Zhao Lusi, as a new actor in the entertainment industry, although not old, has already played the heroine of several TV series, and many people often comment on her sexy lips on the Internet. The style of “kissing the mouth”, the personality is sultry, and the whole gives people a personalized little woman style. Recently, I shot a set of fashion blockbusters, denim, suits can be perfectly controlled, it is really personal.

Many times, it is difficult for sweet young ladies to wear a personality suit with a perfect style, and Zhao Lusi chose a suit with a strong neutral color, using sweet underwear to make the overall look form a sweet and cool style, personality and temperament. The design of the small high neck with the shape of polka dots is sexy and sweet. Adding some three-dimensional small circles can make the clothes full of fashion colors and also show a very temperamental cutting technique.

On the lower body, she matched a pair of bloomers, and the short fit used gold velvet fabric, which not only reflected the slender and straight leg line, but also showed the tall figure and made the girl noble and atmospheric through reflective tones. Such a costume can be worn as an outerwear, and she paired it with a loose gray plaid jacket outside, which will make the girl’s handsomeness more outstanding, with a cap, handsome and classic.

Choosing some personalized dressing techniques will let the girl’s personality temperament be exuded. When matching personalized clothing, you must also use personalized techniques in accessories, so that the overall look will become very fashionable. The upper body is a thick denim with a wider shoulder design. The design of the denim uses a lot of stitching, which is full of design. Just like a battle robe, handsome and temperamental. The addition of a statement belt at the upper part of the waist changes the fixed effect brought by this hard fabric garment to create a refined femininity, and this simple belt is paired with personalized boots, making the overall style full of fashion, but not fancy.

Fashion girls wearing skirts can always reflect a charm, Zhao Lusi uses denim fabric skirts, such clothes because the fabric is relatively heavy, so it can reflect a very conservative and very solid feeling, but Zhao Lusi in order to make the overall clothing more fashionable, so on the chest with broken flower style splicing, with a white belt, thin and temperamental.

Daily wear or need light fabric is the most popular, shirt skirt is a very popular style this year, but more handsome girls will design the collar of the shirt into the style of lapels, it can reflect the formal sense of the suit, Zhao Lusi chose this clothing in the color is very fresh, lighter avocado green with a metal belt to reduce age and gentle, the overall clothing color is single, just the metal belt added at the waist, so that the overall style becomes very trendy.

Choosing some personalized suits will show the girl’s youth index, which is a very personal and free design. The clothing chosen by Zhao Lusi is a type of super figure. The use of an open bandeau small top, such clothing often has the disadvantage of sagging on the body, so the splicing of wide suspenders makes the overall clothing form a fashionable effect. Coupled with loose sleeves, personality and temperament, adding an army-green skirt to the waist will let her simple and handsome style be exuded.

Sexy curly hair is super feminine, nowadays many young girls will also choose very casual curls, her hairstyle is not particularly personal, but the use of very casual curls at the end of the hair, is a very mature classic design. When matching the outfit, a simple tailoring technique was used, and the bandeau and short sports top looked high and pure. The lower body with high-waisted jeans will make her overall temperament show a youthful student feeling.

To say that a very inclusive clothing is a suit, even if a slightly fat or not much temperament girl wearing a suit can show a different style, but now the suit is already a very ordinary design, how can you wear the suit out of personality? Zhao Lusi looks sweet, she matched the suit with a salty and sweet style, she rolled up the sleeves of the mid-length version of the blazer, which can reflect a girl’s elegance and ability, the mid-length version can also reflect a handsome style, with the shape of jeans, the color is simple, the style is ordinary, and her aura becomes great.

Plaid vest is a very classic clothing, nowadays many girls have worn a single item, but if the weather is cooler in the morning and evening, you can make a vest to make a fashionable style, her vest uses a V-neck design, so that the ribbon of the shirt collar inside is exposed, increasing the sense of layering and fashion, the lower body with a dark red pleated skirt, reflecting the retro style, the overall clothing matching harmonious and eye-catching, is a stable and temperamental classic design.

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