Reason for purchase

Speaking of fire maple, I believe that everyone here is no stranger, with the improvement of living standards, in the time of leisure and entertainment, more and more people began to return to nature self-driving tours, hiking crossing, outdoor barbecue picnics, camping, etc., must start some outdoor cooking supplies, the corresponding storage, handling, cleaning and other use problems have appeared.

Today, I will share with you a small god bag that is very suitable for outdoor cookout scenes.

Exterior display

The packaging is relatively simple in the carton, there is no extra decoration inside, it is this product.

Question: Is there any cutlery inside? Answer: No, it’s empty.

The color of this evaluation is black, which is the favorite color of the beast, which looks high-end and atmospheric and high-grade, with a total of three handles, one on the upper cover and one on the left and right sides.

On the front is the Firemaple English logo: Fire-Maple

Two-way zipper, covering the kit in three directions, allows maximum opening operation.

Open to observe the meticulous workmanship of the entire opening, without burr threads.

The inside of the lid provides an even line between the storage compartment and the inner wall.

Its practical PEVA food-grade polyester fiber tarp made of bag called beast or the first contact, touch feeling, a bit like a rubber bucket, but the surface is more delicate, some friends are more concerned about whether there is an unpleasant smell, just opened the package when I tried it, there is a smell similar to rubber boots, not pungent, not very large, after several cleanings slowly weakened.

The left handle bears the manufacturer’s logo, product specifications, manufacturer information and product description.

Product name: multi-functional waterproof storage kit

Weight: 480 grams

Material: PEVA food grade polyester tarpaulin

Dimensions: length 36× width 25× height 18 cm

Here it is said: the whole package adopts the international high-end laser seamless welding process, the full waterproof clamp net, the fabric strength and waterproofness are more than twice as high as that of ordinary fabrics, and the fabric connection adopts high-frequency hot pressing process, making the whole package completely leak-proof. The large capacity space meets the needs of most users.

Exactly there is

It was not introduced so strongly, so let the beast be verified one by one in the following use link.

Feel of use

As the saying goes: “If you want a picnic without trouble, the preparation must be done”, if you want to pack all the equipment used in the cookout, there are great requirements for storage and containment, such as pots, tea sets, kettles, stoves, gas tanks, spices, and some ingredients for planned cooking.

The large capacity of 13 liters is indeed not a waste, after loading, it also has a lot of space.

The storage nets on the cover are very user-friendly, which is a good choice for storing some small knives, cooking tools, cleaning tools, tableware, etc., and the overall look is more clean and tidy.

The maximum weight bearing given by the official is 30 kg, that is, if you stuff it full, it will not affect its normal operation.

A lady carries it and it won’t be too hard.

With your multi-purpose storage bag, go sightseeing while coming to the reserved location and get busy!

Take out a full set of Fire Maple brand stove set pot, fry the steak, and the hot pot noodles can be made whole. The big bloody waist, also fry it.

In the case of strong wind, after unloading the goods, you can directly use it to make a windproof wall, local materials, a good choice.

After the meal, I used a storage bag to wash some freshly picked strawberries from the garden, and this meal was comfortable.

Outdoor conditions are limited, and it is also good to drink a cup of tea after a meal and grab it as a temporary tea table.

Even if you accidentally get wet, don’t worry, ask the beast to try it, as long as you wipe it with a simple paper towel, it’s very convenient.

The pot cooked in front can be thrown directly into the storage bag, add water, add dish soap, steel wire ball brush bowl cloth can be used for it, the measured wear resistance is better, and cleaning the oil stain is relatively simple.

Finally, the wine is full, and finally boil two pots of boiling water, directly pour inside, we also enjoy an outdoor warm water brush bowl treatment, pay attention, just boiled boiling water, can be directly poured inside.

The picture below pays a picture, is called the beast in the late evaluation period, at home, repeatedly filled with water to brush the bowl, long-term use of the process has been verified, the wear resistance of this product is still very high.

Seasonal restrictions, the ice surface on the lake has not yet been civilized, otherwise I feel that I can directly carry this product, go to the water’s edge to clean up, and I can bring one less bucket or washing basin.

Question: This product is waterproof, so can it be used to transport water?

Answer: You can carry water instead of a bucket, but if the bucket is full, the water will overflow from the zipper position. (After all, it only replaces the water container, not a completely closed design)

So if you want to completely replace the water tank with this product, please use it with caution and do not wet your pants.


1. Very good design ideas, storage of outdoor activities to use a variety of tools, light and portable.

2. Waterproof treatment, dirt-resistant and good cleaning, washing and brushing bowls can also hold water.

3. Suitable for daily sundries storage, outdoor, camping, picnic dining environment, leather is durable.

Two tips for immaturity:

(1) The hardness of the handle can be considered to be strengthened, because the middle part of the grip position is relatively soft, although the feel is good, but it is easy to bend, if the loading is relatively full, it will affect the feel of the lift.

(2) Increase a variety of color options for appearance, players who like outdoor cookouts must be “womanizers” who love nature, and some beautiful colors close to nature in appearance will definitely bring more favor to female players.

A little humble opinion, I hope to get experts who also like outdoor equipment to discuss criticism.

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