day and broke the trash can. Because I was in a hurry to use it, I went downstairs and bought a very ordinary trash can, which is plastic, and one costs 10 yuan! Plastic!

Actually, I already think it’s quite cheap, but it’s really cheap and not good! It broke after 2 days!

However, today I actually saw that such a black technology induction trash can, or 15L, one is only 19.9 yuan?

My God, am I really mistaken?

So I went to buy a try and placed an order! Hey, guess what?

It’s really easy to use: large capacity, LCD touch screen, kicking + waving + knee sensing three modes, 0.5s extreme speed to open the cover, 5s silent slow down, easy to clean, no fear of water, effectively isolate peculiar smell.

Hey, don’t say a word, use your girlfriend’s ID, another one, one identity limit one, no way, I hope the boss sees it and don’t be angry, it’s too cost-effective.

What attracts me, in addition to cheap and high value, the detail design is too humane, and it is also a key point, circle!

(1) Intimateness is better than girlfriends

40cm height, automatic sensing, open the garbage cover, girlfriends are not so intimate!

(2) Violent opening of the lid, especially handsome

360° without dead angles, casually kick, it is opened, melon seeds are easy to use!

(3) The sealed design has no peculiar smell, and it is used for half a year after charging

Good things are really durable. Super long battery life, charging once used for half a year, and sealed design, isolate peculiar smell, home clean, too comfortable.

If you like it, hurry up and get it, it’s cheap to test and use.

Click below to buy, the price is 19.9 yuan, really don’t hesitate.

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