Blind boxes originated from trendy toys and have always been classified in the field of trendy toys, mainly for consumers over 12 years old. For traditional toy companies to make blind boxes, most trendy toy brands are not very optimistic, thinking that they lack an understanding of trends.

Blind boxes are indeed “fresh” for most game companies, and many game companies’ cognition of blind boxes mainly comes from blind box brand companies, such as Bubble Mart, City of Dreams, 52TOYS, etc. This perception is actually biased, which makes many game companies step into the wrong zone. In fact, the blind box is a way of playing that allows consumers to experience the unknown. As long as this kind of play can be used, combined with high-quality products, blind boxes and traditional toys can also be organically combined.

Shenzhen Toy Fair, which enjoys the reputation of “the vane of China’s toy market”, has many innovative blind box products at this year’s exhibition

Blind box products are figurines?

Blind box brands such as Bubble Mart have blind box products mainly made of plastic and enamel figures, and there are few other categories. This phenomenon makes players think that blind boxes are equal to figures. From the perspective of this year’s Shenzhen International Toy Fair, the blind box figurines launched by play companies are the most common.

In the field of trendy toys, the reason why blind boxes are mostly figurines is on the one hand because the figures themselves are representative categories of trendy toys, and on the other hand, because the collectible nature of the figures is relatively strong. But in fact, the products inside the blind box can be any category, figures, models, plush, blocks, puzzles, dolls, cards, etc.

Case 1: Surprise Treasure Chest

The surprise treasure chest launched by Jiandong Cultural Creative adopts a fully enclosed treasure chest design, which is divided into different themes, and each theme has a different color. After disassembling the transparent shell, the child will be given a key to open the door of the corresponding color before taking out the product inside. Different themed treasure chests are equipped with different keys, such as the “Magic Castle” series is 2 keys, and the “Magic Castle Simple” series is 5 keys. There are more than 95 uniquely shaped keys (exquisite desserts, cute animals, etc.) in the entire collection, all of which can be collected and combined into a complete DIY handmade product.

The products inside the treasure chest are divided into trinkets, bracelets, necklaces, and rare pure gold jewelry. There are 48 types of trinkets, and each treasure chest will randomly open to a different model; Bracelets and necklaces are available in gold and silver, which are also obtained randomly. These gadgets allow children to handcraft their own bracelets and necklaces.

Are blind boxes all carton packaging?

Whether it is a blind box as a trendy toy or a blind box combined with traditional toys, the packaging is basically a rectangular carton, unified with the packaging box of the theme series, and the image of IP is printed on the box. But although the blind box is a “box”, it does not mean that it can only be packaged in the form of a carton. The game of the blind box is that consumers know which products there are, but do not know which one will be opened. As long as this game is satisfied, cuboid cartons, cube cartons, plastic bags, plastic balls, plastic boxes and any other packaging can be.

Case 2: Dinosaur egg fossil blind box

There are a total of 12 dinosaurs in the collection, and there are no hidden models. The individual products are designed as egg-shaped and the color is designed as earthy yellow. The child has to open the dinosaur egg with the help of a hammer and brush to know which dinosaur is inside. It is quite distinctive compared to other blind carton packaging on the market.

Blind box must be IP blessing?

It is undeniable that under the same conditions, the sales volume of blind boxes blessed by IP will be more guaranteed, and the added value of well-known IP will also make blind boxes more worthwhile. But if the influence or popularity of the IP is not enough, it cannot effectively promote product sales. Shenzhen Soumeng Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Soumeng Culture”) obtained the authorization of the “Dongji” IP copyright square and launched a variety of “Dongji dolls” with different themes. According to Chen Yi, the person in charge of the company, when Soumeng Culture began to prepare for the “Dongji Doll” blind box project in 2018, the domestic blind box was not as popular as it is now. “At that time, the main domestic blind box was Bubble Mart, and many consumers’ understanding of blind boxes was Bubble Mart.” Chen Yi recalled that because they did not cooperate with Bubble Mart, the project was relatively slow, and the brand awareness of “Dongji” in China was not high enough, and the research and development of blind boxes was suspended at the end of 2019.

Can non-IP products be blind boxes? Of course. However, it should be noted that in addition to the gameplay that attracts consumers to buy with the unknown, the blind box also has a collection game. If the blind box product is not attractive enough and the quality is not good, then the chance of consumers buying repeatedly is much smaller. Therefore, non-IP products should pay more attention to product design when doing blind boxes.

Case 3: Forest plush blind box

This blind box launched by Dream Builder has a total of 9 regular models and 1 hidden version. The 10 images are not well-known IPs, but original images designed by companies.

Can’t play a blind box?

Chen Yi said that there are now some low-priced blind boxes. These products are more suitable for the student market because of their production technology and finesse and professional trend toys, and they need follow-up attention as to how much potential they have. “Everything can be blinded, the key is how the product attracts consumers. If your own products and brands are not too hard, everything else is nothing. For many companies now entering the blind box market, Chen Yi believes that as various channels are stuffed with various blind boxes, channel vendors will also be afraid and will consider what to sell, so it is also difficult for new blind boxes to rely on these existing channels to promote and sell.

Most of the traditional toy channel manufacturers have begun to contact blind boxes in the past one or two years, and the evaluation of this category is generally good. Wang Jianfang, general manager of Henan Fufang Trading Co., Ltd., said that in the past two years, brands such as Bubble Mart and Ruolai have risen and occupied the blind box market; The rise of trendy toy stores has replaced school front stores and some traditional supermarkets, and is the main channel for blind box sales. “I think that trendy toys and blind boxes are inseparable, and maybe there will be a long way to go in the future, but as far as the current status quo is concerned, trendy toys represented by blind boxes are becoming a trend.” Blind boxes should become one of the directions of China’s animation toy transformation in the future. ”

Case 4: Bala La Little Demon Fairy trick-or-treater

The tumbler ornament produced by Aofei Entertainment appears as soon as you press the star button. To facilitate fan collection, the series brings together characters from anime.

Source: Chinese and Foreign Toy Manufacturing Magazine

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