I didn’t know this brand before, but I looked at the price of the store, and I was accidentally frightened, which seriously exceeded my consumption level, and the joy that I should have when I obtained the trial qualification was unknown. To complete this report, I had to do some homework to understand the brand. Its history is also ups and downs, originating from an old Swiss watch workshop in 1854, Inag ENICAR is the reverse of the name of the RACINE family, and was acquired by Hong Kong Wah Ming Hong in 1988. In the process of understanding, I found that the watch was also divided into layers and divided into categories, and I finally understood the sentence deeply: women look at watches, men look at watches. Without further ado, let’s try out the display of your products. First of all, the baby is sent by SF Express, but also insured 1000 yuan, open the express box inside only a square white box, open the white box is as shown in the picture of a brown wooden box and a small package with instructions and warranty card, its overall appearance is like this, low-key luxury has connotation.

Highlights and details

First of all, I particularly like this wooden box, there is a feeling of “buying beads for beads”, and the workmanship is fine inside and out.

Close-up of the front and back of the watch, double display of day and date, bar tick, forming the color base of white and silver, embellished with red numbers, making the overall simplicity and fashion sense. The transparent back cover, feel the movement of the movement, reflect the mechanical beauty of the mechanical watch, the watch hammer is engraved with the logo and origin information, and the blue color in the middle reflects the color of the strap, showing the care.

The double-open butterfly buckle, different from the loose way of pressing the middle on both sides of the steel belt butterfly buckle, although it is more reliable when fastened, it seems inconvenient to remove, and the first contact with this buckle is not very adaptable.

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ENICAR Swiss original imported watch Red plate series white plate steel band single calendar display automatic mechanical men’s watch 1165/50/358MaA



Trial process and experience

A genuine leather white card holder containing an instruction manual and a warranty card

Initial packaging of the watch, remove the tag, and tear off the protective film. The total length of the table is about 27 cm. The blue strap has a lot of character, neat stitching and meticulous workmanship.

The crown is stamped with the Inag logo to highlight the details of the craftsmanship. The dial is large and the overall design is very gentlemanly, which is a matching choice for fashionable men. The sapphire mirror surface does not seem to stick fingerprints, and it is easy to wipe through.

Very versatile, especially suitable for blue and black suits. Watch craftsmanship is highlighted in the details, and man’s charm is highlighted in the watch.

The waterproof performance and timing accuracy did not have time to test due to time, so submit the report for the time being, and make up for it later when you have time.

Try it out

Advantages: The first contact with a watch at this price point, its craftsmanship, details, design sense, etc. have refreshed my insight into watches. Brown wooden outer box, exquisite packaging matches the quality of the watch. The classic vintage design style shows a gentlemanly demeanor, which can bring out the mature charm of men without losing fashion trends, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. Its brand history and production skills make its cultural connotation and manufacturing quality reside on the table, the date and day are displayed, and the practicality is raised to a higher level.

Cons: This type of butterfly clasp does not seem to be very convenient to wear.

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